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Best Weapons in Bloodborne

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Best Weapons in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is an unconventional adventure into the derelict city of Yhamam. The action RPG is a perfect fusion of extreme exhilaration and desperation. Yhamam's semi-open world is littered with horrific beats, after a bloodborne disease infects its residents, turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. Taking on the role of Hunter, your quest is to get to the bottom of the plaque while avoiding the beasts in the Gothic world. 

Now, an RPG is only complete with a fine set of weapons. Lucky for you, Bloodborne has a fantastic lineup. Despite its challenging gameplay, complemented by fast-paced combat, getting the right weapons can ease things up for you. So without much further ado, here are the best weapons in Bloodborne.

5. Simon's Bow Blade

Best Weapons in Bloodborne

From the game's inception, you'll come across guns that prove helpful in combat. However, the Old Hunters expansion introduces a unique and versatile bow that is astounding. Simon's Bowblade can transform from a bow into a one-handed blade. Don't underestimate its simple bow/blade design. The weapon fires quicksilver bullets in bow form, allowing you to take down the most challenging bosses with a single shot. Moreover, its design lets you perform a ranged attack while wielding a second weapon. 

There are three variations to the Bowblade; Uncanny, Lost, and Normal. What sets the variations apart is how you intend to use the weapon. For instance, the Lost variant is suitable for players who want to get the most out of the bow's blood attack. You can upgrade the weapon's skill and strength for more damage output. 

You must be wondering why the name is Simon's Bow Blade. Well, because it belongs to Simon, a gregarious character you'll meet along your adventure. However, after his untimely demise at the hands of Brador, Simon hands over this impeccable weapon that'll prove instrumental in your journey.

4. Hunter's Axe

A priori, the assumption for entry-level weapons is that they can't get the job done. Especially when encountering tough bosses. However, the Hunter's Axe surpasses this notion. It ranks high in the cluster of starting weapons and the game's entire arsenal. Moreover, it can transform from an axe into an extended axe for a perfect, solid build. 

The axe is helpful when attacking fast enemies since its swings are not as slow-paced as other weapons with a similar archetype. Furthermore, it displays exceptional range and scaling for intense damage output and unprecedented crowd control. This is one entry-level weapon you'll return to, even after getting hold of other sets later in the game.

To access the Hunter's Axe, you can pick it up as a starting weapon during the game's start. Moreover, you can also purchase it from the messengers after defeating the enormous hog and earning the Saw Hunter Badge.

3. Ludwig's Holy Blade

Best Weapons in Bloodborne

An unfathomably powerful blade that strikes down the most invincible monsters. Ludwig's Holy Blade is a perfect aide on the battlefield. It's the ultimate fusion of skill and strength forged into a metallic masterpiece. Although the long sword isn't easily obtainable and it's challenging to level its stats to S, it still excels at dealing massive carnage.

The blade's normal variation is a single-handed blade. However, you can combine it with the sheath to transform it into a greatsword. After transformation, you'll need to hold it with two hands. Making it impossible to wield another weapon. 

Notwithstanding, it's an excellent choice for players who know how to handle it. To access the weapon, you can purchase it from the messengers for 20,000 Blood Echoes after receiving the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. 

2. Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is a custom-made saw that'll turn your foes into a pile of blood and pieces of meat. Don't be fooled by its simple design of an elongated handle and a sharp circular saw at the end. The saw's serrated teeth tear into enemies, reducing them to sludge with a single strike. Moreover, the weapon can transform from a long-rod mace into a Buzzsaw-rod. 

Wielding this monumental weapon may feel slow at first, but it takes some getting used to, to unlock its maximum power. In the transformed state, you can hold L2 for a continuous grind that turns into a bloodbath. You'll need to get close to the enemy and rev the blade through their flesh, as long as your stamina levels are high enough to allow it.

The only drawback of this versatile weapon is that you'll need both hands to work its magic. Therefore, this weapon doesn't meet the cut if you're gearing for a parry attack. Beyond that, it is a powerful “pizza cutter” that will get the job done. To access it, you must travel down a small path adjacent to the Nightmare Church. 

1. Holy Moonlight Sword

Best Weapons in Bloodborne

The Holy Moonlight Sword is an impressive upgrade to Ludwig's Holy Blade. Undeniably, it's a weapon you'd expect to see in Dark Souls. However, its inclusion in Bloodborne amplifies the combat a notch higher. The Holy Moonlight Sword's design seamlessly fits into the gothic world of Yhamam. It displays tremendous arcane skill, strength, and a touch of magic. With this and more, the Holy Moonlight Sword is the best weapon in Bloodborne.

The weapon uses quicksilver bullets for fast ranged attacks. Each attack unleashes a blue streak of arcane energy with high damage output that strikes down swarms of enemies. Therefore, the Holy Moonlight Sword is suitable for you if you're looking for a weapon with an arcane build. 

Moreover, the blade can transform from a one-handed rapier into a two-handed sword. Similar to Simon's Bowblade, the HMS has three variants; Uncanny, Lost, and Normal. However, the apparent difference between the variations is where you locate the Gem Imprints. You can obtain this weapon on the underground corpse pile after striking down Ludwig, The Holy Blade. After the defeat, Ludwig's head will be lying on the floor. You'll have the option of either killing it or speaking to it to obtain the claymore. However, if Laurence is maimed before you acquire it, you'll be unable to get it from Simon.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top picks for the best weapons in Bloodborne? Are there any weapons you'd recommend? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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