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Multiversus Wins Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2022

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Best Fighting Game

It's not often that we see fighting games go viral and take over the gaming world. This year, however, one, in particular, stood out: Multiverses. That's why it was only natural for Multiversus to be named best fighting game at the Game Awards 2022. It's an original idea to introduce a platform fighter that puts fictional characters from various genres heat-to-head, like Batman vs. Shaggy, or Bugs Bunny vs. Velma. They're the fight we thought we'd never see, but Multiversus delivered them in spectacular fashion.

While Multiversus was the expected winner for best fighting game, the bracket was far from easy. They competed against titles such as The King of Fighters XV, Sifu, DNF Duel, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. All of them were deserving competitors, but the best game won, and that was none other than Multiversus.

Evidently, this is a huge honor for the game developers, Player First Games, as this was their very first game. And it's not often that a studio's first game wins an award. That is why we anticipate big things from the Player First Games studios. But, with the support of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, we're confident that we'll see another great title from Player First Games in the near future and more awesome content to Multiversus.

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