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5 Indie Games That Went Under the Radar (2022)



Indie Games That Went Under the Radar

Indie games are one gaming genre that sees a lot of releases year-round. Usually so many, that it's hard to keep track of all the notable ones, with a handful of gems falling through the cracks. This is unfortunate because Indie games are created by independent or small team developers with a visionary idea, which is often far more compelling than many of the games we see in the spotlight. That's why it's worthwhile to check out these five Indie games that went under the radar in 2022.

All these games are all looking to break gaming conventions and push the envelope. But, because they are relatively new concepts, it can be difficult to get a new wave of players into their vision. Well, some gamers have already taken the jump and it resulted in them landing on a wonderful, undiscovered title. That's why we've done the same, and found five Indie games that are flying under the Radar when realistically they should be at the top of the headlines.


5. Patrick's Parabox

Patrick's Parabox Release Date Trailer

What better way to start a list of Indie Games that flew under the radar than with one that takes on a completely unique idea? That game is Patrick's Parabox, which was released this year at the end of March, and has only seen exuberant reviews from the cluster of players that have dove into it. Patrick's Parabox is a puzzle game about boxes within boxes. Sort of Box inception you could say.

The puzzles are all about pushing boxes into, through, and out of each other to manipulate structures. While that may appear to be a simple concept, developer Patrick Traynor has conceptualized the idea into something truly special. There are over 350 handcrafted puzzles, each with its own distinct idea that distinguishes it from previous ones. This makes the game constantly challenging and interesting.

Patrick's Paradox won the “Developers Choice Winner at Indiecade in 2019 and the “Excellence in Design” award at the 2020 Independent Games Festival. Other games, however, have shadowed its release over its two-year development period since then, causing it to lose some traction. Nonetheless, the game was executed flawlessly and delivered on all fronts.



4. Retrowave

Steam Early Access - RETROWAVE

If you like neon lights, retro themes, '80s supercars, and synth-wave music, then Retrowave is the perfect title for you. Even if those aren't your gaming interests, Retrowave's style and aesthetic will entice any player. Set on an endless futuristic highway, you drive 1980s supercars at breakneck speeds past traffic to your heart's content. It may appear to be a simple concept, but the captivating level design and complementary music make Retrowave a great game for you to mindlessly drift into.

Set with over 10 cars, more than five different level designs, and 45 different synth-wave songs, Each drive in Retrowave feels like a new experience. Furthermore, it's impossible not to fall in love with this game's retro and futuristic atmosphere. The more you play it, the more likely it is that you'll change your screen saver to the same themes. Retrowave may be a simple and compact game, but it's exactly that premise that makes the game so enjoyable.



3. Will You Snail?

Will You Snail? - Launch Trailer (OUT NOW!)

2D side-scrolling platformers have always been a popular gaming genre. Will You Snail? is an Indie game that falls into that genre but takes on a new and more difficult concept. You may have guessed it, but you play as a snail, progressing through level designs similar to that of Geometry Dash, but with a unique twist. In Will You Snail? an evil AI is anticipating your every move and using whatever tricks it has in its arsenal to kill and prevent you from reaching the end.

That takes the game to a new level of difficulty, making it non-stop action. And with the evil AI constantly uttering in your ear, things get heated quickly. However, the desire to improve yourself and outwit the AI on each level makes the game highly addictive and difficult to put down. It also has an intriguing story with themes of artificial intelligence, simulation theory, and humanity's future. All around Will You Snail? is a truly unique Indie game, one we strongly feel shouldn't be flying under the radar this year.



2. Sanabi

Sanabi - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Staying in the 2D side-scrolling genre, another hidden action-packed title released this year can be found in Sanabi. As a retired veteran, you jump, swing, and dash through the levels with your prosthetic arm. Which has a built-in grappling hook that also serves as another way to eliminate opponents in your path, not just for movement.

Coming out of retirement for the last time, you must use all of your legendary skills to save a mega-city that has been taken over by a corrupt conglomerate. The style incorporates a heavy mix of dystopic and cyberpunk themes, resulting in highly captivating level designs. all around Sanabi is an Indie game with a lot to offer, and players who have played it are raving about its intense and face-paced gameplay. If you're into 2D Indie side-scroller games, you really can't let Sanabi fly under your radar.



1. Not For Broadcast

Not For Broadcast — Launch Trailer

Not For Broadcast is an indie game that received a lot of attention when it first released due to its unique concept. However, because it was released in January 2022, it only had a short window in which to shine before other games came to kick it out of the limelight. That's why you might not have heard of it, but it's an Indie game you shouldn't miss out on.

With the National Nightly News live and stories popping up left and right, it's your job to manage the channel behind the scenes in the broadcast station. That means you get to deem everything you see fit for air, but that comes with its challenges. From egotistical celebrities, contentious politics, and sponsors vying for airtime. It is your responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the channel remains operational.

Not For Broadcast is meant for a more mature audience, as it's got strong language and some dark humor. So do keep that in mind. Regardless, it's a lot of fun to play, and while you're keeping viewers entertained, it'll keep you entertained for hours.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other Indie games that went under the radar that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.