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Reddit User Creates Realistic Superman Demo Using Unreal Engine 5



Let's not shy away from the facts here. Superman, despite its popularity in the media — hasn't developed a strong enough video game to stay afloat over the last thirty years. Of course, a great deal of its failure does stem from the horrendous Superman 64, which went on to seal a place as one of the worst games to ever fall from the genre. However, shipwrecks and harsh remarks aside, there is something worth poking at when it comes to the renowned superhero. The only thing is — it doesn't fall under DC's agenda.

A Reddit user, known to the community as ‘TJ ATOMICA', has developed a Superman demo using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5. Although only sharing a snippet of gameplay with the Man of Steel leaping through the skyline — the preview alone does appeal to the eye a lot more than the majority of actual releases under the DC belt. Unfortunately for us, the gameplay snippet starts and ends within the seven-second loop. And as for an actual full-fledged release, well — one can definitely dream.

I've been fooling around in Unreal Engine 5, dreaming of a modern Superman game from gaming

Now that's speedy development…

Unreal Engine 5 has been on the market for two weeks now. Two weeks in early access, that is. And yet, even in such a short space of time, the latest engine has already attracted a boatload of ambitious developers to test the waters. Superman teaser aside, plenty of other works have been brewing from the depths of the Epic Games tool. And with that, it's only a matter of time before jam-packed titles become playable with Unreal 5 backing the drive.

It's fair to say that DC hasn't given the iconic superhero the tender loving care needed to survive in today's market. Of course, Superman has gone on to appear in various spin-off video games and other notable works. But as far as standalone titles go — nothing has really hit home, let alone struck gold. And so, going by that, 2021 would definitely be a fresh start for the celebrated figure. But we won't put our money on that just yet.

You can follow the updates for the Superman demo on Reddit here.

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