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Best Base Locations in V Rising



Base Locations in V Rising

Choosing the ideal base location in V Rising can significantly impact your gameplay experience. It's crucial to find a spot that meets your immediate needs and offers long-term benefits. Therefore, consider the location's accessibility. Opt for areas that are easy to reach and navigate to ensure smooth movement between your base and other essential points on the map. 

On the other hand, pay attention to the available resources. Look for areas rich in essential materials like wood, stone, and water. These resources are vital for constructing and maintaining your base, crafting items, and fortifying defenses. Additionally, consider the natural defenses provided by the terrain, such as high ground, natural barriers, or dense forests. What are some of the best base locations in V Rising? Let us jump right into it to find out. 

5. Farbane Woods

V Rising - Farbane Woods Ultimate Resource Farming Guide - Get Them FAST

Farbane Woods has several exceptional base locations, each offering its own advantages. The first location is south of the infested graveyard. It provides a stunning entrance via an ancient bridge overlooking a waterfall and ample space, ideal for setting up your Vampire Castle.

Another ideal location within Farbane Woods is Tranquil Elevated Land, North of the portal. It is a peaceful location with elevated land and ponds all around. This peaceful environment and large buildable area make it an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility in their base location.

The Bridge Entrance Near Bandit Trapper Camp is also a good spot. It boasts an impressive bridge entrance and offers fishing access. Similarly, Its scenic views and convenient location provide aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for your base.

These locations in Farbane Woods showcase the diverse options for building your Vampire Castle. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, convenience, or strategic positioning, setting a base in Farbane Woods is a great idea. 

4. The Dunley Farmlands 

V Rising - Dunley Farmlands Ultimate Resource Farming Guide - Get Them FAST

The Dunley Farmlands have some nice spots for setting up your Vampire Castle, each with its own unique vibe. One excellent spot is deep within the forest, where you'll find a dual-based set-up. Additionally, it's simple to get to and has a tranquil atmosphere thanks to the surrounding nature. With plenty of room to build and lots of green space, it's perfect for making your dream castle.  

Another option is up near the Dunley lumber mill, hidden between big rocks and many plants. It feels a little private, away from all the noise of the town. The area's natural beauty makes it a fantastic place for your Vampire Castle. Whether you like the calm of the forest or the quiet retreat of the woods, Dunley Farmlands has something that'll suit your style. 

3. Cursed forest 

🔴 Cursed Forest - V RISING Part 7

In the Cursed Forest, despite its spooky name, you have a couple of good spots to set up your Vampire Castle. One option is near the spider cave in the middle of the woods. It might not be the prettiest place, but it's secluded and creepy, which could be excellent for your fortress. Vampires love creepy and sheltered areas.

In addition, it's easy to defend from near that spider cave. With careful planning and fortification, you can transform this location into a stronghold that strikes fear in all who dare to venture into the cursed woods.

Another spot is up north, close to the Swamp of Greed. It's a big, elevated area with a good view. One of its advantages is that you can see what's coming your way. Your castle might stand out here in the dense forest. Ultimately, if you prefer a quiet spot, the Cursed Forest has options for your Vampire Castle in V Rising.

2. Gloomrot

Insane New Spell Combos In V Rising Gloomrot

Gloomrot is the newest part of the game, presenting a challenging yet intriguing setting for your Vampire Castle. There are some fantastic places to consider, but the vibe is dark and sad. 

One area east of the Transcendent Power Plant is cool because it has three giant staircases. It's rare in the game and could fit a vast castle. Plus, it's always raining there, making it even gloomier, which is good if you like that. Any vampire would love that.

Another option is northwest of Gloomrot, near the Transcendum Laboratories. That spot also has big staircases that make it look fancy. The rainy weather and foggy surroundings give it a dark and creepy feel, perfect for a vampire's home. 

Furthermore, there's lots of space to build, so you can make a castle that stands out in Gloomrot. Whether you like the fancy look of many staircases or the spooky feeling of a rainy place, Gloomrot gives you excellent choices for making your Vampire Castle in V Rising.

1. Silverlight Hills

V Rising - Silverlight Hills Ultimate Resource Farming Guide - Get Them FAST

Silverlight Hills offers a perfect spot where the moon shines through the mist. Finding the right spot for your Vampire Castle is quite a journey in Silverlight Hills. But worry not; we've got you covered. One good spot is near the old mine, where the moonlight hits the rocky ground. The area is full of rocky areas and hidden caves, which adds a sense of seclusion. 

One advantage of setting up your base at Silverlight Hills is its convenience. On the map, it is located near Brighthaven and the Sacred Silver Mine, offering easy access to essential resources. These resources also come in handy during the base's fortification.

Building your base in the Silverlight Hills might seem tempting due to its proximity to Brighthaven and the Sacred Silver Mine. However, it's crucial to take your time with construction. The area is full of enemies, posing a significant challenge to early settlers. Take time to prepare adequately and strengthen your defenses to ensure the safety and success of your settlement in this hostile territory.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best base locations V Rising? What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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