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5 Best Grand Canyon Tours

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There are plenty of tours of the Grand Canyon that you can book while staying at Las Vegas. The great American natural landmark may be a 4 hour drive from Sin City, but you can combine a trip to both in your next vacation. You have plenty of ways to go about it too, and you can also cram in the Hoover Dam. Grand Canyon tours start from the affordable basic packages and go up to complete guides with loads of perks. As the Grand Canyon is quite far from Las Vegas, the tours tend to be a lot longer than tours of the city or surrounding area. Be prepared to dedicate at least half a day, if not longer, to your Grand Canyon viewing.

The Grand Canyon is a different kind of opulence from what you can otherwise expect in Las Vegas. It can also be good to get out into the great outdoors, especially after a long night partying on the Strip. With some of the shorter tours, you will take in the sights and be back in time to hit some poker tournaments at the big Las Vegas casinos. Not a bad way to spend a day in Las Vegas at all.

1. Highlights Of Grand Canyon Tour

highlights over grand canyon tour

You can pick out cheap and fast Grand Canyon highlights tours, perfect for travelling visitors who are on a tight budget and schedule. This aeroplane tour flies over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mean, before heading over the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The tour includes a narration, available in multiple languages. The 19-seater plane is spectacular, flying high over the natural beauty and giving you the chance to admire the whole panorama. Some key highlights, that will be pointed out during the flight, are the Grapevine Mesa, Grandwash Cliffs, Fortification Hills and some other extinct volcanoes.

You spend about 70 minutes in the air on this aeroplane tour, in the utmost comfort. The whole package takes up to four hours as you get complimentary hotel pickup and dropoff, so you do not need to do anything. The tour is perfect for families, as it is both brief and extremely convenient. The added elevation gives you the chance to catch some perfect shots with your camera, and you will not break the bank to book this tour either. Tours start from 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM. Booking the morning tour, you should be back at your hotel by 11:30 AM, in time for lunch. Should you choose to go in the afternoon, you should be back in time for dinner at 7:30 PM.

For the ultimate Las Vegas experience, you can book a room at one of the following Las Vegas Strip hotels. Remember, these particular tours will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back in style.

2. Grand Canyon West Rim & Helicopter 6-In-1 Tour

grand canyon 6 in 1 tour

You can find Grand Canyon tours with both a 15 minute helicopter flight and a ground tour, so you can experience the Grand Canyon from altitude and up close. The tour lasts a whopping 10 hours 30 minutes, so strap in for a full day of adventure. It includes a continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and bottled water, so you will be well fed. The sights you will see on this tour include the Hoover Dam, the Eagle Point, the Joshua Tree Forest and of course, the Grand Canyon. You can catch the best views of the Canyon from Guano Point. The 15 minute helicopter ride takes you to the Southwest and takes you up 4,000 feet to check out the rim's viewpoints.

Then, there is the picnic lunch at the Canyon's rim, which includes entertainment in the form of a Native American dance. For an extra charge, you can walk across the famous Skywalk, a C-shaped bridge that curves out across the edge of the Canyon. When you are not flying or walking, you will be taken in a luxury SUV or mini coach. The SUV comes round to your hotel for pickup and then takes you out to the Canyon. At the end of the tour, it takes you back. You have to get up early, as your morning pickup will arrive at 7 AM. You will get back to your hotel by 5:30 PM, and breakfast is taken care of. So just make sure you get an early night, and then hop into your luxury coach and enjoy a day out by the Canyon.

3. King of Canyons Sunset Tour

king of canyons sunset tour

King of Canyons Sunset Tour is quite unique as it combines a tour of the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip all in one trip. This tour is a bit pricey, but will only take 4 hours and includes a champagne toast, and spectacular aerial views of the Las Vegas Strip at sunset. There is not much more a couple celebrating an anniversary could ask for. You start the tour with a shuttle ride from your hotel to a helicopter pad near the Las Vegas Strip. The helicopter then takes you out towards the Grand Canyon. In your 35 minute helicopter ride outwards, you will catch views of the Hoover Dam, the Grand Wash Cliffs and the Black Mountains. Then, the helicopter will descend 4,000 feet to the foot of the Canyon, where you will have your champagne toast.

