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5 Best Roblox Games of 2022



Roblox is a creative suite that allows even the wildest imaginations to spring to life and become playable works of art. Thanks to its wide variety of paints, brushes, and tools, practically anyone can explore its bustling canvas and develop an experience. And with that, of course, comes an entire catalog of explorable worlds, each as strewn with material as the other.

Since its 2006 debut, Roblox has gone on to rake in well over 170 million active users, all of whom either build worlds for others to experience, or log in just to sample one of the many, many fruits of labor. Together, a thriving community has blossomed, branching out to the likes of toys, cartoons, and a whole line of physical merchandise. Though, with that many products available to choose from, highlighting the prime choices isn't exactly an easy task to onboard. But hey, here's how we see the food chain, anyway.

5. Roblox Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online is a One Piece-inspired role-playing game that's made up of two Seas, each of which contains a network of explorable islands, story-driven quests, and obtainable loot. Plus, with a number of fighting styles, weapons, and skills to acquire, it's basically your run-of-the-mill action RPG, only with a signature Roblox twist.

Of course, its primary focus is unmistakably cast on the naval combat aspect, which pretty much gives you free rein to either sail alone, or with a crew. From there, the sea becomes yours to traverse and plunder. So, the question is, will you be the next pirate lord, or just another deck hand looking to scrounge the leftovers from each take? With Grand Piece Online, it's entirely up to you.


4. Roblox Anime Fighters

Roblox Anime Fighters is, in essence, a Pokémon game, only with living, breathing, blocky humans as combatants, as opposed to fluffy creatures with emblems imprinted on their foreheads. The fact that both share fairly similar designs is, of course, more the reason to pick it up and experience it for yourself.

The goal is simple: travel various lands, collect fighters, train them, and level up as a high-powered collective. With over 756 million visits since its January 2021 upload, you can join a thriving community that all flock to the one golden motive—to accumulate the most wins, and prove to the world just who runs the monopoly as the strongest firm in all the known world.


3. Welcome to Bloxburg

Think of Welcome to Bloxburg as a Roblox Sims. Both follow the same mission statement of, if you can dream it, you can build it. And with a whole lot of creativity and disposable resources, you can pretty much design and breathe life into whatever it is your heart desires, be it a luxurious penthouse or a wooden shed.

Having an abundance of tools at your disposal does, of course, mean there are barely any restrictions on your creative outlook to weigh you down. So, with that, feel free to build a house, throw in a few pets, and roleplay until your heart's content. Whatever it is you want to do, know that it can be achieved when playing house in the evolving town of Bloxburg.


2. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven is, without a doubt, the most popular role-playing game on the Roblox storefront. Although heavily reminiscent of the aforementioned entry, in the fact that both follow the same nonlinear city-building gameplay structure, Brookhaven is, arguably, the better choice of the two. At least, 17.3 billion users seem to think so, anyway.

Joining the Brookhaven region means becoming a part of the furniture, so to speak. As a new resident on the block, you can be whoever it is you want to be. With a harsh focus on its role-playing aspect, you're half expected to dive into a character that plays a part in the booming community. But in reality, Brookhaven is exactly what you make of it. So, meet friends, build a lot, and aimlessly traverse its colorful region. Basically live a second life within Roblox.


1. Adopt Me!

If you're more interested in building a life for a pet than a person, then you'll be pleased to know that Adopt Me! gives you the power to do just that. And then, of course, build a home, and you know, dress cats in tuxedos and what have you. You know, the usual nine-to-five bits and bobs from any pet lover's daily agenda. That is, in short, the outline of Roblox's highly praised Adopt Me!

Besides fitting Scooby Doo lookalikes in three-piece suits, you'll also have to hatch eggs, and basically raise pets into adulthood. Along the way, you can kit out your puppy pad with all kinds of furniture and household essentials. So basically, it's The Sims Pets, with a pretty quirky twist that any Roblox lover will most definitely get a kick out of.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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