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5 Best Strategy Games Like XCOM

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Best Strategy Games Like XCOM

If you love video games that make you think, plan, and make tough decisions, then you probably know about XCOM. It's a game where you fight against aliens, manage your team, and go through a story where every choice matters. XCOM 2 is already out there, offering even more ways to play and challenges to beat. But what do you do when you've played it so much that you're looking for something new? Well, there are other games out there that are a lot like XCOM but with their own unique twists. So if you're hungry for new challenges and want games that give you the same kind of excitement as XCOM, you're in the right place. Here are the five best strategy games like XCOM for you to check out.

5. Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine - Launch Trailer

Kicking off our list of the best strategy games like XCOM is Phantom Doctrine. This game is all about spies during the Cold War. It pulls you away from alien battles and puts you right in the middle of secret spy missions. Instead of just fighting, you'll also dive deep into the world of hidden clues, secrets, and big plots. In many games, you just follow a set story. But here, as you finish missions, you get clues. These clues help you see the bigger picture of a big, secret story. It's like connecting the dots to see what's really going on.

The way you play Phantom Doctrine is also a bit different. Yes, there's fighting like in XCOM. But this game adds more sneaky tactics. There's a system called “awareness” that lets you do special moves. You can sneak around, trick enemies, or even wear disguises to trick them. So, instead of just attacking, you often have to think and plan. Everything about Phantom Doctrine makes you feel like a real spy. The game looks and sounds like the old spy movies. The fights are intense, but the secret spy stuff is what makes it stand out. If you're tired of fighting aliens and want a new challenge, this game is perfect. Overall, it deserves its place on the list of the best strategy games like XCOM.

4. Hard West

Hard West - Launch Trailer

Hard West mixes the Wild West with spooky tales. It's not just about shooting and tactics. It’s about stories filled with cowboys, outlaws, and strange monsters. This mix makes Hard West one of the best strategy games like XCOM. In this game, every choice you make changes the story. You decide who to be friends with, whether to talk or fight, and even deal with strange creatures. These choices change what happens next in the game. This means you can play many times and see different stories each time.

The fighting in Hard West is also special. There's a luck system, which can help protect you from attacks, but you can also use it to do cool moves. You have to think about when to save your luck or when to use it up, making the battles fun and tricky. So, if you want a game that's both a good story and a fun fight, Hard West is the best pick.

3. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Launch Trailer | PS4

Up next on our list of best games like XCOM, we have Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. This game mixes real-time exploration with the turn-based combat you love. You move around the map in real-time when you're not in a fight, looking for supplies and checking out cool locations. This extra layer of exploration sets it apart as one of the best strategy games.

Your team isn't just any group of soldiers; they are special characters known as “Stalkers.” Each has unique skills tied to their mutations. For example, one can fly up to high spots, while another can turn invisible. These special skills add extra layers of strategy to each battle. The setting is a character of its own in this game. You play in a post-apocalyptic world full of broken buildings, lost tech, and wild creatures. All these elements come together to make the game more than just another tactical combat experience. So, if you're looking for something new in the strategy game genre, you should definitely check out Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

2. Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics - Official World Premiere Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

Following up on our list, Gears Tactics takes the popular Gears of War action and turns it into a solid strategy game. If you love the excitement of big battles, this game delivers. But it's not just about the action; the game also makes you use your brain to outsmart the enemy. Each fight feels important, and you'll have to plan your moves carefully to win. The game stands out because of how intense each fight feels. Both your team and the enemy move smartly around the map, trying to find the best spots to attack from.

Another interesting thing is how you can customize your team. Players can change their skills, how they look, and what weapons they use. They get to pick how each team member fights, making the game fit their own style. Also, you get the chance to finish them off in a cool, cinematic way. Doing this also gives your team extra moves, adding a new layer to the strategy. This mix of exciting action and smart planning makes Gears Tactics a game you don't want to miss if you're looking for something like XCOM.

1. Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Official Launch Trailer

If you're looking for the cream of the crop in strategy games like XCOM, Phoenix Point should be your go-to. It's more than just another tactical game; it's a full-blown strategy masterpiece. The story is engaging, the challenges are tough, and the gameplay keeps you guessing. This is why it takes the top spot on our list.

But what keeps Phoenix Point fresh is how the enemies change over time. The more you play, the smarter they get. They develop new abilities and become more resistant to your tactics. This means you can't just use the same strategy over and over again; you have to think on your feet and adjust your plans. Every mission feels new and challenging because of this. Moreover, there are different groups you can choose to work with or against. Your choices make a real impact on the game, affecting everything from the story to what resources you have.

Which of these titles are you eager to dive into next? Have you come across any other games that deserve to be on this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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