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Best Weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3



Kingdom Hearts 3 holds its arm out to a particular type of weapon: the Keyblade, an oversized charm that bears the power to not only eliminate Heartless and Nobodies, but also seal darkness-riddled worlds and rid them of all their tainted energy. It's understandable, then, that anyone capable of wielding the title of Keyblade Master would want to load up on the highest performing choices.

As luck would have it, obtaining Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't all that complex. In fact, given that the story itself is pretty linear, it means most Keyblades tend to come naturally, and that you needn't concern yourself with onboarding any unnecessary tasks. But if you're curious to know which of the available Keyblades are the best on the chain, then read on, as we'll be listing the five classiest weapons in the game to date.

5. Grand Chef

If you've been wondering whether or not all that tedious ingredient collecting is worth the trouble, then the short answer is yes, it is. Or at least, it's worth it if you're more focused on magic-based attacks than anything else. And if that is the case, then you'll find that Twilight Town's Grand Chef Keyblade is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best weapon choices in the whole of Kingdom Hearts 3. The only downside to such a well-balanced Keyblade is its unlock criteria, which annoyingly involves a whole lot of scavenging in the game's darkest nooks, crannies, and secret levels.

To get your paws on the Grand Chef Keyblade, you're going to need to locate all the ingredients for Twilight Town's Little Bistro and complete its entire recipe list. Once mopped up, the Ratatouille hero will reward you with the weapon, which probably won't be until the latter half of the main story. To find ingredients for Remy's bistro, simply listen out for Donald's brain-piercing “THIS LOOKS LIKE A GOOD SPOT TO FIND SOME INGREDIENTS” quote whenever exploring new areas and worlds.

4. Favorite Deputy

An all-new favorite Keyblade that many have chosen to stick with from beginning to end is Toy Box's Favorite Deputy, a well-balanced weapon that boasts a higher than usual strength value, and a solid magic output that surprisingly ranks higher than most, if not all other Keyblades from the beginning of the game. And while there are most definitely a number of better alternatives on the map, Woody and Buzz's hand-me-down keychain is arguably one of the better starter blades in the book.

Favorite Deputy comes with a base strength value of 10, a magic value of 8, and a number of perks that can help you both on and out of the battlefield. An example here would be Lucky Strike, a useful pick-me-up that boosts your chances of finding rare items when facing enemies. The Hyper Hammer and Drill Punch formchanges, too, can deal additional damage over wider combat areas, making it a real all-rounder with plenty a bang for very little buck.

3. Wheel of Fate

Ah yes, Pirates of the Caribbean — one of the most popular Kingdom Hearts worlds to ever grace the navigation Gummi. And for what reason? Why, because of its ludicrously powerful post-ending Keyblades, of course. True to its original model, the Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade, Wheel of Fate, brings an equal amount of raw strength and magic to its wielder, automatically granting them an enormous advantage in battle.

Wheel of Fate isn't the toughest Keyblade to acquire, thanks to it being one of the unmissable story-related rewards. Simply beat the Pirates of the Caribbean world and you'll walk away with the tool, complete with +8 strength and +5 magic saddled to your keychain.

2. Classic Tone

Unlike past Kingdom Hearts games, in which Keyblades have been available to unlock through beating various story-related quests, Kingdom Hearts 3 instead opts for a wide range of optional Keyblades, a lot of which can fly under the radar. Take the Classic Tone, for example. This magic-infused jackhammer brings one of the mightiest punches to the table, and yet it also happens to be one of the most ignored Keyblades in the whole game.

Classic Tone, a secret blade that boasts 14 magic and 11 strength, is a reward for finding and completing all 23 Classic Kingdom Hearts mini-games, which are, in essence, short episodic tales that have you taking on a wide range of objectives over a number of Disney-themed retro landscapes. If you can dominate the lot, then you'll eventually waltz away with the second best Keyblade in all of Kingdom Hearts 3. Worth the trouble? Absolutely.

1. Ultima Keyblade

Those who have slugged through every entry in the Kingdom Hearts timeline to date will know that the Ultima Weapon is, without a doubt, the most powerful Keyblade in the entire franchise. It's also the most difficult to unlock, which makes sense given its immense values in strength and magic. But if you can go about gathering the resources needed to forge such an incredibly lavish tool, then you'll definitely have plenty of rewards to reap for your efforts.

Unfortunately, the major downside of grinding for the Ultima Keyblade is that it can only be obtained at the end of the story, which makes it somewhat pointless as far as facing main campaign-related bosses go. That said, if you're planning on sticking around post-credits for a few more trips around the world, then you'll definitely want to consider onboarding the haul. You can synthesize the Keyblade once all items in the blueprint have been gathered.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any Keyblades you'd recommend picking up in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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