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Splatoon 3 Review (Switch)

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Splatoon 3 is a splat-astic shooter with a wonderfully quirky world and amazing art style. Players have the option of jumping into the game's multiplayer or enjoying its single-player offering. With a community of ever so enthusiastic players, the Splatoon series has only evolved over time. Splatoon 3 seeks to refine the modes and gameplay that made the first two games in the series a success. Splatoon 3 is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Of course, there are some missteps as no game is perfect, but Splatoon 3 is a title that has the staying power and quality to stick around in the hyper-competitive gaming market. See what we think of this newest iteration in our relishing review of Splatoon 3.


Splatfests Are Back With A Vengence

Splatfests are Splatoon's version of community factions that players can participate in while they play. Players choose a side based on the question of what they would bring to a deserted island. There are three teams from which players can choose as they compete against each other. Team Gear is an ergonomic team that chose to bring gear with them on the island. Opposing them is Team Grub which chose to bring food, an altogether wise decision. Team Fun is also a fantastic choice for those who would rather soak up the sun on their deserted paradise. Players contribute to their respective teams by collecting Conch Shells. Conch Shells can be collected by participating in online matches, as well as Salmon Run and Turf War. Shells can also be spent at the Shell-Out machine in the multiplayer lobby for random rewards for the players.

Splatfests are a way to encourage animosity and competitiveness amongst the player base. This is achieved with each team having their own gear to rep their team as well as the wonderful concerts that can happen in-game. For the initial start of the event, players will participate in multiple 4v4 Turf War matches. The team that covers the most area in their ink is determined as the winner for their faction. This is not a time for the victorious team to rest on their laurels however, as soon after, they will be pitted against two teams in a 4v2v2 Turf  War battle. This Tri-Color game made is exclusive to the Splatfest events and can only be completed during that time. Although this is true, Splatfests, while only being available for a limited time, are still a rousing good time.


Story Isn't Amazing, But it is Fun

The Story of Splatoon 3 is nothing necessarily nuanced or new to write home about. While the story mode is certainly serviceable, it in no way should be considered the main draw of the game. This, of course, is the online multiplayer. While this may be the case, The story of Splatoon 3 is sure to be chosen by parents for their children, and it is a perfect type of game for that. The themes and gameplay elements of the story mode for the game are reminiscent of old-school platformers such as Mario and Sonic. While the game does take place in a post-apocalyptic world, this in no way reduces its innate charm and likability. With many of the bosses of the game being rather quirky but still enjoyable for adults, the story is tailored more so toward children.

With this being said, that certainly does not mean that adults cannot enjoy the story. It is just that the adults who play through the story may find it rudimentary instead of rousing. While the premise and presentation of the story mode of Splatoon 3 certainly leave a bit to be desired, there is an innate charm that makes it an experience worth experiencing. Not every game has to have the narrative depth that other titles have, and Splatoon 3 is great at what it does. Namely, the multiplayer element of the game is the focus, with the story mode being more of a formality and formulaic experience than anything to write home about. That being said, if you are someone who can look past this, Splatoon 3's story is certainly serviceable and can be enjoyed by anyone with its own caveats regarding its enjoyment.


Salmon Run Makes a Fishy Return

Salmon Run makes its triumphant return in the third iteration of the Splatoon series. The cooperative mode is similar to other wave control game modes, such as Call of Duty's zombie mode. Or even more of a throwback Gears of War's horde game mode of Halo's Firefight mode. The mode consists of a team of up to four players. These four-player teams are then pitted against waves of enemies, ranging in type and functionality. There are currently 11 types of  Boss enemies that have different functions and ways of defeating them. Those looking for a challenge will not have to look far as the mode comes with a baked-in difficulty slider making for endless enjoyment of this mode. There is also a new event that is unique to the mode called Big Run, in which players will play on the multiplayer maps of the game and defeat waves of enemies.

