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Genshin Impact Best Navia Build

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Navia at the start of her character trailer.

Navia is a Geo five-star character in Genshin Impact. She comes from Fontaine and is a major player in the main story that takes place in the region. Navia became a playable character in version 4.3, where she ran alongside Ayaka. Early on, players were posting videos that showed Navia doing high amounts of damage. While this may seem like a dauntless task, it's entirely possible with the right build. The guide below goes over the best Navia build so that you can make your way to triple-digit damage.

Navia Upgrade Materials

Navia eating an apple.

If you want Navia making short work of enemy health bars, then getting her to level 90 is a must. This is done by leveling her up with books and then ascending her every ten levels or so. To ascend Navia you will need to collect Transoceanic enemy drops. These can be obtained when you defeat Fontemer Aberrants. As for her stone, you will need Prithiva Topaz, which can be harvested from many Geo bosses. As for her local specialty, you will need Spring of the First Dewdrop. This item can only be found underwater, in the two newest regions of the map, mostly around the Morte Region. Finally, you will need to farm Clockwork Component — Coppelius.

Clockwork Component — Coppelius can be obtained from fighting the Nemesis of Coppelius. This boss came in version 4.0, and is located near the Court of Fontaine. Just leveling Navia up isn't enough. You will also need to focus on her talents. Each combat talent can be leveled to nine using the  Equity scrolls. These can be found in the Pale Forgotten Glory domain. If you want to take things further, then you can work on getting all of her constellations. While this does take quite a bit of saving, a maxed out five-star is sure to wreck any enemies you come across. Finally, her weekly boss item is the Lightless Silk String, which can be farmed from the All-Devouring Narwal. By focusing on leveling, you can have the best Navia build in Genshin Impact.

Best Artifacts For Navia

Navia in a field.

Navia seems to do best with the Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods artifact set. This increases attack and Navia's skill damage. This can be obtained from the Waterfall Wen domain. You will want to focus on getting a bit of energy recharge if your team doesn't have a character who promotes it. If you do have a party that helps with energy recharge, then focus on the attack. You will also want to try to have an artifact with a Geo Damage bonus, as it will help with Navia's powerful burst. Having a bit of a focus on your critical rate can also help.

The stats you need will change depending on which characters are currently in your party. If you don't have the Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods, then there are a few substitutes that you can use. Marechaussee Hunter gives a buff to charged attacks and a 12% boost to critical attacks when Navia's health is changed. You can also use Archaic Petra to get a 15% boost to Navia's Geo damage. You can also mix and match these to get the best of both worlds. Using the right artifacts will help you obtain the best Navia build.

Best Weapons For Navia

Navia with her claymore.

Navia's best weapon is easy, as almost all five stars are released with a tailor-made signature weapon. In this case, it's the Verdict that focuses on giving Navia an attack boost. Of course, getting a five-star weapon is a rather tricky endeavor. The weapon banner is notorious for being hard, as you have even less of a chance of getting the item you want than on the character banners. There are some substitute weapons to use with Navia, though, that still pack quite a punch. The first of these is the Serpent Spine. This weapon gives your attack a bonus the longer you have Navia on the field. The only downside is that it's a battle pass weapon, so you will need to pay money to access it.

Navia also does well with the Wolf's Gravestone, another five-star weapon that helps boost her attack. If you're looking for an easy weapon, then go with the Tidal Shadow. This item can be made at Fontaine's blacksmith, making it easy to ascend. A level-five Tidal Shadow can be a powerful weapon to use with Navia if you don't have any five-star weapons. The weapons listed above will help you to have the best Navia build.

Best Party For Navia

Navia using her skill.

The most important component of any character is what party they are placed with. Navia is a Geo character, so you won't need to worry about reactions. What you want to focus on is helping her buff her attacks. Since she will likely be playing the role of your DPS, you should place characters on your team that build her up. If you want to ensure Navia is protected during her close-range attacks, then go with Zhongli. He can activate his shield to ensure that Navia doesn't take damage on the field. If you are fighting an enemy who ignores shields, then swap in a healer for the fight. The next slot should go to a character who generates energy. You can use Raiden Shogun if you have her or the four-star Fischl. This will ensure that you are able to get Navia's burst off often.

For the final slot, you can use Bennett to buff Navia further. These characters can be moved around. For example, if you don't have Zhongli, then try Diona. Your team should be tailored to Navia with the characters that you already own. Trying to pair her with characters that don't resonate with her will cause your party to fail. Because of this, we highly recommend the characters above to have the best Navia build.

So, what’s your opinion on our best Navia build? Do you agree with each build or have other favorites to add? Let us know through our socials here.

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