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Disney Lorcana: Best Deck Builds

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Disney's latest trading game is causing a huge craze. The game, which has similar gameplay to Marvel Deck, is capturing Disney fans and possibly revamping the trading card game scene. 

If you're new to trading cards or a seasoned veteran, you know that victory hinges on crafting a formidable deck. This means mastering the stats and abilities of each card. But this can be akin to swimming in a sea of responsibilities.

So, to save you precious time, we've curated the best builds to have your opponent waving the white flag by the third round. Gear up as we unveil Disney Lorcana: best deck builds.

5. Sapphire/Steel


If you want to up your defense game, the Sapphire and Steel deck is ideal for you. The card's foundation takes things slow with a good pile and foundation. Once you start dealing, it'll be difficult to stop.

Moreover, this deck has the deadliest damage compared to all other starter decks in Lorcana Disney. You'll get powerful cards like Demigod and Maui, but getting rid of these cards is where the challenge lies. This deck needs some prep work since the cards take a while to deploy.

But once you get the hang of things, it's downhill from here. 

Additionally, ink acceleration allows you to convert your cards into ink, making it simpler and quicker to set up your board compared to your opponent. With steel, there's no stress about losing cards. 

The drawing abilities of “Simba, Future King” and “Develop Your Brain” let you sift through your deck to find the perfect cards for any situation. 

Cards like “Captain Hook, Captain of the Jolly Roger” are a treat. While Captain Hook retrieves a discarded card from your hand, “Fire the Cannons!” deals two damage to characters.

Deck List

  • 4 Aurora—Dreaming Guardian
  • 4 Aurora—Regal Princess
  • 4 Robin Hood—Unrivaled Archer
  • 4 Belle—Strange but Special
  • 2 Hades – Inferna, Schemer
  • 4 Simba—Future King
  • 4 Captain Hook—Captain of the Jolly Roger
  • 4 Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy
  • 4 Develop Your Brain
  • 4 Fire The Cannons!
  • 4 Smash
  • 2 Grab Your Sword
  • 4 One Jump Ahead
  • 4 Beast's Mirror

4. Amethyst/Amber

Disney Lorcana

The Amethyst /Amber deck is a solid choice if you're dipping your feet into trading card games for the first time. It's also great for veteran players, especially if you are fond of getting into the action right away. 

The deck relies on low-cost cards and later shifts to heavyweights like Hades, King of Olympus, which rewards you with plenty of lore. Also, his ability rewards you with +1 lore for every villain character at play. 

Moreover, with the deck primarily focusing on low-cost cards, you can quest from the start, earning you more lore or challenging your opponent's characters. With Lilo and Maleficent, you can accelerate our play by costing little but sending them out to quest. You can amp up your play with Stitch or Rockstar that adds to your hand by drawing a card when you deal a character with a 2-cost or less.

Furthermore, with Dr. Facilier, Agent Provocateur, you can return a beat-down-down character to your hand. However, it is expensive to use but worth it. You can use Maleficent or Friends on the Other Side to quickly sift through your decks. 

Deck List:

  • 4 Lilo—Making a Wish
  • 4 Maleficent – Biding Her Time
  • 4 Stitch – New Dog
  • 4 Dr. Facilier – Charlatan
  • 4 Magic Broom—Bucket Brigade
  • 4 Rafiki – Mysterious Sage
  • 4 Pascal—Rapunzel's Companion
  • 4 Mickey Mouse—Wayward Sorcerer
  • 3 Hades—King of Olympus
  • 3 Rafiki – Mysterious Sage
  • 3 Be Our Guest
  • 2 Stitch—Rock Star
  • 2 You Have Forgotten Me
  • 2 Dr. Facilier – Agent Provocateur

3. Emerald/Ruby


Maximizing the elusive abilities of your characters gives you a formidable deck. Your opponent needs to have characters with this type of ability to challenge you. And, without the right cards to sift through your deck, such cards can be hard to come by. That is why you can't go wrong with the Emerald/Ruby deck. The deck uses a cunning approach that will definitely frustrate your opponent.

Notably, most cards in this deck eliminate your opponent's points. For instance, once your opponent accumulates some pints, you can use Rapunzel-Letting Down Her Hair and Aladdin-Street Rat to eliminate a point from your opponent. 

