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Thirsty Suitors: Everything We Know



If edgy is skateboarding through a neon city while also rustling up a plate of Aloo Gobi on the side, then man, consider Thirsty Suitors the edgiest game of 2023. Call it what you will, but Outerloop Games’ upcoming action-adventure game appears to be in receipt of so much pizazz, that’s it’s hard to slate it as anything else right now. And if skateboarding and cooking is really the match made in heaven that publisher Annapurna Interactive claims it to be, then boy, we’re in for a real treat with this South Asia-inspired jewel of theirs.

Anyway, skateboarding and culinary exploits aside, what more do we actually know about the upcoming indie gem? Do we know whether or not there’ll be a purpose to such an irregular concept, or are we expecting it to be nothing more than a hipster-infused love letter to Jet Set Radio and the likes? Well, here’s what we currently know about it.

What Is Thirsty Suitors?

To put you in the picture, Thirsty Suitors is an action-adventure game in which you take on the role of Jala, a questionably trendy girl who’s put on a journey to explore  “culture, relationships, family pressures,” and essentially express herself through the rhythm of cooking, skating, and battling her inner demons. Oh, and her exes, apparently. If that doesn’t sound like a modernised version of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World then we honestly don’t know what does. We’re all for it, either way.

“Can Jala handle her demanding parents, reconcile with her exes, and mend broken friendships in time for her sister’s wedding?” the blurb reads in part. “Will she be ready for the impending visit of Paati, the family’s terrifying and judgmental matriarch?”

Clearly there’s a lot to unpack here, and it goes without saying that, while the story itself will tie in with some quirky themes and characters, there will be a moral of some sort stowed away in the thick of it. As for what that moral is, however, is still unknown, though it seems the bulk of it will pertain to a coming-of-age tale infused with traditions that go far beyond our control. Somehow, in the strangest of ways, this eye-opening journey will have something to do with skateboarding. Honestly, your guess is as good as ours at the minute.


Just to echo, Thirsty Suitors will base its premise around Jala—a hipster-type hero who’s faced with a plethora of everyday dilemmas and only a few outlets to channel her inner strengths. With the pressures of family life weighing down on her, and not to mention her exes forever intruding on her day-to-day agenda, Jala will need to learn how to deal with her issues while also building bridges with those she holds closest.


From the looks of the footage that has been shown to date, Thirsty Suitors will feature gameplay that’s highly reminiscent of hits such as Sunset Overdrive, Jet Set Radio, and of course, Hi-Fi Rush. There’ll be rapid movements, turn-based combat, and more than enough energy to keep you on your toes for what appears to be an incredibly high-octane story-driven adventure.

According to Outerloop Games, Thirsty Suitors will feature “turn-based, over-the-top combat with upgrades, special abilities, and a unique mood system that lets you take advantage of vulnerabilities.” In addition to the combat that’ll evidently play a key part in the gameplay, players will also “skate, grind, and wall-run across Timber Hills with intricate movesets, combos, and challenges,” all while unraveling “the mysteries of Bearfoot Park while battling skate punks and their leader, Soundie the Bear.” A lot to onboard there, then.


Thirsty Suitors first came to light as part of a three-piece pitch—a ledger that would go on to select just the one game based on the amount of positive feedback each title received. Surprise surprise, it was Thirsty Suitors that garnered the most attention out of the bunch, which in turn led to Annapurna Interactive onboarding the team and giving it the funds needed to get the ball rolling.

Since acquiring the funds, the team has gone on to post several updates on the game, with the latest one including a playable demo on Steam. If all goes according to plan, then the final product should hit all major platforms on November 2, 2023.


THIRSTY SUITORS | Release Date Trailer

Fortunately for all those curious souls who urged Outerloop Games to post a snippet of the game back in 2022, the team did go on to share a full-length trailer in the aftermath of its announcement. You can check it out for yourself above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Thirsty Suitors will be gearing up to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via Steam on November 2, 2023. So, hardly any concerns about where to find it on day one, then. It’ll also be heading to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, too, so no need to worry about forking over any unnecessary funds, either. That is, of course, providing that you’re already subscribed to the platform ahead of its release.

From an edition standpoint, Thirsty Suitors will only launch with the one standard version, which will be available across all major digital storefronts from day one. You can get ahead of the queue by adding it to your wishlist over on Steam here.

If Thirsty Suitors’ wacky concept has piqued your interest even the slightest, then be sure to check in with the team over on their social feed for all the latest updates here. If anything changes ahead of its release, we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the gossip right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be getting your hands on a copy of Thirsty Suitors when it eventually comes to consoles and PC? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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