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5 Best Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

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For a truly classy vacation in Las Vegas, nothing beats a thrilling helicopter tour. There are loads of tours you can take to learn more about the city and check out the surrounding landscape, but with a helicopter tour, you can get the best views of Sin City. You can really get a feel for how large Las Vegas is, and see just how many casinos there are on the Las Vegas Strip. Some of these tours take you out of the main attractions in the heart of Las Vegas. They may bring you to some of the parks and hills that surround the city. It only takes a few minutes in the chopper, and you can go from high tech infrastructure to picturesque valleys and canyons.

1. The Vegas Strip Night Flight Tour

Prepare yourself for a view of the Las Vegas Strip like no other. This tour takes place after sunset, when the buildings on The Strip are illuminated, and the city is buzzing. Soaring over the city, you can see all the amazing casino resorts, and quite a few attractions too. The tour guide is available in numerous languages and highlights key features. These include the Bellagio Fountains, Paris Eiffel Tower, The Ferris Wheel, the Allegiant Arena, and much more. The tour starts with views of historic Fremont Street and goes all the way down the Strip until you see the space beam of Luxor.

The whole tour lasts about 12 minutes, which is perfect as it does not cut a big chunk out of your day. They are held numerous times a day, so you can almost always book a tour. The helicopter seats 6 guests, so bigger groups may need to take multiple flights. The tours are held from 7 until 10:30, in intervals of half an hour. It is worth noting, that this may be the shortest tour on the list, but also the cheapest.

2. Neon & Nature Tour

neon and nature tour las vegas

The Neon & Nature tour is mid-level in price and offers a most memorable tour across Vegas. It takes you across the nearby Red Rock Canyon, where you can view awesome rock formations and check out the beautiful Calico Hills in the background. It then quickly whisks you to an exclusive vista where you can enjoy a champagne toast. You have about 30 minutes to enjoy your toast and check out the awesome views of Vegas. Once you are done, the helicopter takes you back for one more flight, this time across the Las Vegas Strip.

The tour takes about 2.5 hours, of which you spend 30 minutes drinking champagne, which is included in the price of the tour. This is the best tour for couples on a budget. It includes breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and also takes you over the Red Rock Canyon. A perfect balance of the magnificent infrastructure of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. This tour is held two times a day, at midday and at 2 PM. On some days it may be unavailable or there may be only 1 tour on offer, but generally, you should have the option between 12 and 2 PM. Lasting 2.5 hours, you should be home by 2:30 or 4:40, with a nice glass of champagne and unforgettable memories.

3. King of Canyons Sunset Tour

grand canyon sunset tour las vegas

If you want to make your trip to Las Vegas truly memorable, then you should consider the King of Canyons Sunset Tour. This tour takes you through the Grand Canyon at sunset and includes a champagne toast on the shores of the Colorado River. In the tour, you will be taken through the Canyon and can catch some views of the West Rim and the Hoover Dam. It then arrives at a destination 4,000 feet down in the heart of the Canyon, close to the Colorado River, at an exclusive ramada. There, you are served champagne and can have a quick toast before you are taken back via helicopter. The journey back will take you across the Las Vegas Strip, all while the sun is setting, so you can take some legendary photos.

The tour takes you in an EC-130 Helicopter with extra leg room, Whisper Jet technology for less noise, and a high tech Bose sound system. The tour takes approximately 4 hours, of which you spend about 70 minutes in the air. A light meal is provided, as well as the champagne, and there are two tours per day. The times of the tour depend on the season but are generally a couple of hours ahead of sunset, so make sure you check the available times in advance. Though this tour is not cheap, it is perfect for special occasions. If you want to treat your partner or loved ones to a fantastic tour, the Grand Canyon Sunset Tour is the way to go.

4. Grand Celebration Picnic Landing

grand celebration picnic landing

The Grand Celebration Picnic Landing is a helicopter tour for the whole family to enjoy. It lasts around 4 hours, and glides over the Grand Canyon, Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and many other fantastic landmarks. Of the 4 hours, you will spend around one hour ten minutes in flight. The rest of the tour is in Indian territory, where you can have a picnic. Lunch is provided, and you can explore the ancient Hualapai lands on foot, getting up and close to the historic sights.

There is so much to see and do on the Grand Celebration Picnic Landing tour, and it definitely lives up to its price. Bringing comfortable walking shows and extra clothing can be useful if you plan to walk around a little. Though you will not need them in the helicopter, you may want to walk around after your picnic. You can learn some fun facts about the surrounding area around Vegas, from the well informed tour guides. There are several tours each day, and each is 4 hours long. The earliest tour starts at 7 AM and the last starts at 4:30 PM. There are seven tours during each day, so you have no shortage of options when it comes to picking a time.

5. Grand Canyon West Rim & Helicopter Six-In-One Tour

6 in 1 grand canyon tour las vegas

The 6-in-1 tour is the ultimate adventure for tourists in Las Vegas. This tour lasts 10 hours, taking you to virtually every landmark and natural attraction in the vicinity of Sin City. Listen to U2's With or Without You as you travel first to the Joshua Tree National Park – you may recognise it as the backdrop to the album cover. Still haven't found what you are looking for? next up the tour takes you to Eagle Point, with the Skywalk, where you can walk out and check out the stunning views of the Grand Canyon to the East and North for a small extra charge. The tour also includes a continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and entertainment in the form of Native American dances as you take a breather.

It is best to pack extra clothes and wear comfortable shoes, as there are some points on the tour where you may want to go for a walk. You spend approximately 15 minutes in the air, and the rest of the tour is in a 14-passenger mini coach, reserved for VIP guests. The mini coach takes you straight from your hotel and returns you approximately 10 hours later. It is great for a day trip and a hot favourite among families. There is only one tour each day, starting at 7 AM and ending at 5 PM.

Book Your Las Vegas Helicopter Tour Today!

Las Vegas helicopter tours, though extremely fancy, are not as pricey as you may think. A basic package with up to 10 to 20 minutes in the air does not cost a lot more than a full extensive bus tour around Sin City. Plus, you can wrap up your sightseeing in half an hour with epic photos and still have plenty of time to explore the shops, restaurants and casinos.

If you are travelling with a group, then it is highly worth booking ahead. These helicopter tours sell out very quickly, and if you leave it to the last few days to reserve your flight tour, you may miss out on any deals.


Each of our top 5 favourite tours is the stuff of legendary holiday tales. A sunset helicopter tour, a champagne toast, and views of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are all highly popular. The Vegas Strip Highlights Night Flight is the cheapest and easiest to fit into your schedule. You can consider this option if you are on a tight schedule in Las Vegas. However, with more time to spend in Las Vegas, you can go for some of the longer tours and get the most out of your holiday. Whichever you choose, strap yourself in for an exciting ride.

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