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5 Best Comedy Acts in Las Vegas (May 2024)

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Of all the things to do and see in Las Vegas, probably the last thing you might expect is the awesome comedy shows and acts. Yes, whilst Vegas is world famous for its casinos and nightlife, there is much more to this city than meets the eye. The Entertainment Capital of the World has been the setting of many TV series, films, music videos and literature, all capturing the glamour and glitz of the parties and massive gaming floors.

Beyond that though, there lies an extravaganza of magic acts and comedy clubs that enrichen the city. Whether you find yourself in Vegas on business, holiday, or simply passing through, these acts are to die for. If you are not really into stand up or comedy clubs, fear not. These are unlike any shows you can find anywhere else. After all, everything in Vegas is really in a world of its own.

1. Carrot Top – Luxor Las Vegas

carrot top las vegas comedy acts

This is really an act that will tickle anyone's funny bone. Carrot Top has been a regular at the Luxor Casino Hotel in Vegas since 2005, entertaining audiences from all over the world. For those who do not know him, Carrot Top (real name Scott Thompson) has one of the most unusual acts you can expect. A lot of his performance is centred on his props, which he pulls out of a trunk to entertain the crowd with. These can be amusing DIY inventions that he has come up with, or they can simply be props to emphasise a joke. His frizzy ginger hair is not a prop, though he will definitely refer to it in his act, with his customary self-deprecating humour. It is definitely comedy for the whole family to enjoy, and the sheer eccentric flow of jokes will catch you off guard.

Carrot Top is a must-see, and the night doesn't have to stop once the show is over. If you are at the Luxor, then it is definitely worth taking a peek into the casino. The Luxor is located on the Southern part of the Las Vegas Strip and has one of the largest casinos. It also has a Race and Sportsbook, powered by BetMGM.

  • 120,000 square foot casino
  • 2,000 slots
  • 87 table games
  • BetMGM Sportsbook

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2. Piff the Magic Dragon – Flamingo Las Vegas

piff the magic dragon las vegas comedy act

Piff the Magic Dragon, real name John van der Put, is yet another example of the bizarre type of comedy you can find in Vegas. He performed at the Cosmopolitan before becoming a resident act at The Flamingo in 2015. Van der Put basically dresses up in a green dragon costume and performs his act, full of self-deprecating humour and deadpan delivery. His act includes “Mr Piffles” a chihuahua that is also dressed in a dragon costume, and he is assisted by showgirl Jade Simone. There is almost a slight awkwardness in his act, but after the first few minutes, it is easy to get absolutely stuck into his show. He has perfect timing and integrates magic into his act, with some quick sleight of hand tricks and an even quicker wit.

You can catch his act at the 700-seat Flamingo Showroom, in the Flamingo Las Vegas Casino Resort. This resort is located right at the heart of the Vegas Strip, next to establishments such as the Cromwell, Caesars Palace, Mirage and Linq Hotel. Though the competition is high, Flamingo Las Vegas has a truly outstanding casino, with over 870 slots and a captivating Caesars Race & Sportsbook. Poker players will be especially pleased with the games on offer at Flamingo, where there is a great variety of poker.

  • 72,000 square foot casino
  • 870 slots
  • 55 table games
  • Caesars Race & Sportsbook

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3. Laugh Factory – Tropicana Las Vegas

laugh factory las vegas comedy

Laugh Factory is a chain of comedy clubs in the US that opened in 1979. One of the best venues is located in The Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel. Whereas the other entries so far were resident acts, Laugh Factory is a mixed bag. A lot of comedians have played here, including Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle, Ellen Degeneres, and Chris Rock. Going back in time, there were acts like George Carlin, Robin Williams and Andy Kaufman, along with countless others. Really, it is all about timing, but even if you come here on a night when there is no comedic royalty, you will still be impressed. Laugh Factory keeps a high standard of comedy, and though you may not see Jim Carey here nowadays, you can still get just as good of a kick out of the up and comers.

Tropicana is up there among the top casino resorts on the Vegas Strip. It has a truly impressive casino, complete with all sorts of slots, table games and gaming machines. There is also a private high limit area for serious gamers who have brought wads of cash to play with. Those who want to take in a game, sit back and maybe place a sports bet, can check into the sportsbook. The Tropicana Sportsbook is powered by William Hill, one of the most reputable sportsbooks in the world.

  • 50,000 square foot casino
  • 600 slots
  • 102 table games
  • William Hill Sportsbook

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4. Comedy Cellar – Rio Casino Hotel

comedy cellar las vegas comedy

The Comedy Cellar is the place to go if you want to catch some classic stand up acts. This venue was the breaking ground for Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart and Amy Schumer, among many other famous comedians. Like Laugh Factory, the shows here are fast paced and can feature anyone from comedy royalty all the way to the latest trending acts. The “Secret Sauce” or formula that Comedy Cellar sticks to is quite simple. It has five headliner comics that do brief 15-20 minute sets, giving the audience a taste of all their different types of comedy. You will not regret taking in a show at the Comedy Cellar at Las Vegas.

It is quite easily found, in the Rio Las Vegas Casino Resort. Rio is not on the Vegas Strip, it is a few blocks out on Flamingo Road, going West. In addition to the Comedy Cellar, Penn & Teller Magic Act and Chippendales, there is also a massive casino to explore. This casino has non-stop table game action, slots and some marvellous poker games to try out. It also features an epic sportsbook, where you can watch virtually any game in premium comfort.

  • 117,000 square foot casino
  • 1,000 slots
  • 80 table games
  • Caesars Race & Sportsbook

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5. Tape Face – Harrah's Casino Resort

tape face las vegas comedy acts

You probably know him from Season 11 of America's Got Talent in 2016. Tape Face captivated audiences all over the US as soon as he walked out onto the stage. With an intense big-eyed stare and a piece of black tape covering his mouth, he does not utter a single word. The comedian uses props, music and slapstick physical comedy to entertain audiences. Compared with the other acts on this list, Tape Face is almost vaudevillian, using visual comedy to entertain audiences. It is definitely unusual, and at first, you may not even like it. But the show certainly grows on you and he will zap you with his bizarre and eccentric miming. There is something unsettling about Tape Face, perhaps awkward and nervous. But the act is solid and will have you laughing like no other act will.

You can watch Tape Face at Harrah's Las Vegas, a hotel casino that sits between the Linq Hotel and the Venetian. As far as Vegas is concerned, this is a prime location, as it is a brisk walk away from all the massive casinos. However, you don't have to travel far to get to a casino. There is a massive gaming space in Harrah's, that is complete with slots, table games and a sportsbook, powered by Caesars. If none of those really appeal, then maybe you might enjoy Harrah's Keno Lounge, where you can play Keno for hours in great company.

  • 90,000 square foot casino
  • 1,000 slots
  • 80 table games
  • Caesars Sportsbook

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These are only a handful of the talented comedic acts you can find in Las Vegas. There are plenty of other venues as well, where you can find more traditional acts. These include the likes of Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at MGM Grand, Terry Fator at the Mirage, and RuPaul's Drag Race Live at Flamingo. There is no end to the fun you can have in Vegas. So when you are planning to visit Las Vegas and have a little spare time, you can check out any of these shows. It only takes up an hour or 90 minutes of your time, but it can leave you with some truly unforgettable memories.

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