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Best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3



Choosing the right weapon can be a game-changer in the heart of the intense battlegrounds within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Among the arsenal of firearms, five assault rifles have risen to prominence, each wielding its unique strengths on the virtual battlefield. 

Each rifle caters to different preferences. Therefore, finding the one that suits your playstyle is crucial. Let us explore the top-tier assault rifles that have become instrumental in shaping victories within the MW3. Here are the best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

5. MTZ 556

MTZ 556 Weapon

This is one of the first rifles you can access early in the game. It offers vast power and a large magazine size, ideal for effective damage output. It delivers significant damage during mid-to-long-range engagements. Similarly, players can unlock the MTZ-556 by reaching level 12 in the game.

To elevate the overall performance of your rifle, it's advisable to incorporate specific enhancements. For instance, you can attach a red dot sight and grip to the weapon to enhance accuracy and control. For perk selection, focus on those that amplify crucial attributes such as speed and resilience. Additionally, you can elevate your strategic approach by customizing your class to your preferred playstyle. However, you need to note that armory attachments are simply self-preferential.

For fascinating gameplay, you can equip the MTZ 556 with a shadow strike suppressor that slightly improves accuracy. Additionally, players can add the MTZ drifter's heavy, long barrel. It offers a gun kick and boosts recoil control, enhancing bullet velocity. Generally, you will need to spice up the MTZ 556 experience with the right gear and perks.

4. SVA 545

SVA 545

One of the game's most remarkable assault rifles is the SVA 545. However, essential attachments must be strategically chosen to maximize their impact at range. The HMRES Mod Suppressor significantly enhances bullet velocity for more potent damage. Despite not having recoil control, it offers the perfect rapid-firing nature of the weapon.

The 5.45 High Grain Ammunition further fortifies the SVA 545's performance by boosting bullet velocity and damage range. Notably, players can attach the FT Tac-Elite V3 Stock for full-auto fire accuracy. It complements the weapon's aggressive burst damage. Subsequent additions, such as the Citadel Grip, contribute to increased ADS speed for precise long-range engagements. 

The SVA 545 can also be equipped with the XRK Edge BW-4 hand stop to improve mobility and handling. Additionally, players who take their time can customize it with a Mane V6 stock for enchanting gameplay. The assault rifle can be unlocked when you reach level 4.

3. MCW


For players who enjoy quick reactions and accuracy, the MCW is the weapon to go for. It is ideal for medium- to long-range shots. The MCW stands out due to its top-notch adaptability and customization options. It brings a fusion of power and agility to the battlefield.

If you want to experience the full power of the MCW, consider using the 40- or 60-round magazine for a quick time to kill. Similarly, you can use the L4R flash hider to increase accuracy. Bullet velocity and damage range are crucial in combat. Therefore, you can add a Second Line Mammoth Heavy Barrel. Have you tried aiming while sprinting? A Tempest A9 Strike Stock will boost your aim, walking speed, and stability. These attachments can be game-changers for your entire Call of Duty gameplay.

The MCW has the best striker loadout, including a laser beam with light attachments. Like the SVA 545, you must reach level 44 to unlock the rifle. It is the first SMG to be unlocked in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The MCW, when customized, provides a lethal advantage that can translate into a string of killstreaks with minimal effort. Its precision and power make it a formidable choice for players seeking strategic control and impactful performance on the virtual battlefield.

2. DG- 58


You must acknowledge this as one of the best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Its high accuracy makes it one of the best options for burst rifles. However, the damage and range could use some upgrading with the right attachments. 

Customization is critical as players seek to enhance their performance through tailored loadouts. Some of the best DG-58 loadouts include a Cronen OP44 muzzle, Phase 3-Grip under-barrel, and an Extended TP-9 buttplate. The Extended TP-9 Buttplate is excellent for accuracy and mobility. You will also need a Corio Enforcer Optic for a crystal-clear view. Similarly, consider a CDG T-25 Light Barrel to increase damage and range during the battles.

Embracing these loadout suggestions is crucial for players aspiring to unlock the full potential of the DG-58. These loadouts will grant them a strategic advantage in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 engagements. Lastly, do not forget to wear the stalker boots and an infantry vest. This weapon is unlocked at the 25th level of your gameplay after playing three daily challenges.

1. Holger 556

Holger 556

Wrapping up our list is one of the best guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This assault rifle is dominating the Modern Warfare world with its impressive capabilities. The Holger 556 takes over the MCW, SVA 545, and MTZ with its exceptional reliability and range. It bridges the gap between assault rifles and light machine guns.

Players can include loadouts that favor accuracy, speed, reliability, and range for optimal performance. Similarly, players can unlock this fantastic rifle by playing multiplayer up to level 37. Consider attaching the Shadowstrike suppressor muzzle for undetectable radar. The gun has 58 damage for a headshot and 3 bullet kills, making it perfect for multiplayer. The CHRIOS-6 Match will increase accuracy to help you drop opponents with consistency. 

The RB Addle assault stock is also a strategic choice. It helps players balance recoil control and gun kick. Coupled with the 40-round mag, the loadout will perform wonders in the game. No enemy will stand against the power of the Holger 556 assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

So, what's your take? What's your take on these five best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? What weapons can't you wait to use? Let us know here on our socials.

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