Once you are done clinking your glasses, you can wander around the foot of the Canyon and check out some of the natural rock formations in the area. Your guide will then inform you it is part of part two of the tour. The helicopter takes you on a second 35 minute flight up and back towards the Strip. This is when you get those real money shots, of the sun descending at the end of the Las Vegas Strip. You will return to your hotel by the time the sun is fully down. The champagne toast and a picnic meal are included in the price of the tour. The whole tour takes 4 hours, and starts approximately 2 hours before sunset.

4. Skywalk Odyssey Tour

skywalk odyssey tour

The Skywalk Odyssey is a true adventure for bold travellers who are not afraid of big heights. The key highlight is the marvellous Grand Canyon Skywalk, where you can walk out over the Grand Canyon. This horse-shoe bridge veers perilously over the edge of the cliff and provides a panoramic view of the Canyon. The tour includes a 1.5 hour helicopter ride, which takes you straight from the Las Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon and back. Once you land at the Canyon, you will be escorted by a private vehicle out towards the bridge. There, you can jump the line and walk onto the bridge, 4,000 feet over the Colorado River. Then, you can explore some of the other sights, such as Guyano Point and the Western Ranch.

The tour includes a meal, which you eat out at the Canyon. Once you are done with your odyssey, the helicopter will take you back to Las Vegas. It is an ideal tour for guests who want to spend that little extra to experience the fantastic Skywalk and take in views of both Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon from altitude. There are two tours held per day. The first starts at 9 AM and the second at 1 PM. Both are 4 hours long and include a meal.

5. Grand Canyon West Rim and Hoover Dam Bus Tour

grand canyon west rim and hoover dam bus tour

This tour is considerably cheaper than the others because you are not travelling to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. It is a bus ride that starts at 7:30 AM and takes up 10.5 hours. The bus takes you to the Grand Canyon National Park, where you will have 4 hours to explore the amazing sights. You can go to Eagle Point and check out the Skywalk, or buy some traditional jewellery and art from the Hualapai Village. Lunch is included in the fare, and you can eat at either Guano Point of the Skywalk Cafe. Afterwards, the tour goes through the Joshua Tree Forest and makes a stop at the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, where you can take photos of the Hoover Dam.

Though this tour takes up a whopping 10.5 hours, it is relatively cheap and includes the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. With lunch provided and plenty of chances to snap up pictures, it is a superb deal. The trip to Eagle Point and the Huapalai Village are also fantastic. You can head out across the Skywalk for an extra fee or pick up some art to remember the tour by.

Where to Find Tours

You can buy your Grand Canyon Tour in advance, or even purchase a tour ticket during your stay in Las Vegas, but keep in mind that during peak season these tours get sold out quite quickly.

The tours we listed above are with Maverick and Grand Canyon Tours, and you can jump straight to their websites above for more information and ticket prices. Should you wish to purchase a hotel ticket and a tour, you should head to the first link. Through the MGM Resorts packages, you may find a deal that includes a tour with your stay. If not, you can check back regularly or sign up for the newsletter to catch any deals.


Next time you are in Las Vegas, you know where to find your Grand Canyon tours. These tours, by helicopter, aeroplane, SUV or bus, are all phenomenal. The difference in time between the shortest and longest tours is rather large. But you have plenty of options with either half day or full day programmes. With most of these options, you can also catch the Hoover Dam too, killing off two birds with one stone. If you can also squeeze in the Skywalk, then you can really do it all.

If pressed for time, you can pick a helicopter tour or go for a tour that does not include a meal option. This way, you can get back to Las Vegas and spend more time there. Remember, there are also plenty of attractions and fun things to do in Las Vegas too.

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