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Splatoon 3: 5 Best Stages, Ranked



Splatoon 3 is a game that has many memorable stages. However, some stages stand out above the rest. Whether it be for their gameplay or their aesthetic, there are maps that seem to have that “it” factor. Through either their map design or game flow, Which of these stages are the most Splattastic for players? These stages show the best of what Splatoon 3 has to offer. Below are our picks for the best Maps in Splatoon 3.


5. Hammerhead Bridge

Starting off the list with a classic map from the original Splatoon, Hammerhead Bridge is proof that strong foundations have their place in later titles. Hammerhead Bridge features a layout that separates it from the pack and encourages close-quarters combat. Players who are not careful on this map, however, might find themselves bogged down and will have to seek out a vantage point on the top of the map. This map has an inherent replayability value that has only grown through time.

All in all, Hammerhead Bridge is a map that shows that it is not fancy innovations that make for a memorable map but strong core philosophies in their design. However, the map is not without its improvements that have been made in the new iteration featured in Splatoon 3. With Tower control being very important for teams to accomplish if they choose to win, Hammerhead Bridge has many vantages. These can be used to great effect against enemy players.  This makes Hammerhead Bridge the first entry in our list of the 5 best stages.

4. Scorch Gorge

Scorch Gorge is an absolutely artful and arid desert. This heatwave is accented by a gigantic fish skeleton that acts as an accent in the middle of the stage. With multiple routes to allow for flanking, Scorch Gorge is sure to heat up the competition in competitive or casual play. With a respectable amount of elevation that can be used to rain down paint on enemies, Scorch Gorge is a fantastic map.

Featuring an area in the middle of the map that is typically highly contested, Scorch Gorge ensures that fights over territory are frequent. There are also pretty large pieces of cover however, these are often fought over just as hard as the middle area within the map, making for hectic fights. The huge fish skeleton also is home to a lot of fights at its base. All in all, Scorch Gorge is a wonderful addition to Splatoon 3’s map roster. It is for this reason and many more that Scorch Gorge makes our list of the top 5 Splatoon maps.


3. Mahi-Mahi Resort

Mahi-Mahi Resort is a fantastically festive map. Featuring a Resort setting that makes for a relaxing backdrop from the wild splatter-filled combat that this map sees. First featured in the first Splatoon game, Mahi-Mahi Resort was a hit with players. This map also has the caveat of a change in water level mid-match. This allows for more flanking routes and more areas to cover with paint. This occurs at least 90 seconds after the beginning of the match.

With that being said, Mahi-Mahi Resort is a map that makes for a frantic match for sure. This quality makes it one of the Best Maps in Splatoon 3 and is sure to make for a good time for players who choose to play this map. The water elevation mechanic makes for a gameplay experience that can change from match to match. Players who want to win on this map will be sure to use this to their advantage. This and a multitude of other reasons make Mahi-Mahi Resort one of the most aesthetically interesting and strong maps in Splatoon 3.


2. Mako Mart

Featured in Splatoon 3 Mako Mart makes its triumphant return in Splatoon 3.  Mako Mart is a map that has a lot of open sight lines that players can take advantage of. This can manifest itself in different ways, whether it is someone with a Tri-Stringer or Splat Charger holding down angles on the map. The map also features many choke points or areas that players must push through if they don’t want to be bogged down and splatted.

There are many paths that offer a way to achieve vantage points over the map. This, coupled with the Ink rails, offers quick ways around the map. The pacing of the map is rather quick, with many fights being rather hectic and rapid. The narrow hallways within the map make for choke points that will be sure to stop a few players’ flanks as well. It is for this reason, as well as many others, that Mako Mart is a marvelous map in Splatoon 3. Making Mako Mart a map that you need to experience to truly appreciate the hard work that has gone into its design and layout.

1. Hagglefish Market

Hagglefish Market is a stellar Splatoon map. Being a map that has garnered a lot of attention for its innovative design and layout. Hagglefish Market takes place in a fish market that makes for a wonderful place to do battle. Splatting enemies never feels better than when you are on this map. Taking place on a busy pier where vendors are shopping their wares. The map offers a lot of chokes as well as many opportunities for flanking. Hagglefish Market has been touted as one of the best maps in Splatoon 3.

With its design standing out from the rest of the maps in the game, Hagglefish Market is sure to make for a good time whenever it comes up in the map rotation. Taking place on a pier, the map also continues with the sea theme of the game and its inhabitants. Its layout lends itself well to fights around the middle of the map with multiple choke points to be either avoided or exploited. Players wishing to zip around the map will find the ink rails really useful on this map, as well as zones that only your team can cover in ink. Aesthetically beautiful and a joy to play.

So, what do you think of the 5 best stages in Splatoon 3? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.   

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