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5 Areas in Genshin Impact’s Sumeru That You Need to Visit Immediately



Genshin Impact is a game that just keeps on growing over the years. The fourth region in the game is called Sumeru. Part of this region is actually made up of lush environments and a beautiful rainforest. The rainforest is home to several beautiful sites, perfect for picture taking. If you love the design of Genshin Impact and want some fresh areas to scope out, then Sumeru has you covered. The region has everything from giant Ruin Hunters to one of the most interesting main cities in the game to date. Below are five Sumeru areas that you should go ahead and visit.


5. Sumeru City

Sumeru City is easy to spot almost as soon as you enter Sumeru. The city rises high into the sky as it's situated right on top of a giant tree. When in the city, you need to use winding roads to make it up and down in the location. Luckily, there are multiple waypoints to make getting around rather easy. While you are visiting, be sure to visit the Sumeru Akademiya, as it's a major point for the story. You should also see Kusanali's palace located at the very top of the tree.

Like most major cities, you have a blacksmith that you can forge regional items at and several shops to browse. Some of them sell Sumeru specialties in limited quantities. You will also find several World Quests scattered throughout the city. If you are looking to take a break from the main story, then this is a great place to take a break. On top of that, you can capture some great pictures near the top that shows off your character with a Sumeru backdrop.


4. Vanarana

Vanarana is another area that you should visit as soon as possible. This area may not appear all that special upon your first visit as it unlocks with a quest. The Vanarana we are talking about is the home of the Aranara. These are the small creatures that you will encounter all over Sumeru. Here, they won't poof away from you, and you can even interact with several of them. They are forest spirits, though, so they do talk a bit funny compared to other NPCs.

The area is quite unique and has an ethereal feel that perfectly sets it apart from the rest of the forest. The Aranara are charming characters, and doing the quest to unlock their village will give you the Vintage Lyre. This will help you unlock secret areas around Sumeru's forests. Just be warned that the quest to unlock Vanarana is hours long and will likely take you a couple of days to complete. Keep in mind that this is one of the smallest areas in Teyvat.


3. Mawtiyima Forest

Watatsumi Island showed just how amazing areas could look in Genshin Impact. When you visit the Mawtiyima Forest, you will notice a familiar fairy tale feel to the Inazuma island. The forest is the home of giant luminescent fungi that tower over the player. You can choose to either follow the narrow path through the mushroom forest or hop across the top of the massive fungi. Either way you go, the design of the area is more than photo ready.

The forest also contains the entrance to the Electro Regisvines cave. You will also be able to farm fungi here and find quite a few chests to up your Primogem count. On top of that, Mawtiyima Forest also contains a hidden domain that you must rise out of a pond. This small puzzle is the main feature of this area and doesn't take long at all to do. This area is a bit small, though, and is a sub-area located inside the Lokapala Jungle.


2. Devantaka Mountain

Devantaka Mountain will pique the interest of anyone who has been keeping up with the story of the game. This area has a huge portion taken up by an inactive Ruin Guard that has become part of the cliffside. It is a sub-area of the Ardravi Valley and is easy to spot when walking by. While you aren't able to get the giant Ruin Guard walking around again, it is an interesting piece of lore. The fact that a Ruin Guard the size of an anime mecha exists is astounding.

The fact that it somehow has ended up in Sumeru also helps to raise several questions about the machine. You also have to wonder if this was the only Ruin Guard of this size and just how powerful it was. Outside of the mystery, though, Devantaka Mountain is another great place for pictures. Having a giant Ruin Guard as a backdrop for your characters is unique. You even can climb all over it and explore around the inactive matching until your heart is content.


1. Port Ormos

Port Ormos is quite different than the stuffy Sumeru City that is closely watched by the Akademiya. Due to this, characters like Dori are allowed to sell banned items like Canned Knowledge. Due to this, a lot of shady groups come to the area to do deals. Even some students from the Akademiya will search out illegal products to help with their studies. Outside of the darker side of the port, there are also lighthearted shops, like the toy shop that made Aranara statues.

In addition to this, this is where a famous children's storyteller resides. The port also has several great places for pictures, and several of the residents are more free-spirited than the researchers that live in Sumeru City. If you are looking to see the more laid-back side of the rainforest, then this is where you will want to go. Just be sure to grab some pictures with the ocean in the background.


So, what do you think of these five areas you need to visit in Sumeru? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.  

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