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5 Best Easter Eggs in Dead Rising

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If you're wanting to open the book up on video games with more Easter eggs than side quests, then you needn't look any further than Dead Rising. Thanks to Capcom and its fascination with secrets and hidden features, Willamette Mall came preloaded with hundreds, if not thousands of discoverable gems. From witty footnotes left in the crevices of an antique store, to costumes and cosmetics piled away in the locker of a burger joint — Dead Rising had 'em all, and it took players quite some time to unearth even the smallest fraction of them.

Dead Rising may not live up to the same hype as Resident Evil, but it is still very much considered royalty in survival horror fans' eyes. And while it may be a little worn after being played for sixteen years straight, the game itself is still as entertaining as it was way back in '06. And as for today, I mean, there are still plenty of reasons to go wandering about Willamette Mall. Just let these five Easter eggs be your guide.

5. Mega Man…Everywhere

If there's one thing that is abundantly clear, it's Capcom's undying love for Mega Man. In fact, its love for the classic hero runs so deep, that Dead Rising is absolutely filled to the brim with references to the character. From Frank's iconic watch brand to the custom Mega Man heads; collectible action figures to exclusive movie posters — Willamette Mall is chock-full of goodies, and it begs the question of whether they're even Easter eggs at all, or just a running theme for the Colorado shopping district.

As you meander around the nooks and crannies of the mall, you'll more than likely discover a wide selection of obtainable Mega Man-themed weapons, outfits, and accessories. If of course you can mow down 53,594 zombies during your three-day hack and slash bender, which is the exact population of Willamette, Colorado, then you'll receive the Real Mega Buster, Mega Man's very own weapon of choice. Interested? Then you'd best get to chopping!


4. Secret Opening Cinematic

It isn't unusual to catch a glimpse of a hidden cinematic during the closing credits of any movie or video game. This is a tactical move that developers often use as ways to keep viewers' attention through to the bitter end, even if it does involve having to sift through a thousand credits before finally unveiling it. But Dead Rising, on the other hand, did something a little different.

There is, believe it or not, a secret opening cinematic to the zombie survival horror chapter, and you can unlock it by remaining idle in the main menu for two minutes. Although it isn't a major promo for the game, it does provide a little extra meat to it. And so, the next time you're rifling through your old 360 library, be sure to scope out this secret preview. Or, you know, YouTube it.


3. Jill's Sandwiches

Jill's Sandwiches, as the name suggests, is a sandwich restaurant that can be found on the first floor of Paradise Plaza. The restaurant, which is a nod towards Resident Evil, is based around none other than one of the series' main protagonists, Jill Valentine.

To add a little context to this, Barry Burton, one of the S.T.A.R.S. soldiers from the first game, actually used the line “you were almost a Jill sandwich,” which later became a running joke for the series. To carry this over, Capcom though it'd be a fun idea to mold the classic quote into a sandwich store in Dead Rising. Well played.


2. Natalie's Horror Shot

Not that you would, but you can, technically, snap a shot of Natalie's crotch, sometime during the opening segment of the game shortly after Willamette Mall is overrun with zombies. Doing such a thing, funnily enough, will reward you with the “horror” branding, and will even net you an odd amount of points.

This isn't the only character that will give you the rating, though, as you'll come to learn as you mindlessly roam around snapping crotch shots of the elderly. Susan, for example, is the oldest character in the series. And yes, you will receive a similar reward for taking an identical picture of certain areas. Again, not that you would...but you can. Erotica, 0; horror, 1.


1. Otis' Funeral

Otis, a kind-hearted, albeit ridiculously persistent chap whose sole purpose was to provide Frank West with the low-down on Willamette Mall's last remaining survivors, actually ended up meeting his maker. It wasn't until Dead Rising 3, however, that this fate eventually came to light. Not that it came as much of a suprise, though, what with the frail janitor spending the whole of the first game hiding in the security room with nothing but a walkie-talkie to call his own.

Dead Rising 3 has its fair share of Easter eggs, true. And yet, this one feels more like a homage to the original title. Otis, whether you loved him or hated him, was still a pretty important character in the series, and so it was only natural that Capcom would find a place to tuck him in somewhere. And that place, weirdly enough, was in a chapel in the middle of Los Perdidos, California. Go figure.


So, what's your take? What do you make of the Dead Rising series? Have you unearthed any additional Easter eggs that we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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