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Disney’s Dreamlight Valley: 5 Tips for Beginners



Disney's Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game that is absolutely swimming in content. And it's because of this, that any newcomer will likely struggle to make heads or tails of where to even begin. But as luck would have it, there are a select few Dreamlight veterans that have managed to revamp the village with the help of some advice. That, and a lot of fishing, gardening, and mining, of course.

Behind all of the Friendship Quests, Realms, and Biomes, there are a few basic things that players will need to onboard in order to transform that shabby town into a thriving hub that's both magical and communal. And if you, the newcomer, are looking for a few additional tips on how to make the most of your early days in Dreamlight, then be sure to take these five pieces of advice into account.

5. Never Quest Alone

As you'll come to learn rather quickly while potting around in Dreamlight Valley, friendship is everything. As you progress deeper into the main storyline, you'll be expected to make friends in order to gain not only additional upgrades for your Royal Tools, but more tasks for each characters' corresponding quest lines. To increase the friendship level for each character, you'll have to either give them gifts, talk to them on a daily basis, or ask them to “hang out.”

The good news is, experience is obtained by simply having a friend quest alongside you. It doesn't matter if you're harvesting wheat, mining minerals, or fishing for shrimp — points are attributed to your score for simply doing what you'd usually do on your own. And so, the next time you leave your home, try and ask the friend that you'd like to boost the level with by inviting them along for the journey.


4. Unlock Ratatouille's Realm First

The launch edition of Dreamlight Valley comes with four Realms: Frozen, Moana, Wall-E, and Ratatouille. Embarking on quests within each Realm will gift you new characters for your village, and often net you various perks. As you'll quickly come to learn, though, Dreamlight Duties, which are tasks that reward you with the in-game currency, Dreamlight, will often revolve around cooking. The best way to net more Dreamlight early on is to unlock the Ratatouille Realm first.

By completing Remy's short quest line in the Ratatouille Realm, you'll unlock not only Remy, who will give you advice on some of the best cuisines in the game, but also Chez Remy, Dreamlight Valley”s very own restaurant. Having this will give you new ingredients, and plenty more tools to rustle up 5-star meals, which will, in turn, help you to tackle various Dreamlight Duties and Friendship Quests.


3. Befriend Maui ASAP

As your friendship levels in Dreamlight Valley develop, you'll eventually receive a variety of perks and items, as well as new Friendship Quests. Some of these newfound friends have additional powers that will help you progress further into the main story. Take Maui, for example. After unlocking the Moana Realm, you'll have the opportunity to invite both Moana and Maui back to your village. After doing so, you should try and set aside some time to befriend Maui, a character who can upgrade your Royal Pickaxe to tackle some of the unavoidable obstacles on Dazzle Beach and other Biomes.

The good news is, befriending Maui is one of the easier side quests you'll be taking on in Dreamlight Valley. As luck would have it, you can win over the demigod by gifting him gems. You can collect gems from mining the various rocks found around the village. After you've reached Level 4 with Maui, you'll unlock the quest “A Tale of Stone and Fire.” Be sure to complete this as early on as possible to avoid the obstacles that will come up later in the campaign.


2. Fish, Fish, Fish!

Dreamlight Valley has numerous ways to earn both Dreamlight and funds, one of these being fishing for rare breeds, and then selling them on at Goofy's Stall. This is, without a doubt, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to earn money, as well as complete Dreamlight Duties at the same time. You can also double up and ask a friend to hang out, which will of course build your friendship levels on the side.

Of course, you are more likely to catch rarer fish while fishing out at sea. With that, you should aim to unlock Dazzle Beach as your first Biome. You can unlock this shortly after the prologue for 1,000 Dreamlight. After removing the Night Thorns, be sure to head over to the pier on the southern side of the Biome. You can max out your inventory with swordfish and shrimp there, and then make a profit by unloading your backpack at Goofy's Stall.


1. Expand Your Inventory Before Your Home

It's easy to get caught up with the amount there is to see and do while out exploring Dreamlight Valley, which is why it's crucial that you leave your home with an empty backpack. Space, which can be filled up in a matter of minutes just from doing some weeding and harvesting, can mean having to make regular trips to Goofy's Stall. To counter this, you'll want to increase your inventory capacity as soon as possible. You can grab your first upgrade for just 5,000 coins by opening up your inventory, and then clicking the plus icon.

It may seem obvious, but the fact is, a lot of newcomers often ignore the backpack size in place of other, more extravagant things. And while upgrading your house is definitely important much later on in the game, having the right tools and a sturdy backpack in the beginning will definitely take you a long way. And so, be sure to upgrade your inventory and Royal Tools before submerging into Dreamlight's countless Friendship Quests.


So, what's your take? What do you make of Disney's Dreamlight Valley so far? Do you have any tips to share with fellow newcomers? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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