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Best Red Rock & Valley of Fire Tours in Las Vegas

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What is the last thing someone would guess you did on your trip to Las Vegas? There are plenty of activities to try out, including taking golf lessons, watching a Cirque du Soleil show or hitting a casino on the Vegas Strip, but these are all typical activities a tourist may take. No, a good answer would be something like climbing hills in the area around Vegas. You can do this at either the Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire. The canyon is actually only a 20-minute drive, or less if you beat the traffic, and is the perfect way to unwind. Whereas the Red Rock Canyon is West of Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire is Northeast. This natural phenomenon is 50 miles away from Vegas and has some of the most unique rock formations you will ever see.

After strolling through the bright and noisy downtown, it may do you some good to get a healthy dose of fresh air. That is not to mention some epic views that would easily make for brilliant postcards. Here is another question you can ask: where did I take this picture?

1. Red Rock Tour – Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon SUV tour

Hop into the 10-passenger Tour Trekker and get your phone or camera ready. This is a 4-hour tour through the dramatic scenery that makes up the Red Rock Canyon. In the loop, you will travel up and through winding roads on the canyon. You will have the chance to jump outside too, to get up and close with the nature. The guides are experts in the local wildlife and will keep you informed about everything you see. Features to note include some pre-historic Native American petroglyphs (rock drawings made by chipping away the rock surface), the historic Sandstone Quarry, and unique views of the Calico Hills.

Be sure to book your ticket nice and early, as they sell out quickly. You do not need to worry too much about the weather, as you will be taken in the Tour Trekker, a 10-seater SUV with climate control. There will also be chances to jump out and snap up some great pictures. The drive is 4 hours long and you can pick between the 8 AM or 1 PM tours during the day. Food is not included, so be sure to eat well before going on this epic 4-hour journey.

Who this tour is ideal for: seniors, families with small children

2. Neon & Nature

red rock canyon helicopter tour

One of the most popular tours of the Red Rock Canyon is the awesome helicopter tour. Taking in the scenery from those altitudes is world-class, and awe-inspiring. It is the perfect tour for special occasions, such as birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, honeymoons, or for an unforgettable holiday moment. The Neon & Nature tour starts with a limousine ride, which comes straight to your hotel. The limo takes you straight to the helicopter launch pad, and then you will be briefed by the helicopter guide. After that, you will be whisked up up and away. After you have taken in the views, you will be taken to a private vista on the Las Vegas Strip, where you will have a champagne toast. The toast is included in the tour, and after 30 minutes of toasting, you will jump back in the helicopter for a quick flight over the Strip, before finishing the tour.

Combining the wondrous natural scenery with the grandiose Vegas Strip, with a champagne toast thrown in the middle, is a perfect way to celebrate on your holiday. It is the priciest tour but makes for one hell of a gesture, romantic or otherwise. The tour is for guests who are 18 or older, and you must bring a photo ID. Tours start from 2 PM and last up to 2.5 hours, so you will be back in your hotel by 4:30 PM.

Who this tour is ideal for: couples

3. A Day at Valley of Fire – Valley of Fire

valley of fire suv tour

The Valley of Fire is more of a day programme when you compare it with the Red Rock Canyon Tours. This trip lasts a mighty 6 hours, and takes you through the natural wonder North of Vegas. The tour uses a 10-seater Tour Trekker and has a guide who talks about the natural fauna in the area, highlighting key features and pointing out great areas to take pictures. You can really feel the forces of nature at work in the valley. There are sand dunes that have turned to rock over the course of millions of years. These shapes can only occur in nature, and you will never find the same two shapes out in the valley. In addition to the natural phenomenon, you will learn about the history of the Native Americans and check out some awesome petroglyphs.
Lunch is included on the tour, which consists of a sandwich, chips or cookies, and a bottle of water. You can request vegetarian meals too. As you will be guided in a climate-controlled SUV, you do not need to pack layered clothing or bring sunscreen, but there will be times when you voyage out of the SUV, so it is better to come prepared. The tour can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This tour starts from 9 AM, and is held almost every day of the week. You will be back and resting in your hotel by 5 PM.

Who this tour is ideal for: families, smaller groups

4. Rocky Gap Aventure Tour – Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon jeep wrangler tour

Weather-forgiving, you can also try a tour that brings you closer to the nature. The Red Rock Canyon with Rocky Gap Adventure Tour is a bit more expensive compared with the SUV tour, but you walk a lot more in the Canyon. With this tour, you will be driven in an open air Jeep Wrangler and make regular stops to get out and walk through the landscape. Your tour guide will narrate what you are seeing in front of you, so you can pick up plenty of fun facts. You will see the Keystone Thrust Fault, which is millions of years old. There are also Native American cultural resources, a Highpoint Lookout, fossilized sand dunes, and brilliant views of the Calico Hills.

