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5 Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has landed, and many are already clawing into the sequel. Who can blame them? The sequel is proving to be such a hit and all-time fun, like its prequel, MW2. Early in the game, its easy to get lost in the choices.

The game is still in its early stages; therefore, the features of these weapons will change progressively. Additionally, more unlocks will be available further into the gameplay. This might therefore see a change in the list of powerful guns in the CoD's latest entry.

So what weapons would you choose to exert the highest stake in one shot? Which one is best to tear down enemies from a distance? What about a weapon that can do both? Does it exist, and which one is it? All these questions have an answer here as we take a look at five of the best weapons in CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

5. Striker

MW3 Striker Gun

The Striker isn't a new weapon in the Call of Duty series. Coming in as the best SMG loadout in MW3, the gun is a must-have. While it is not the best for long-range targets, the Striker offers epic blows for short-range targets.

It is specifically a fast-killer machine that offers incredible handling stats. Therefore, with the Striker, you can easily focus and refocus on targets while moving around swiftly. These features make the SMG Striker the most suitable for small map areas, which are currently common early in the sequel.

To improve the weapon, MW3 offers a range of attachment removal and addition options. For instance, players can unlock several attachments to improve Striker's range abilities. Similarly, you could also release its stock to make it even faster, thus making it deadlier.

4. BAS-B

The MW3 Bas B

It is rare for a battle rifle to appear on the list of the best weapons in CoD. However, the Bas B battle rifle has gained its spot due to its impeccable mid-range shooting effect. With the right attachments, BAS-B gives faster time to kill and minimal recoil control. 

The rifle is one of the best options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It offers an all-round experience with its long barrel designed for keeping distance and picking off targets with exceptional accuracy. The battle rifle increases damage with great bullet velocity for mid to long-range shots.

The best features of the BAS-B include its automatic and semi-auto modes for mid and long-range headshots. You can enhance the modes by equipping it with attachments such as the Bruen venom long barrel, the MK 3 reflector, and the 30-round mag. When it comes to this category of firearms, the BAS-B stands as the top choice for the Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 3.

3. MTZ 556

MTZ 556 Weapon

Just like the BAS-B, the MTZ 556 Assault rifle is an incredible all-rounder that you can access just at the start of the game. Its red dots are back in MW3, which makes suppressors an important attachment to many of the weapons. Therefore, if you don't have a suppressor, you are going to appear on the map for every enemy player. 

For those who make a lot of load-outs, the MTZ 556 offers a detailed menu that shows every single thing  its attachments can do. It has a shadow strike suppressor that allows you to be undetectable on radar. Additionally, you can easily optimize your weapon with attachments such as Komodo Heavy to mitigate recoil, among others. Furthermore, it performs well with the same attachments as the MCW.

The battle rifle offers a higher fire rate compared to other assault rifles in the game. The rifle is not ideal for medium-range combat in the game. However, because of its flexible menu, it provides settings to customize the weapon and increase its power and accuracy. The accessories include a Bruen strong support grip, an MTZ Clinch pro barrel, and an MK 3 reflector that provides incredibly clear shots.

2. DG-58

The MW3 DG-58

This burst rifle provides an amazing experience as well as tremendous destruction to the opponent. Additionally, its DG-56 LS18 barrel delivers a nice and quick-fire rate with a one-shot kill in mid-to-long-range combat. It also gives players a considerable improvement in damage and recoil control range. 

Being a newbie in the Modern Warfare 3 armory, the weapon offers a fascinating range of barrels, muzzles, and optic attachments. Moreover, it offers spectacular perks such as an infantry vest, frag grenade, commando gloves, and bone conduction headset. This allows players to customize it to their ideal player style.

Players can strategically load out their plays to maximize their performance. Building a top-tier DG-58 loadout ensures optimal performance in the diverse scenarios of Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer battles. The rifle is ideal for strategic long-range situations because of its firepower. The AR is a beast in close fights, fully automatic with a crazy firing speed. When things get crazy up close, this is your go-to weapon—perfect for those heart-pounding combat moments where you need serious firepower.

1. MCW

Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This assault rifle is one of the new weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and is by far an incredible loadout selection. The MCW boasts an impressive damage range, minimal recoil, and an added punch in stopping power when navigating through intense combat situations.

Do you love quick reactions and precision? Well, the MCW is your ideal rifle for an immense amount of action-packed gameplay. The rifle provides a consistent damage experience with the right attachments. Additionally, the rifle comes with comprehensive optic, barrel, and magazine attachments to increase its ability to take out enemies.

As an all-arounder, the MCW dominates both in close and mid-ranges. Furthermore, it improves mobility and precision when shooting long-range targets. For an incredible experience, you should consider using a second-line Mammoth heavy barrel, slate reflector, 40-round mag, and XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop. Arguably, it is one of the most reliable weapons in combat in Modern Warfare 3.

So, what’s your take? What's your take on these 5 best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? What weapons can't you wait to use? Let us know here on our socials

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