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5 Best Games Like Rising Lords

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Strategic warfare in a game like Rising Lords

Rising Lords, a strategic medieval turn-based strategy game, has captivated players with its unique blend of city-building and tactical gameplay. If you’re a fan of this genre and looking for similar games, you're in luck. We've compiled a list of the five best games that share the charm and strategy of Rising Lords.

5. Endless Legend

Endless Legend - Launch Trailer

Endless Legend shines in the strategy genre, offering a unique fantasy experience. The game's world, Auriga, is a canvas for players. Each faction is distinct, with its own playstyle and story. In this game, the core gameplay revolves around four key elements: explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Players explore the vast, randomly generated world, discovering new lands and ancient ruins. Expanding involves establishing new cities and managing them efficiently, turning them into thriving centers of your empire.

Also, exploitation is key, as players gather and manage resources like food, industry, dust, science, and influence to fuel their expansion and technological advancements. And unlike traditional turn-based games where battles are often predictable, Endless Legend’s dynamic combat keeps players engaged, requiring them to adapt their strategies constantly.

The combat system in Endless Legend adds a layer of strategic depth rarely seen in other games. Battles unfold on a separate tactical map, where terrain and unit positioning play a crucial role. Players must carefully consider their army composition and leverage the unique abilities of their units.

4. Wargroove

Wargroove - Gameplay Trailer

Wargroove is a strategy game with a retro pixel-art style, reminding players of old-school classics. In this game, you get to choose from different commanders, each with their own cool moves and styles. These special moves can really change how a battle goes, making you think hard about how to use them. The game looks great, too, with its bright and colorful pixel graphics setting the scene for your battles.

Players have lots of different soldiers and creatures to fight with, like knights and even dragons. It's important to know which units are strong against others. For instance, foot soldiers are good against horsemen, and mages can beat flying creatures. This mix-and-match approach makes sure every unit is important and makes you think carefully about who to send into battle.

Wargroove has several ways to play. There's a campaign story mode with lots of missions that tell an interesting tale. If you like brain teasers, there's also a puzzle mode where you solve tricky battle scenarios. If you're into making your own stuff, the game lets you create your own maps and stories, which means you can play lots of different battles. And for those who like playing against other people, Wargroove has multiplayer modes where you can challenge friends or players online.

3. Unity of Command II

Unity of Command II -- Announcement Trailer

Unity of Command II is set during World War II, and players get to lead the Allied forces. This game is all about strategy and making smart moves, just like real military commanders did during the war. It feels pretty authentic and puts you right in the middle of historical battles.

In this game, keeping your troops supplied is super important. It’s not just about fighting; it's also about planning and making sure your army has everything it needs to win. This supply challenge makes the game more interesting and realistic. You have to think ahead and be smart about your moves.

This game excels in its detailed campaign design. Players face scenarios based on real WWII operations. Each mission requires thoughtful planning and strategy. The game challenges players to think like real military commanders. They must consider terrain, weather, and enemy positions. And these elements affect every decision.

2. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Release Trailer

The world of Age of Wonders: Planetfall brings players into a vast, sci-fi universe. In this game, you explore new planets, each with their own secrets and challenges. As you play, you'll find new worlds and meet different groups, each with their own stories and goals.

Managing your colonies is a big part of the game. You need to think about how to use your resources, build things, and advance in technology. It's all about planning and adapting. You can choose to grow your economy, be a tech whiz, or build a strong army.

Moreover, battles here are where things get really exciting. The fights are turn-based, so you have to think about where to put your units and how to move them. Every unit has special skills, and the land you fight on can change how a battle goes. You can also customise your units with different weapons and upgrades, making your army fit your style.

1. Fantasy General II

Fantasy General II - Announcement Trailer

Fantasy General II is a game that really brings you into a world filled with exciting strategy and fantasy. It's set in a place called Aer, where clans of Barbarians are always trying to outdo each other. This game is all about planning and fighting smart battles. You get to lead more than 75 different kinds of soldiers, and each one is special in its own way. You need to think about the land you're fighting on, your soldiers' strengths, and how to outsmart your enemy.

As you play more, your soldiers become better and stronger, but if they are defeated in battle, they are gone for good, along with all their experience. This makes every decision in the game really important. You can choose to lead the Barbarian clans, with their unique warriors like axemen and magic users, or even mythical creatures like giant bears. You also face the Empire, a really strong group with their own magic and armies of undead soldiers.

The game takes you through many different places in Aer, each with its own challenges. You'll fight in cold highlands, lush valleys, and even swamps filled with dangers. So, the mix of deep strategy, diverse soldiers, and the amazing world of Aer makes it one of the best games like Rising Lords.

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