The replayability of this mode is one of its key features and should be noted as being perfect for this type of gameplay. Serving to make the experience of Salmon Run's difficulty completely customizable. Regular enemies in this mode are Salmonids. With 11 different Boss Salmonids, a number of these are new to the series. Each that have unique abilities and ways of approaching combat with them. Each of the four players participating starts with loadouts that are randomized, making the experience different each time.

With the goal of collecting Golden Eggs in a basket that drops from Boss Salmonids, players scrounge for these items to drop them in the basket to meet their Golden Egg quota. This can be done by communicating with teammates and making team play important. All in all, Salmon Run makes a wonderful return in Splatoon 3 with various improvements. These changes include being able to be played at any time instead of specific times like in past Splatoon titles.


Customization is King in Splatoon 3

Customization is supreme in Splatoon 3. With various Gear abilities, as well as the constant need for your character to be as dripped up as possible when splatting your foes. Players can customize various things, from the weapons they use to the clothing they wear. If players wish to show off, they can visit various shops to accomplish this goal. Players wishing to have a hot headgear game can visit Haut Couture. Helmed by Gnarly Eddy, you can buy various hats, masks, helmets, and more from this vendor. Not interested in your hat game? Well, then visit one of the other shops in Splatoon 3, Man-o'-Wardrobe is being owned and operated by Jel La Fleur. As his high fashion-inspired name implies, this jellyfish sells only the most high-quality body wares.

Crush Station is run by a Crustacean that looks like he spent a lot of time in the gym. While his stature may be imposing, Mr. Coco is anything but with a cuddly personality contrasting his imposing stature. His shop ranges in various fantastic footwear. Whether you want to rock sandals or shoes or even swim shoes and more, Mr.Coco has you covered. If you are more of the armament type, then look no further than Ammo Knights, which is run by Sheldon, where players can unlock new weapons. This can be done by using vouchers that are obtained from multiplayer matches. Leveling up will give you Sheldon licenses that you can redeem for new weapons ranging in type and usage.

Last but certainly not least is Hotlantis. Serving to drip the player's locker out as well as their Splashtag. This shop is headed by Harmony and has a rotating inventory. Inventory in this shop is set to rotate every three months. In conclusion, players that wish to drip out their characters have various avenues to do so, and each will give its own sense of accomplishment to the player. So go forth, and splat your foes and obtain a level of fashion sense you can flaunt.


Splatoon 3 has Splatastic Multiplayer

Splatoon 3 release date? Anyone?

Now the time has come to discuss Splatoon 3's bread and butter. The multiplayer offering in Splatoon 3 is a marvelous messy masterpiece. Well balanced and fun from the beginning, the multiplayer mode in this title serves to show the player that there are many nuances to the title, whether it is pitting players against each other in the casual game mode. Turf War exists for beginner players, whereas players are looking for a more competitive experience in the Anarchy battles series. These Anarchy battles serve to step in for the Ranked game modes within the game.

Ranging from various teammates with a range of weapons, the competitive mode of Splatoon 3 offers a more hardcore experience. With this being said, that is not to detract from the amazing amount of fun to be found in the base Turf war mode. With four different game modes that are exclusive to the Anarchy Battles game playlist, the competitive nature of the game truly shines. Clam Blitz is a chaotic rush for Clams to score points for your team. Splat Zones is a zoned-based mode in which the goal is to cover the Splat Zone with your team's ink.

Tower Control sees players trying to seize or siege a tower in order to achieve victory. This makes for a really competitive vie for the top of the tower. Last and not certainly not least is the final game mode in the game. Namely, Rainmaker is a rousing game mode that sees the player trying to place the Rainmaker in their opponent's territory. In conclusion, Splatoon 3‘s multiplayer is at the essence of what makes the series great and serves to cement the game series's legacy.

Splatoon 3 Review (Switch)

A Fun FPS For The Whole Family

Splatoon 3 is a smooth and fun family-friendly shooter- While the story mode may not entertain adult players, kids will fall in love with the offline play. Where the title truly shines is in its fashion and multiplayer features. If you loved the first few entries, then Splatoon 3 will be a welcome improvement.

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