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Best Weapons & Loadouts in Battlefield 2042



EA's long-running Battlefield series has grown a fanbase around the franchise for its visually striking and explosive gameplay. Second, is the game's exhilarating gunplay that provides players with a variety of guns and a range of attachments to customize them with. Allowing you to tailor your weapon to your personal preferences and how it performs on the battlefield. Furthermore, the gadgets and throwables in your loadout round out the picture. While you can use any weapon with any of the game's specialists, their equipment and tactical abilities vary. Regardless of the specialist you main, these are the best weapons and loadouts you’ll want to take to the frontlines of Battlefield 2042.

5. M5A3

The M5A3 is an excellent weapon because of its versatility in attachments and little to no recoil, allowing players to land nearly every shot. Depending on your playstyle and the map, it can be configured as an assault rifle or built to perform more like an SMG. Although, it is preferable to configure it as an assault rifle in order to capitalize on its range and accuracy. Here are the attachments we recommend rocking with the M5A3:

  • Sight: Fusion Holo
  • Magazine: Standard Magazine
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip
  • Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

We recommend playing as Webster Mackay because the M5A3 works well with his grapple hook. As a result, you can quickly flank enemies and move around the map faster. His trait “Nimble” allows for faster ADS (Aiming down sight), which is extremely useful in close-quarters battles. Take a Med pen for the gadget; it will keep you in the fight longer. For throwables, we recommend the tried-and-true frag grenade. Altogether, this results in one of the best weapons and loadouts in the game, which is optimal for any situation.

4. PP-29

best weapon and loadouts

The PP-29 is an extremely accurate SMG with an absurdly large magazine capacity by default. As a result, this is by far one of the best weapons in the game and complements a wide range of loadouts. That's why If you like getting into close-quarter combat, you should use this SMG as soon as possible. Iron sights aren't the best, so if you want a little more zoom, we suggest the K8 holo or Ghost Hybrid optics. Nonetheless, here are the attachments we recommend for it:

  • Sight: K8 Holo
  • Magazine: Standard issue
  • Underbarrel: None
  • Barrel: Tactical compensator

Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky is one of the top engineer specialists due to his unique gadget that allows players to place a turret that adds extra fire support for controlling a sector. If set up in the right position, expect to control a sector for an entire game. We also suggest equipping a repair torch to keep the sentry alive longer. However, if your play style is more aggressive take a med bag or ammo crate.


best weapons and loadouts

Due to its slower fire rate, which allows players to see each round hit their target, the SFAR-M GL is arguably the most satisfying weapon to use in the game. As a result, this weapon can be effective at long range but excels at medium range due to its ability to kill with two headshots up to 50 meters. Did we mention it includes a grenade launcher? Obviously, this is tirelessly fun to use, but it's also useful for dealing with vehicles or clearing out those campers. Here are the attachments that boast best with it:

  • Sight: Maul Hybrid
  • Magazine: High-power / Drum magazine
  • Underbarrel: Factory Mounts
  • Barrel: Wrapped Suppressor

The SFAR-M GL works well with most specialists, but we believe it works best with Constantin “Angel” Anghel. He provides players with the ability to swap their load-outs via his beacon and can revive teammates with bonus health and shield. This works perfectly with this weapon since you most likely won't be in dealing with in-tight combat and can be the backbone in the backline. Finish his loadout with a C5 explosive in the gadget spot for additional firepower with vehicles and a throwable EMP grenade to disable enemy equipment and help push the objective. If you want to be a team player, this is one of the best weapons and loadouts available in the game right now for the role.


best weapons and loadouts

Most players avoid LMGs due to their slow reload times, strong recoil, and clumsiness. However, because of the LCMG's low recoil, high accuracy, and movement, it will help counter that experience for players. Because it is highly customizable, it works well with in almost any scenario. Still, it takes some time to grind out the attachments on this gun, but it is well worth it. This version we recommend below is ideal for close-quarters combat, as it increases the fire rate and allows players to rain fire on opponents.

  • Sight: Fusion Holo
  • Magazine: Close Combat
  • Underbarrel: LS-1 Laser Sight
  • Barrel: Shortened Barrel

When combined with the Dozer, this setup for the LCMG is a match made in heaven. Using his SOB-8 Ballistic shield to reflect enemy damage, players can push up and quickly switch to their primary, returning the fire on enemies. Dozer is also more resistant to explosive damage, making players more vulnerable in close-quarters combat. That's why this weapons and its loadouts best with a Med pen and frag grenade.

1. BSV-M

best weapons and loadouts

Marksman rifles are a cross between assault rifles and snipers, with the range of snipers and the damage of assault rifles. The BSV-M is a close-range marksman rifle with high accuracy and damage, as well as a 2.2 damage multiplier for headshots. This marksman rifle has a full auto option, making it ideal for close range and medium range. You will need to invest some time in this weapon because many of the better attachments are unlocked in the later stages of progression.

  • Sight: TV2X
  • Magazine: High power / Extended
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip
  • Barrel: Shortened Suppressor

This weapon works best with Ji-Soo Paik and her EMG-X Scanner, which allows players to see through walls and spot enemies. This provides excellent opportunities for players to covertly flank the enemy's position and destroy enemy equipment such as hidden spawn beacons and turrets. Furthermore, you should use a spawn beacon and frag grenade to allow teammates to spawn behind enemy lines. For those of us that like playing as a passive sniper, this is one of the best weapons and loadouts in the game for it.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other weapons and loadouts you think are best in Battlefield 2042? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.