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The Top 5 Most Wanted Sumeru Characters in Genshin Impact

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Sumeru Characters

To say that there aren't dozens of interesting characters to choose from in Genshin Impact would be a lie. In fact, with the opening of the Sumeru region, where Dendro reigns king. There is a whole new list of characters for players to choose from. Sumeru characters have different designs than those in other regions and are currently highly sought after. This is partly due to how the Dendro element reworked the game's Meta. Not every character is a four-star powerhouse, though, players have come to love the personalities of the Sumeru cast. The list below has the top five most wanted Sumeru characters, with Tighnari and Collei, of course, being honorable mentions.


5. Dehya

Dehya is special as she is the only four-star Sumeru character on this list. Players loved her from the moment they met her in the Sumeru story. She is loyal and willing to go the extra mile for her friend and employer Dunyarzad. Dehya is a well-known Eremite, and her reputation proceeds her. She is now as a reliable fighter and has a good moral compass. She is also one of the few reasons the Traveler was able to progress through the Archon Story in Sumeru.

In terms of gameplay, Dehya is a four-star claymore user with a Pyro vision. Pyro has been credited for being one of the most powerful elements since the launch of the game. This, combined with the amount of physical damage claymore users typically do, makes her a good candidate for a possible DPS. If that's not enough, she has a unique design, and characters that have ears tend to sell pretty well. Just look at how popular Gorou is.


4. Cyno

Cyno Sumeru Characters

Cyno was one 0f the first five-star Sumeru characters shown off. He appeared in the Teyvat story promo during year one to represent Sumeru. On top of that, he was also in the prequel manga, which showed Collei's backstory, giving many players hope for a banner. Cyno is a member of the Akademiyia and is presented as a powerful character. We know that he also is affiliated with Lisa from the manga, and he's a powerful member. Cyno's official title in the Akadeymia is General Mahamatra.

Cyno has the ability to interfere in research and put a halt to it. Gameplay-wise, Cyno is a more powerful version of Razor. The major difference being that he is a five-star polearm user that has an Electro vision. Cyno is a powerful DPS that is able to work well with supports that help grant him reactions. This, coupled with his attractive design and him being teased at the start of the game, helps to make him one of the most coveted characters.


3. Nilou

Nilou, like most characters on this list, is a fresh face for the Genshin roster. She is introduced during the first part of the archon quest. She is part of Sumeru's theater troupe and is a dancer. Nilou is one of the few citizens who actively worships Less Lord Kusanali. Due to this, she helps to put on the festival for the Dendro Archons' birthday. This, of course, makes her enemies with the Akademiya. She is directly confronted by the Akademiya for her celebration, despite being a kind soul.

Nilou is a five-star Hydro sword-user who is adept at dealing Hydro damage on the battlefield. This, coupled with her dance-like moves, attracts many players. She sports a unique design and despite not being a fighter in the story, she is able to be a decent part of teams. On top of having a beautiful character design, Nilou has a unique perspective on Teyvat. Unlike characters who focus mainly on work, Nilou is interested in practicing the arts.


2. Alhaitham

Sumeru Characters

Alhaitham is an all-around interesting and one of the strangest Sumeru characters in the story. When you meet him during the Archon Quest, he is looking for canned knowledge. This is an illegal item in Sumeru, and the one he seeks is even more restricted. He even enlists the Traveler to do shady deals to find the item. When he finally locates the buyer of the canned knowledge, he defeats them and swipes the capsule without letting anyone know. Even the Traveler who helped him is none-the-wiser the Alhaithams deception.

In the game, Alhaitham is a five-star Dendro sword-user. He is one of the few Dendro characters to be shown in the game and seems to be as deceptive as Kaeya. Despite being a member of the Akademiya, he only seems interested in how to own end goals. He has no problem with lying or skirting around the law to get what he wants. Despite his strange ways of going about things, he is a researcher at heart and is interested in studying the past.

1. Kusanali

Sumeru Characters

Kusanali is the Dendro Archon and one of the most important pieces of the Teyvat story. She is quite different from the other Archons as she is only around 500 years old and doesn't have much power over her people. In fact, most people in Sumeru don't even openly worship her or even know what she looks like. This is a stark difference between the controlling Raiden Shogun and absent Venti. Despite not being able to do much, Kusanali uses her power of possession and telekinesis to help the citizens that need her most.

She was shown comforting a young Dunyarzad and speaking to the Traveler in the Golden Apple. She also interferes with the Akademyia's cruel plot in the Archon Quest and appears to help the TRaveler. Although her powers are limited, she is very wise. This is one of the reasons she is kept locked away, as controlling Sumeru would be much harder with her wandering around. Sadly, Kusanali doubts her own abilties and feels that she is still eclipsed by the former Archon.


So, what do you think of these 5 most wanted Sumeru characters? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.  

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