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5 Best VR Games Like Arken Age



A warrior casting a spell in Skyrim

The virtual reality gaming world is buzzing with excitement for Arken Age, a new game that's about to take players on an incredible journey. Set in a fantasy world called Bio-Chasm, this game combines exciting action with the deep immersion that only VR can offer. As we wait for Arken Age to launch, many VR fans are looking for games that have a similar vibe. So, let's check out five of the best games like Arken Age.

5. Stormland

Stormland Launch Trailer | Oculus Rift Platform

Stormland is an exciting VR game that's perfect for fans looking for something similar to Arken Age. In this game, you play as a robot gardener. It's a pretty unique idea for a character. Your mission is to save your robot friends and fix the damage caused by a big storm. As you journey through this broken alien world, you're not just moving from point A to point B; there's a story that pulls you in and makes everything you do feel important.

Moreover, you can change how your robot looks and what it can do. This means you can try out different ways to play the game. You also get cool weapons and gadgets that make exploring and fighting even more fun. The game encourages you to mix and match your gear and abilities, which is great for coming up with your own strategies. And when you play with friends, you can help each other out and use your different abilities to tackle challenges in new ways. It turns the adventure into a shared experience, where you and your friends can enjoy discovering and overcoming obstacles together.

4. No Man's Sky VR

No Man's Sky: VR Trailer

No Man's Sky VR invites players into a huge universe of the original game into a world you can literally step into. You get to explore a universe filled with different planets and alien life, all in VR. It's like being able to reach out and touch the controls of your spaceship, feel alien plants, and look up at huge creatures wandering around on different planets. Also, the game gives players a lot of freedom. You can be a trader, an explorer, a pirate, or a miner.

Every time you play, things are different because the game creates new planets and experiences each time. It also allows you to play with your friends, too. You all can explore the universe together, build bases, fight against space pirates, and share what you find. Playing with others makes the game more fun because you can share the excitement of discovering new things and the challenge of surviving in space. So, if you are in search of games like Arken Age, No Man's Sky should be on your checklist.

3. Asgard's Wrath

Asgard’s Wrath | Announce Trailer | Oculus Rift

In Asgard's Wrath, players are thrust into an awe-inspiring Norse mythological world, where strategy in battle is as vital as the strength of your sword arm. The game challenges you with a variety of enemies, each requiring a different approach. You're not just swinging weapons wildly; you're thinking on your feet, switching tactics, and using a range of skills to overcome challenges. Also, the combat feels dynamic and engaging, with a real sense of achievement as you master different fighting styles.

Additionally, the story in Asgard's Wrath is rich and compelling, drawing you deeper into a world where gods and mortals intertwine. As you journey through the game, you encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique stories and missions. These characters add real depth to the game, making every interaction and choice significant. It's this blend of storytelling and character development that makes the game more than just a series of battles; it's an epic narrative adventure.

2. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

Up next on our list of the best VR games like Arken Age is Half-Life: Alyx, which takes VR gaming to a whole new level. From picking up objects to using tools, every action in the game mimics real-life movements, making you feel like you're truly part of its world. When it comes to what you do in the game, there's a great mix of fighting, exploring, and solving puzzles. The fights feel very real because you do actions like reloading a gun yourself.

Lastly, the sounds in the game are amazing and play a big part in making everything feel real. From the sound of your footsteps to the noises in the distance, every sound is designed to pull you deeper into the game. But these sounds aren't just for show; they help you understand what's happening around you and can even warn you of danger. This attention to detail in sound makes Half-Life: Alyx a truly immersive experience and a perfect pick for fans of VR games.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR – PlayStation VR Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

Wrapping up our list of the best VR games like Arken Age, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR stands out as a fantastic VR adventure. In this game, you step into a world where snowy mountains and ancient dungeons come to life. It's not just about seeing this world; it's about being a part of it. Imagine shooting arrows or casting spells just by moving your hands – that's what makes Skyrim VR so special. It turns every little action, like making potions or reading old books, into something fun and memorable.

But what sets Skyrim apart in VR is how it changes the original game into a totally new experience. You don't just look at the world; you're part of it. This makes everything, from chatting with people to exploring new places more exciting. Plus, it feels very natural to move around and fight monsters in VR, which is great for such a big game. Bringing a huge game like Skyrim into VR was a big challenge, but they did an awesome job. It feels easy and fun to explore the world and fight enemies. The way the game mixes VR with Skyrim's fantasy world is what makes it so good.

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