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Kingdom Hearts 4: 5 DLC Worlds We Want



Contrary to popular belief, Kingdom Hearts 4 will not be releasing on the PlayStation 9 in 2042. It will, however, come when it's, you know, ready. And on that note, we can pretty much leave plenty of room to speculate on what worlds will be included in the next leg of Sora's journey. Though, we're also happy to go one step further and say, hey—what about the DLC that it may or may not employ?

Now that Kingdom Hearts 4 has officially been revealed, it does mean we're able to explore it a little more without the risk of being judged. The question, though, is what will the game actually entail, and what Disney-themed worlds will Sora, Donald, and Goofy be questing through come launch day? Well, if it were up to us, then we'd happily engrave these five onto Square Enix's drawing board.


5. Encanto

Credit: Disney Pixar

Encanto is, arguably, one of the most loved Disney animations to release in recent years, with thanks to its fluorescent palette of neon textures and booming personalities. Although not one to feature an array of villainous doings and overpowering motives, it is still an incredibly well-rounded package, and one that millions still binge even to this day.

To us, having the world of Encanto in Kingdom Hearts 4 would be a lot like having another iteration of Atlantica. Both rely heavily on music to progress the story, and as far as gameplay goes, it's more about rhythm than rash decision-making and button mashing. A base game world, perhaps not. But a DLC, complete with signature beats and joyous anthems, sure—why not?


4. The Incredibles

Credit: Disney Pixar

It actually seems rather insulting that Square Enix has given The Incredibles the cold shoulder time and time again, to be fair. Considering the fact that the first movie launched just over a year before Kingdom Hearts 2, the devs more than likely had the power to include it, but simply brushed it off instead. And then, of course, it happened again in Kingdom Hearts 3, despite having a mixture of other Pixar worlds involved.

We're not saying Tangled was a bad choice for the third instalment. But we are, however, saying that it could've been swapped out for something more action-oriented. Something like, say, The Incredibles, which was coined as one of the most action-packed animations of all time. With that, it's only natural that we keep the train rolling by making another request for it.


3. Cars

Credit: Disney Pixar

We already know that there'll be cars in Kingdom Hearts 4. Though, not the ones with eyes, feelings, or voices backed by Owen Wilson. In fact, from what the reveal trailer presented, it was just run-of-the-mill vehicles, without a single shred of life whatsoever. And that had us thinking, specifically about Pixar's Cars, and how it has yet to make its way to the role-playing series.

We're not entirely sure what Sora would look like as a boggly-eyed car, to be fair. Though, it is something we'd be willing to see. Even if it's just a series of racing levels, without any Heartless or Organization XIII, we'd be more than happy to accommodate it. Also, just picturing Donald and Goofy as any form of vehicle is oddly amusing in its own way, given how dirty Square has done the duo in past instalments.


2. Luca

Credit: Disney Pixar

The reason why we're drawn to Luca isn't to do with the joy that its tale so clearly brings, but the perfect combination of sea and land that, if tied together, form a near-perfect setting for a video game world. Specifically, a Kingdom Hearts world. Take Atlantica, for example. And, perhaps, a smidgen of Corona. Both of these put together gives you a vague image of how Luca's Italian seaside region would work, if only slightly.

The fact is, Square would have a lot to work with on this one. Having the best of both worlds would, of course, mean more content to fork out. Between sea and land, Luca could make up the bulk of the campaign. And again, seeing Donald and Goofy as sea monsters would be reason enough to want to explore it.


1. Onward

Credit: Disney Pixar

Onward is a textbook example of how a troubled sibling duo can band together for the greater good, setting differences aside to reach for one common goal. Pixar pretty much nailed that one in a single take, which made the journey itself a truly heart-warming tale packed full of laughter and comradery. Plus, with quite the heap of action laced between scenes, it made for a real all-rounder; a benchmark for distant Pixar works to look up to.

For these reasons alone, Kingdom Hearts 4 would be a rather fitting home for such antics. Regardless of whether or not the beloved trio even make the cut, we'd be content just having the Onward cast present and accounted for. Say what you will, but we think it'd make for a fine addition to the franchise. Even if it is embedded in post-launch DLC.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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