When you plan your tour, make sure you have appropriate footwear and have stocked up on food. You will be provided a water bottle to help you keep hydrated during the tour. The tour is not recommended for people with mobility issues or for those who are pregnant. Also, bring sunscreen, an extra windbreaker or light jacket, and a hat, just in case the weather gets a bit extreme. Tours are held every day at 9 AM, so make sure you have an early breakfast and prepare yourself for a thrilling 3-hour hike through the Red Rock Canyon.

Who this tour is ideal for: hikers, smaller groups

5. Valley of Fire and Lost City Museum Tour – Valley of Fire

valley of fire and lost city museum tour

You can get a dose of nature and history in the Valley of Fire and Lost City Museum Tour. This tour lasts 7 hours and includes both a full scenic loop of the Valley of Fire and a trip to the Lost City Museum. The latter is over 3,000 years old and was formed by the Ancestral Puebloans or Anasazi peoples. These peoples lived across the Four Corners region of the US, between southeastern Utah, Northeastern Arizona, Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado. The museum shows how these people lived, with baskets, pottery, weapons and other artefacts.
The tour includes lunch, bottled water and snacks. You will be transported in a Luxury 4×4 and there will be plenty of chances to walk right up to the amazing rocks and touch them. When in the Lost City Museum, you will feel the history as you walk past buildings and across ancient paths. This trip is a great day programme for families and is really the opposite of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. There is only one tour held in a day, and it starts at 8 AM. To prepare, it is best to take in an early breakfast and bring some layered clothing. Also, be aware that the tour is not held every single day, so check for availability and times beforehand.

Who this tour is ideal for: families, history buffs

6. Red Rock Electric Scooter Tour

red rock canyon electric scooter tour

Is there a way to travel across the Red Rock Canyon without getting inside an SUV or by foot? Of course there is! You can take a scooter tour through the larger-than-life scenery, and take in the engrossing nature. These are not kick scooters or electric scooters, but heavy duty 3-wheelers. You can sit on them and drive across the paved roads, cutting through that sweet desert breeze. The tour lasts three hours long, and is the perfect way to “experience” the Red Rock Canyon. Driving through is really a blast, and this tour can be booked by larger groups too.

You will need to have a driver's licence to take this tour and must be between 18 and 60. The tour is not recommended for people with limited mobility, as though you can sit on the scooter, it still requires physical balance as what you can expect on a regular scooter or bike. The guides are there to help you, and it only takes a couple of minutes to figure out how to use the scooters, and once you do, you will not look back. There are some stops along the way so you can take your holiday snaps, and guests are provided water bottles. You should come prepared with layered clothing, sunscreen and a hat. A hat that will not fly off you when you take off that is.

There is 1 tour in a day, and you need to arrive at the start location by 9 AM for the brief. The tour is not held every day, so be sure to check which days it is on when planning your holiday.

Who this tour is ideal for: bigger groups, those who love a good drive

7. Love Hikes – Valley of Fire

You can completely immerse yourself in the Valley of Fire by taking this hiking tour. After a day on the Vegas Strip or downtown, this will feel like an otherworldly experience. It is a long hike, complete with vibrant colours, beautiful rock formations and the freshest air. It is the most physically demanding tour on this list, but it is a feat well worth accomplishing. You can choose between three levels of difficulty: friendly, moderate or intense. These basically determine whether you will take the comfortable roads or climb the tough off-road paths.

The tour lasts from 4 to 6.5 hours, depending on what level of difficulty you choose. There will be a truck or jeep to take you out to the site, and a guide to show you the way. Comfortable footwear is not enough on this tour, it is strongly recommended to bring athletic or special hiking shoes. Snacks and bottled water are provided, which will keep you on your toes. You can choose between the 6 AM or the 12:30 PM start times, and expect the tour to last until about 12:30 PM or 7 PM, respectively.

Who this tour is ideal for: hikers, groups

Find the Right Red Rock & Valley of Fire Tour

There are lots of different ways to enjoy the surrounding natural landscape of Las Vegas, and you can easily plan a day of hiking and climbing, or sitting in the back of a trekker and taking in the spectacular views. It is easy to forget just how beautiful the surrounding area is, especially as Las Vegas has such modern infrastructure and has some of the biggest resorts and hotels in the world.

Above, you can find different packages for Red Rock and Valley of Fire tours. There is definitely something for every group and individual to enjoy.


Las Vegas seems to be the gift that keeps giving. There are so many activities and tours to enjoy that booking a Las Vegas hotel for a week is nowhere near enough to truly soak up all the atmosphere. The Valley of Fire tours are long and may dig into your schedule a bit too much. However, a 2 or 3 hour ride through the Red Rock Canyon may fit perfectly. They start pretty early, so you can tick that item off your bucket list before lunchtime. Should you have more time, then it is more than worth checking out the Valley of Fire as well. It all depends on what you want to explore on your trip, and you should also make time for the amazing attractions in Las Vegas too.

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