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Little Devil Inside: Everything We Know

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Little Devil Inside: Everything We Know

It's not every day that a game's trailer ignites a voracious appetite within me to the extent of developing an intense craving. Only a handful meet the mark, and one game that unequivocally makes the cut is Little Devil Inside. The upcoming title takes a satirical look at the modern world while adding a layer of fictional mythology. The game clearly draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, and Bloodborne, seamlessly melding these influences into a sublime masterpiece.

News of the game saw the light of day during the 2020 PS5 showcase, but sadly, since then, we have yet to have a second glimpse of what the game will be like. Nevertheless, we've collected bits and pieces of information to give you an exclusive sneak peek of what you should expect once the game drops. Here's everything we know about Little Devil Inside. 

What is Little Devil Inside?

Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is an upcoming action-adventure role-playing game by Neostream Interactive. The game sends players on a hunt for supernatural events and monsters in a 19th-century-themed world. The game takes a whimsical approach to the classic adventures of supernatural life, presenting various comical moments.  

Every aspect of the game exudes a sense of uniqueness and exhilaration. It certainly leaves you in tantalizing suspense as you await the grand revelation. Understandably, the developers have chosen silence as their modus operandi since the PS5 showcase. This is a tactic they have employed before when introducing a new game.


Given the dearth of information surrounding the game, details regarding its plot remain scarce. However, we do know that the story revolves around Billy, an unassuming adventurer who gets by performing mundane tasks for others. Tragically, an unexpected incident upends his life. A college professor hires him to traverse the world in search of supernatural occurrences and creatures. Billy must now combat menacing monsters in survival-themed gameplay. All while also evading the gnawing grip of starvation. From face value, the game seems like a quirky take on the monster-hunting subgenre. 

The game is rather ambitious since it also promises a co-op mode where you can tag along with a friend on the adventure. 


The upcoming title is an action-adventure RPG played from a third perspective. Players assume the role of the adventurer in the 19th-century Steampunk backdrop. The game combines elements of open-world exploration with survival and combat. From the trailer, the game promises a variety of monsters to fight and different biomes to traverse.  

The combat appears to be pretty intense. Your character is equipped with a sword, which he skillfully uses to hack and slash the monsters. The blade does more than slice up your foes. While exploring dark caves, you can wield the sword to illuminate your path. Apart from the sword, the game gives you a plethora of weapons with which to maneuver the obstacles before you. You can choose between a gun, a shield, and bombs.

Moreover, the game also incorporates survival elements. The developer describes these elements as “too easy.” Instead of focusing on how long you can survive in the game, survival elements erupt whenever you are on a mission. You can go from blowing up a colossal beast to gathering by the fire in the evening to whoop up a meal from the ingredients in your inventory. 

During exploration, the game presents various biomes with distinct environmental conditions. You'll be riding your horse through the depths of the deserts and soon find yourself escaping the cold of the icy tundra. Thankfully, you'll have a mount to make traversal easy. In water-filled biomes, you'll move by boat or take a deep-sea dive to uncover more supernatural creatures and events. 

Moreover, the game adds a strategy layer where players must prepare for every mission. According to Neostream, this preparation is fundamental to your success. Players can retreat to the game's hometown and gather intel from the NPCs in between tasks. 


Little Devil Inside

Neostream Interactive is developing this enthralling title. The studio embarked on this project over seven years ago, following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. And while we can only assume it's still in the pipeline, we have yet to get more information about the game. 

Little Devil Inside has seemingly already captured the hearts of many after the developers submitted the pre-alpha trailer to the Steam Greenlight campaign, getting the nod from eager gamers. Clearly, it's been a long time since the game's announcement, considering Steam Greenlight stopped in 2017.


Little Devil Inside - Showcase Trailer | PS5

Imagine describing an excellent game to someone who needs proof of when to expect it. You could be hyping them up for an event that will likely take more than a year to launch. Thankfully, we can quell the eagerness with the pre-alpha trailer that the developers released. The Little Devil Inside trailer is the solid proof you need to keep anyone’s anticipation up. The trailer showcases the gameplay and various picturesque backdrops.

You can watch the trailer above to get a visual idea of what this promising game is shaping up to be. 

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

The good news is that the upcoming title is a confirmed PS5 and PS4 release. Initially, the game promised to be a PC, Xbox One, Wii U, and PS4 release. However, on the developer's website, the studio will allow gamers to select their preferred platform. From the horse’s mouth: Prior to release, we will re-confirm your details and ask everyone to choose the preferred platform of their choice between Windows PC, S4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

On the release date, we are unsure how far along the game's development is. But you can always keep tabs on it through the developers' social media handles here. If anything noteworthy drops ahead of its launch, we'll be sure to fill you in right here on

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Little Devil Inside when it releases? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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