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7 Best Weapons in V Rising



V Rising is a 2024 action role-playing survival game. The game offers an array of weapons, making your decision-making process more complex. When choosing the best weapon to use, players should consider the playstyle, speed, damage ratios, and considerations in PvE and PvP combat.

There are also several skills, defenses, and strengths to take into account when selecting any weapon. For the most part, weapon choice is based on preference. However, particular enemies limit the choice to explicit selections. Regardless, as long as the goal is to ascend to the best player in V Rising, certain weapons are better than others. Let's take a look at some of the best weapons to help you emerge as one of V Rising’s best.

7. Crossbow

The Crossbow

Screenshot from YouTube, Redlaf channel

After defeating Rufus the Foreman, a level 20 boss at the Bandit Logging Camp in the center of Farbane Woods, you unlock the Hunter's Crossbow, which is the earliest version of this weapon. Although possessing ranged assault capability isn't entirely disadvantageous, the crossbow is most effectively employed as a backup weapon.

However, it's definitely best to learn how to use a melee weapon because of its slow attack rate and unremarkable damage. The Snapshot skill pauses spells and attacks animations, Rain of Bolts is a weak area attack that deals damage to enemies in your immediate location.

6. Reaper 

The Reaper

Screenshot from Youtube Legacy Gaming Channel

The Reaper is a gigantic scythe that can only be unlocked by defeating Quincy. It is a slow-moving blade and a stationary-ranged assault mechanism that decelerates approaching enemies upon activation. Similarly, it offers a Tendon Swing, which is a powerful strike that snares opponents, dealing significant damage. 

The weapon is also a top pick due to its ability to knock enemies down and inflict fading snares for two seconds. However, the Howling Reaper throws it and makes it spin for 2.5 seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. 

5. Axes

The Axe

Screenshot from YouTube Redlaf channel

With an axe, all you have to do is unleash your fundamental rage. Although originally intended for chopping trees, they are versatile enough to double as formidable weapons. While their standard attack pattern is weak, they have some excellent skills.

For instance, frenzy is a powerful attack that causes short-term movement and attack speed buffs, and X-Strike is a ranged attack that can slow or even incapacitate enemies if both Axes hit them. A minor adjustment was made to the Axes, balancing them to align more closely with their previous effectiveness.

The stun duration of X-Strike has been reduced. However, Frenzy's attack speed increase lasts for 0.8 seconds instead of 0.3. Moreover, most PvP players are familiar with the maneuver. As soon as they spot someone using two axes, they know exactly where to avoid standing during a fight. Furthermore, positioning with X-Strike takes a lot of work. PvE opponents, however, need to be more skilled and frequently find themselves knocked out. 

4. Mace 


The Mace

Screenshot from YouTube, Redlaf channel

The Mace is slow yet has high damage. In particular, the Crushing Blow maneuver proves exceedingly challenging to execute, but it offers some mobility advantages because of its integration with another move. However, Smack's stun wears off much faster; the Mace may have some interesting PvP possibilities.

The Mace now has more damage overall, making it a far more powerful weapon in battle. Although it still swings slowly, if you can regularly land these shots against opponents who are slower on their move, the weapon can deal extremely high damage. Equally important, make sure you have healing supplies on hand in case you suffer any hits while swinging this around.

3. Spear 

The Spear

Active Spear is a weapon specifically crafted for warfare, optimized for piercing attacks and abilities tailored for single-target engagements. Spears excel in battling individual adversaries due to their focused and precise stabbing attack patterns. It is, therefore, a wise PvP option.

It has a Harpoon ability, which is a ranged attack that pulls the victim toward you, whereas the skill A Thousand Spears unleashes a torrent of blows that tumbles enemies. In addition, the Spear had a redesign that made gamers fall in love, in contrast to its previous iteration.

A Thousand Spears now incorporates a 1.1-second stun effect, immobilizing any player hit while the channel is active. The group fighters will be able to communicate with one another. In PvE or PvP, the Spear will keep them stationary so that allies can employ spells or maneuvers that would normally be challenging to land.

2. Slashers 

The Slasher

Screenshot from YouTube FireSpark 81 Channel

Players can craft slashers after obtaining the recipe used to defeat Quincy the Bandit. While slashers are powerful weapons, they have a limited amount of damage. However, they provide hard hits and deal a lot of damage, making it difficult for an enemy to defend themselves.

With a slasher, you can cut enemies quickly while slowing them down with the Elusive Strike skill. Additionally, you should consider equipping the Camouflage skill to become temporarily invisible. The skill makes the character close to invisible and boosts their speed, allowing players an extra chance to deal extra damage on the next hit.

Equally important, slashers are also the greatest escape weapon in the game if things go wrong, even against an attacker with superior equipment. While some PvE weapons may have greater burst damage, Slashers have the advantage in a fight due to their defense against fast hits.

1. Sword 

The Great Sword

Screenshot from YouTube Venatix Channel

The sword is the first weapon you get in the game. It strikes a mix of power, speed, and versatility, or at least one form of it.

The sword works well with the Shockwave ability. Shockwave stands out as one of the deadliest moves, allowing players to swiftly close the distance to ranged attackers and inflict significant damage. Since this is a close range weapon, Shockwave comes in handy enough.

Lastly, the Sword now grants increased movement speed during Whirlwind, hindering fleeing enemies. If you keep this equipment fixed, you'll discover that the Sword is very helpful in PvE and PvP situations.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in V Rising? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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