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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review (iOS/Android)

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dante in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review

Devil May Cry has the right recipe for being a franchise hallmark: leather jackets, demonic horrors, and a sublime combat system. The franchise was initially set to be the next Resident Evil, but a change in direction set it as the action-packed series we've come to love. Thank heavens, the developer had a change of heart because it might have turned out to be a short-lived series. 

Either way, seeing our demon-loathing friend back in action is always a delight. And now, the excitement is in the palm of your hands with Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the newest mobile installment in the DMC saga.

This is not the first rodeo for the franchise, given that two Devil May Cry mobile games debuted in 2007-2008. Suffice it to say, the studio knew what they were getting into by taking a colossal console game to mobile. But does it live up to the hype? While it still captures the essence of DMC, there are a few hiccups along the way. I won't spill the beans right away, so let's unpack what's in store in our Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review.

Demons Rise


Dante in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

It's never a dull day for our demon hunter, Dante. I wouldn't blame him, especially with a brother who's hell-bent on taking his life. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat puts us on a timeline during Devil May Cry 3, highlighting the disgruntled relationship between Dante and Vergil. If you're familiar with the series, you know what I am talking about. If not, allow me to recap. 

Dante's tranquil life outside his shop is disturbed by a pack of demons sent by his brother. After defeating them, a tower erupts, shadowing the city beneath it. Dante assumes his brother is at the top and sets off to battle him. As expected, the journey turns into a demon-slicing venture. Here, he meets Mary, also on a path of vengeance. Long story short, the good guys defeat the bad, and Mary and Dante join forces. 

In the new title, a demonic invasion threatens humanity. The ‘King of Demons' takes center stage as the main antagonist. But you shouldn't confuse him with Argosex, Mundus or Urizon. Dante and Mary, now called Lady, take to their heels to stop the threat. 

While the storyline has similarities with the third mainline installment, it is a non-canon. The narrative occurs in an alternate universe with plenty of human NPCs. Dante can interact with the NPCs for the first time in the franchise. Usually, the Devil Hunter is swamped with demons vanquishing to engage in chitchat. 

Pinnacle of Combat

dante vs nero combo

DMC makes a name for itself with its combo-type combat. Ideally, you rake in points for unleashing different moves for every encounter. Peak of Combat is no different. You get the same fast-paced combat sequences, something fans of the franchise will relish. And the good news is that it's modest enough for newbies. You don't have to worry about giving other titles in the series a try before diving into this one. The game, however, simplifies some functions for mobile.

Essentially, you'll equip three characters and seamlessly switch between them during battle. Each has a primary and secondary attack, style skill, QTE and special skill. Combining all this in battle gives you an aggressive, stylish attack. The moves in Peak of Combat may not necessarily feel or look the same as those in other titles in the series, but they are equally satisfying. 

You might miss out on a few features from the series, such as style and weapon switching, but the title makes up for it with character swaps. Instead of switching weapons, you swap characters. The characters are also available in different versions. For instance, Spark Igniter Lady gets the Storm Blast QTE, while Swift Arsenal Lady gets Spatial Explosion. The game has plenty of variation to give you endless hours of action. 

Good Begets Evil

vergil vs hell vanguard

If there's something I've learned and come to appreciate in the DMC franchise, it is that good will always triumph over evil, even if the odds seem stacked against you. Well, at no point will you feel this way with Peak of Combat. You have plenty of options for amplifying your defense. One way is through character and weapon upgrades. 

Moreover, you'll earn gems for new equipment during combat and summoning new heroes. The game has several characters, but you'll start with Dante. After a few levels, you'll get access to Lady. You can unlock all characters from the vault to get the complete gist of the game. A new character means new skills and gear, so it's best to get a feel for their play style from the practice menu. This way, you fully utilize them in battle.

Furthermore, as you progress through the game's story mode, it's ideal to upgrade your character any chance you get. Sure, facing enemies and bosses is an easy feat from the start, but things get tricky as you progress. Thankfully, the game gives you multiple ways to upgrade your characters. This includes upgrading weapons, levelling up skills and equipping cards. The cards give you bonuses such as increasing critical damage, HP, or fire damage. 

A downside to the action is that the game uses a gacha system in the form of pizza. Pizza, which is your character's stamina, needs to be at a certain level for you to engage in battle. Over time, you build your stamina as you progress. But if you're eager to knock a head or two before it builds up, you can use gems to purchase stamina. Two hundred gems get you 60 stamina, valid for a fight or two. 

The Devil Cries Some More

Vergil in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review

Beyond the story mode, Devil May Cry: Peak Combat rolls out various game modes for players to dive into. For a lively devil hunter training session, there's the training mode where you can polish your skills and gain a competitive edge before diving into the main action.

The card farming mode adds a cool twist, letting you accumulate more cards to deck out your character with bonuses, a feature that fans of Genshin Impact will likely find appealing. Each mode presents unique challenges, requiring you to achieve specific objectives, usually involving demon-busting and culminating in a showdown with a formidable boss.

If you're itching for some more devil-hunter action, Bloody Palace mode awaits. While it's not a newcomer to the franchise, it's been revamped for the mobile version. Here, you battle through sets of enemies on each floor, aiming for a swift and stylish sweep. Weekly rankings add an extra layer of competition, providing a platform to showcase your devilish skills and kick some demon boots.

The Good

Dante with sword

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat truly hits its stride in the heat of battle. The combat experience closely mirrors its console counterparts, though a few functions are noticeably absent. Nevertheless, the strategic skills and smooth combat sequences are a treat for die-hard fans. If you're worried about the frame rate, being a mobile phone, you can have 60 fps with an iPhone 12. If not, you can channel your inner nerd and use Blue Stacks for a smoother experience. 

While the graphics are top-notch, there's a bit of a goofy twist to Dante's character. Regardless, the gameplay remains true to the series' roots while introducing some exciting new features.

The Bad

Dante vs Lady

I'll admit I was one of the excited fans, eagerly anticipating the game since its announcement in 2017. The trailer had me hyped, and the beta releases showcased the developers' dedication to making it something special. Fast-forward six years, and Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat turns out to be a major letdown. The gacha system undermines the core of what makes an epic action RPG. Just when you're geared up for some demon-slaying action, in-app purchase events slam the brakes on your excitement. Sure, it's a free-to-play game, but the stamina system throws a wet blanket on the fun.

On top of that, the storyline feels a bit off. Whether it's a translation hiccup or not, it just doesn't align with its counterparts. So, if the devs were aiming for an immersive experience, they missed the mark with this one.


dante vs dante Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Devil May Cry is a household name and one of Capcom's biggest hits. You could say that unveiling a mobile game could be a way of drawing more fans to the franchise. It could have worked if the developers had made it an entirely free-to-play game. In-game purchases are cool, but not when they interrupt your intense demon-slaying session with a sudden “more please” request, like Oliver Twist asking for seconds. 

On the upside, you get to enjoy a few levels before considering any in-app purchases. Despite these quirks, it still captures the essence of Devil May Cry, making it a fun mobile experience.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Review (iOS/Android)

Devil-Slaying Action on the Go

With excellent graphics and smooth performance, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat carries the mantle of its predecessor with fluid and fast-paced combat. While it may have some shortfalls, it’s still an exciting game that DMC fans will appreciate. 


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