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Best Explorer Build in Remnant 2

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Best Explorer Build in Remnant 2

The Explorer in Remnant 2 is a utility-oriented class that specializes in finding valuable items. He does so by exploring maps and scooping up as much treasure as he can. They’re not the best fighters, with nearly every other class outsmarting them in battle. But boy, do they know how to hunt for treasure, and at times, that’s the very skill you’ll need to survive. 

Even though Explorers are great at uncovering the secrets of the realm, they still need to hold up when things start to get bloody. Fortunately, you can customize the perfect build that upholds the Explorer’s strengths while still giving them a leg up to attack and defend themselves accordingly. Read on to learn the best explorer build in Remnant 2

5. Ford’s Scattergun (Long Gun)


Ford’s Scattergun has to be the most powerful shotgun in gaming history. The weapon operates like a “shotgun” at its core, yet each bullet spat out of its barrel disperses into a wide spread of pellets that take down any enemy in its path. With a whopping damage output of 130, Ford’s Scattergun thrives on high accuracy to inflict damage on enemies up close. For its high damage, though, it has a relatively lower magazine capacity. However, you can take its power a notch higher by upgrading its damage up to 20 times until the highest possible staggering 390 damage output rate. 

How to Get Ford’s Scattergun

You’ll be happy to know that the Ford Scattergun is the starting weapon for the Explorer archetype. However, you can also get it from The Red Throne in Yaesha, where you take the pathway that leads to the library on your left. Make sure to wear the Seal of the Empress to be able to open the floor underneath, which reveals a basement with the weapon hidden inside. 

4. Fortune Hunter (Skill)

Fortune Hunter

What better way to amplify the Explorer’s talents than by equipping him with the Fortune Hunter skill? It’s one of the many skills in Remnant 2 that helps the Explorer find treasure for every party troop within range. Specifically, Fortune Hunter allows you to amp up your treasure-hunting seventh (or so) sense. However, the skill only works within the range of 40m for every ally and can only last for 60 seconds with a 90-second cooldown. 

How to Get Fortune Hunter

Fortune Hunter is one of many Explorer’s skills. Unlike the other skills, though, you can only unlock it once you upgrade your archetype to level 10.

3. Hunter (Secondary Archetype)

Hunter remmant 2

Speaking of hunting stuff, you may want to take advantage of the duo archetype functionality Remnant 2 provides and attach the Hunter archetype to your Explorer build. Hunter is no stranger to Remnant diehards, having been present in the original Remnant: From the Ashes. And thank the heavens he’s back again, because you sure can use his long-range damage-dealing skills to shield the Explorer from incoming threats.

The Hunter’s strengths lie in surveying for enemies’ weakest points and exploiting them. He often uses burst damage to send foes into deep sleep. At the forefront, he maximizes safe distance to deal ranged damage to enemies. He thrives at it, thanks to his unequaled marking of enemies and taking precise shots you won’t miss.

What’s more? You can curate an offensive build around the Hunter archetype that further strengthens his skills. For instance, equipping him with the Hunter’s Mark skill, which helps him cast an aura that automatically marks all enemies within 35m. Furthermore, it heightens the Hunter’s senses and gives him a 15% boost on all ranged and melee damage for 25s.  

How to Get Hunter

The Hunter archetype is among the secret classes of archetypes you’ll need to unlock later on in the game (unless you select Hunter as your starting class). To do so, you’ll need to craft the Sniper War Medal engram, which you can get by buying the Rusty Medal from Brabus in Ward 13.

2. Hero’s Sword (Melee)


Sometimes, you may find yourself stranded against a horde of monsters. You’ll need a powerful melee weapon to thwart all threats and come out unscathed. You’ll want to use the Hero’s Sword in such cases, which, thanks to its quick and swift strikes, can deal heavy blows at range. The sword casts a wide arc, thus effectively crowd-controlling hordes of enemies. It also uses an Energy Wave weapon mod that unleashes charge attacks that can strike enemies from farther away. However, using the Energy Wave will cost you 35 stamina, so make sure to use it wisely. And as always, make sure to upgrade it consistently, all the way to its optimum 153 damage output rate.

How to Get Hero’s Sword

You can buy the sword from Brabus once you wrap up the campaign on Nightmare. Alternatively, you can get it after you complete the game at least once (any difficulty applies), then unlock the Explorer archetype to get the sword as his starting melee weapon.

1. Meridian (Hand Gun)


If you don’t have the Hero’s Sword just yet, you can make use of the Meridian melee weapon in the meantime. This is a handgun that thrives in close-quarters combat and unleashes area-of-effect damage on all enemies nearby. So, you’ll want to sling it out during short-range encounters, as that’s when it unleashes the most devastating attacks on all foes. The weapon works by launching volatile grenades that blow up on impact, dealing AOE damage. You don’t need to wait either for the explosion; instead, shoot dormant grenades to explode early.  

Meridian also comes exclusively equipped with the Screamer mod. This allows you to launch high-powered rockets that inflict up to 200 damage attacks within 2.5m. Plus, you’re free to upgrade it to a whopping 246 damage to fully maximize it.

How to Get Meridian

Simply spawn in either the Tiller’s Rest, Harvester’s Reach, or Great Sewers areas to unlock Meridian at the Flooded Sewer event.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best explorer build in Remnant 2? Are there more builds we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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