One of the strongest cards in this deck is Genie. Plus, you also get Genie Powers Unleashed, where both Genie cards have an evasion ability. This means you can continue your quest uninterrupted and fill up on Lore faster. 

Deck List

  • 4 Pongo – Ol' Rascal
  • 4 Peter Pan—Never Landing
  • 2 Genie—Powers Unleashed
  • 4 Mad Hatter—Gracious Host
  • 4 Mother Knows Best
  • 2 Genie—On the Job
  • 4 Flynn Rider—Charming Rogue
  • 4 Duke of Weselton – Opportunistic Official
  • 4 Hans—Scheming Prince
  • 4 Genie—The Ever Impressive
  • 4 Sergeant Tibbs – Courageous Cat
  • 4 Goofy—Daredevil
  • 4 Cruella de Vil – Miserable As Usual
  • 4 Kuzco – Temperamental Emperor
  • 4 Tinker Bell—Most Helpful
  • 4 Cheshire Cat—Not All There

2. Amethyst/Emerald


We've looked at some of the ruthless cards in Ruby. Now, it's time to delve into what Amethyst offers. And I must say, this is a combination that will keep your opponent one step behind. Although this deck is known to be slow, it's great to return your opponent's characters to their hands. This means they'll spend more resources to get them out again.

With hire-lore cards like Mad Hatter—Gracious Host and Kuzco – Temperamental Emperor, you can easily quest as your opponent attempts to get their ducks in a row. Plus, with Pascal-Rapunzel's Companion, you can gain Evasive by controlling another character. 

Cards like Mother Knows Best and Befuddle are good to keep getting the most out of this deck. Consider adding On the Job, Cruella de Vil – Miserable as Usual, and Genie to your deck to keep the board clear.

Deck List

  • 4 Maleficent—Sorceress
  • 4 Flynn Rider—Charming Rogue
  • 3 Mad Hatter—Gracious Host
  • 4 Pascal—Rapunzel's Companion
  • 2 Genie—On the Job
  • 4 Duke of Weselton – Opportunistic Official
  • 4 Kuzco – Temperamental Emperor
  • 4 Cruella de Vil – Miserable As Usual
  • 4 Archimedes—Highly Educated Owl
  • 4 Hans—Scheming Prince
  • 4 Befuddle
  • 4 Cheshire Cat—Not All There
  • 4 Tinker Bell—Most Helpful
  • 4 Friends On The Other Side
  • 4 Peter Pan—Never Landing
  • 3 Mother Knows Best

1. Ruby/Sapphire

Ruby/Sapphire Lorcana Disney Lorcana: Best Deck Builds

The Ruby/Sapphire deck is the most powerful build in Chapter 1. This is an incredibly important factor in Ruby's powerful edge, and combining it with Sapphire unlocks levels of potential. Presumably, most people may opt for this deck, given its heavy hitters.

Moreover, Ruby has exceptionally strong hard hitters such as Maleficent, Monstrous Dragon, and Mickey, Brave Little Tailer. So it makes absolute sense to deal with these cards first. Plus, with One Jump Ahead, you can zoom past your opponent using ink acceleration. Furthermore

Furthermore, you can throw your opponent's evasive characters in the discard pile with Robin Hood-Unrivaled Archer, and Captain Hook-Ruthless Pirate. If this play doesn't work for you, play your payoff cards' maximum copies for ink. This will help you get to the card you need faster. 

Deck List

  • 4 Aladdin—Street Rat
  • 4 Mickey Mouse—Brave Little Tailor
  • 4 Aladdin—Heroic Outlaw
  • 4 Maui—Hero to All
  • 4 Maleficent—Monstrous Dragon
  • 4 Belle—Strange but Special
  • 4 Hades—Infernal Schemer
  • 4 Aurora—Regal Princess
  • 4 Aurora—Dreaming Guardian
  • 4 Mickey Mouse—Detective
  • 4 Robin Hood—Unrivaled Archer
  • 4 Donald Duck—Strutting His Stuff
  • 4 One Jump Ahead
  • 4 Develop Your Brain
  • 2 Be Prepared
  • 2 Shield of Virtue
And there you have it. What do you think of our Disney Lorcanabest deck builds? Are there other builds better than these? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials here

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