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Kingdom Hearts 4: 5 Disney Worlds We Want to See

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Square Enix has been rummaging through the Disney catalogue for just shy of twenty years now. And, in those two jam-packed decades, we've dropped in on mounds of unique worlds flustered with memorabilia and beloved characters. From Agrabah to Pride Rock, Halloween Town to Mount Olympus — Kingdom Hearts has soaked us in the perfect Disney-themed dream. And yet, even after a whole heap of chapters — we're still spotting the odd icon missing from the roster.

Kingdom Hearts 3 introduced Pixar to the fold, and, ultimately — opened a whole ocean of doors to future possibilities. With that in mind, it's clear that the fourth major installment will have plenty of space to induct new movies into the franchise. These five, however, would make for fantastic additions to the Kingdom Hearts platform. So, Square Enix — be sure to take notes.


5. Finding Nemo

An optional world, sure — but a fun one at that.

Yes, we're aware of how much hate The Little Mermaid received after Kingdom Hearts launched. It's fair to say that it wasn't exactly the best portion of the game at the very least, either. And those underwater controls? Sheesh, I'm with you. But, you know, there was something rather soothing about navigating Atlantica in the first adventure. There was a sudden change of course for the game, and it soon enough entwined with our urges to uncover even more of King Triton's playground.

Finding Nemo, admittedly, isn't exactly swimming with fast-paced action itself. But we do, funnily enough, think it would be a neat little contribution to the subplot of any Kingdom Hearts entry. Sort of like the Winnie-the-Pooh bolt-on as seen in previous entries, Finding Nemo would be a pretty interesting optional world — if only to meet the whole tank of characters. Although not exactly enough to compile a lengthy story — we still think it'd make for a soothing side quest.


4. Moana

Perhaps Moana would be the change of pace we'd need after hopping through several story-driven worlds?

Okay, so perhaps Moana might not be the most action-oriented movie on the board. But it is, however, a beautiful chapter in the Disney world — and one we'd love to explore in glorious high-definition. Sort of like The Pirates of the Caribbean segments to Kingdom Hearts, where sailing the seas is a joy in itself. Now, picture some picturesque islands and calmer tides crashing against the sands — and you've got yourself a much tamer clone.

If not for the action — then for the tranquility. Even if Moana happened to become a subplot to Kingdom Hearts 4, sort of like The Little Mermaid (just going to use that one again) was in the second chapter — I think we'd still get a kick out of cruising the ocean. Plus, I can't be the only one who thinks Maui would be an incredible character to summon during our toughest battles? Right?


3. The Incredibles

Square Enix sure missed an opportunity with this one.

Most of us can be definite suckers for a good superhero movie. It's just a shame that Square Enix made the ultimate decision to not include one in their timeline of games. I mean, Big Hero Six was a neat little entry to Kingdom Hearts 3, sure — but we do have to question whether or not The Incredibles would've made for an even better playable world. After all, it's not like Metroville is short of adventures or anything — and Square Enix definitely could've explored a tale or two here.

The Incredibles has been floating about for decades now and is undeniably one of the biggest crowd-pleasers on the Pixar market. Whether you're pushing thirty or just settling into double-digits — The Incredibles has a little something for everyone. It's just that, well, Square Enix didn't seem to think on the same line as most. Perhaps Kingdom Hearts 4 will be different? Here's hoping.


2. Brave

Fighting alongside Princess Merida would've been quite the thrill.

It's quite a surprise that this Scottish tale never actually made it to the drawing board these past ten years, to be honest. Where movies such as Toy Story and The Little Mermaid were bundled in and given a splash of action, despite the lack of it in the movies — Brave happens to be flustered with action and is more than capable of being a Kingdom Hearts world. And yet, Square Enix frustratingly looked way beyond this little gem for the 2019 chapter.

Set in a truly enchanting world with a heartwarming heritage, Brave homes a tale unlike any other in the Disney portfolio. Princess Merida captures the essence of a hero lumbered with determination, and we can't for the life of us understand why the master archer was overlooked during the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. Brave portrays warmth, lore, and ambition — and it would've made a perfect entry to our expedition.


1. Wreck-it Ralph

Square Enix passed up one of the best when it came to developing Kingdom Hearts 3.

Considering Kingdom Hearts 3 was published seven years after the premiere of Wreck-it Ralph, it seems like an insult for Square Enix to not have included the video game-themed movie in the final mix. After all, with a clash of candy go-karting backdrops and grunge first-person shooter elements — it would've made for a fantastic addition to the map. Plus, as a movie franchise that literally evolves around video games — Square Enix missed one heck of a chance at incorporating some genuine tongue-in-cheek moments.

Wreck-it Ralph himself would've made for a brilliant secondary character (to replace Donald, no doubt), and Sugar Rush had the potential to look absolutely phenomenal on next-gen graphics. Only, Square Enix failed to induct one of the most blatant choices in Kingdom Hearts 3. We're just crossing our fingers that Ralph won't be forgotten in the next installment.

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