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Disney’s Dreamlight Valley: 5 Most Anticipated Realms



Disney's Dreamlight Valley has only been in early access for four days, and yet those who have already poured dozens of hours into it have already asked the question: what comes next? And while we don't quite know the exact release date of the life simulation title, we do know that developer Gameloft has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to help tide over those who have restored life to the current Realms and aren't overly sure where to look next.

Realms, which are basically portals to other Disney-Pixar worlds, include individual quest chains, collectible characters, and items. Unfortunately, only four of the proposed twenty-eight Realms are available to explore: Frozen, Moana, Wall-E, and Ratatouille. As of last night, though, Gameloft has confirmed that Toy Story will be joining the Valley at some point this fall. Question is, which Realms are we likely to see follow suit? Or better yet, which Realms are we hoping to see before the game launches next year?


5. The Little Mermaid

Those who have already managed to unlock Dazzle Beach — which is one of the southern Biomes that connect to Peaceful Meadow — will know that Ursula of The Little Mermaid has already, in fact, set up a home away from home in one of its coves. As for the red-haired princess and her trusty companions, though — now that's another story. As it stands, The Little Mermaid hasn't been added to Dreamlight Valley, and it has certainly raised a few questions for curious fans.

It would make sense, of course, to have The Little Mermaid feature alongside Ursula and the Dazzle Beach Biome. Whether or not it's Gameloft's next port of call is another question, though it's a question we'd be happy to see answered before year's end. And it would make sense, if you think about it, as the quest chain revolving around Ursula and the Orb of Power ended with the sea witch escaping back into the ocean. To us, this would seem like the best place to pick up from in the next update.


4. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney franchise that was built to withstand the gaming world, what with its concept being based solely on the art of the arcade era and the evolution of gaming. And what better way to expand on its love for the format than to bring the whole cast of Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sugar Rush to Dreamlight Valley this fall?

It's a genuine surprise to see that the world of Wreck-It Ralph has yet to make its official gaming debut. Kingdom Hearts 3, for example, would've been the perfect opportunity to bring old ham hands and friends to the table. At this point, though, it's well overdue, and we think we speak for everyone when we say, you know — what gives, Disney?


3. The Lion King

It came as a surprise to see that Dreamlight Valley didn't actually launch with one of its most beloved animated classics sporting the front row. And, not to cast shade on Wall-E or anything, but there definitely could've been a good old fashioned switcheroo and players wouldn't have even bat an eyelid. Anyway, if it didn't make its way into the first four starting Realms, then it's only a matter of time until it joins the fold for good.

The Sunlit Plateau is a prime choice of setting for the King of the Pride Lands. Gameloft, which has already stocked the Biome with all the tools and art pieces needed to kick-start the episode into ignition, need only flick the switch. As for when that'll be is another question. Here's hoping, though, that it'll be sooner rather than later. Like, Q1 2023, perhaps?


2. Tangled

Tangled was the poster child of the Disney kingdom for quite some time. At least for a short while before eventually passing the torch over to 2012's Brave, anyway. Although not the most action-heavy episode in the book, Rapunzel and Flynn developed one of the most heartwarming adventures of love and self-discovery ever written for the Disney-Pixar portfolio.

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 has already made it clear that the luscious forests and aquamarine coves of Corona port over to the gaming realm remarkably well. And if there's one thing Dreamlight Valley needs before year's end, it's a little pocket of Corona. Cue the floating lights!


1. Beauty and the Beast

Dreamlight Valley has most definitely spread the foundations for Beast's Castle and its countless servants and crockery-like companions. The only issue is, it isn't quite complete yet, and it begs the question: just when will Belle and the Beast make their debut in the whimsical world of Dreamlight?

The Beauty and the Beast is perhaps one of Disney's most celebrated animation movies of all time. It's rife with heart and vigor, and it boasts some of the most recognizable settings and characters in the history of film. It's second to none when it comes to hearty soundtracks and a thought-provoking moral, and it's only right that Gameloft utilizes the world it has in its fingers to give the franchise a warm welcome as soon as digitally possible.


So, what's your take? Are there any Realms you're hoping to see before next year's launch? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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