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Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

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Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Kart Racing and Disney finally came together to create something unique: an adrenaline-pumping racer skidding in and out of Disney environments and driving as some of the most popular Disney and Pixar film characters of all time. For now, Disney Speedstrom features an impressive character roster that includes Donald Duck, Mulan, Jack Sparrow, and Mowgli, among many more.

It’s no surprise that most players pick their favorite character as their racer of choice. However, with time, it becomes apparent that there are other factors you may need to consider. For instance, some racers generally perform better than others. Others have unique abilities that may marry well with your racing style. Like summoning doors mid-track to teleport forward or have opponents teleport backward. Or, stunning enemies along with a speed boost.

We’ve considered all variations of all 18 current Disney Speedstorm characters and compiled the best racers in Disney Speedstorm for your reading pleasure.

5. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Gameplay Disney Speedstorm NEW Kart Racing Game

Although players start with Mickey Mouse, that doesn’t mean he’s one to play with. Mickey Mouse has impressive handling and acceleration. Though not as powerful as the other characters on this list, Mickey Mouse’s stats remain decent enough to power through a race without breaking a sweat. 

Mickey Mouse offers a unique perk called “Trailblazer.” This allows him to power up against opponents and speed his way to the finish line. He can also become invincible against his opponents’ attacks. However, Trailblazer can also serve as a disadvantage for you. Particularly because whenever it's activated, Mickey Mouse leaves a musical trail behind him. If opponents jump on the trail, they can receive the speed boost and, yes, become invisible too. 

It somewhat beats the purpose of powering up only to speed up your opponents’ too. In the end, you feel limited to only using Trailblazer when you’re in last place and have felt some solace that no player is behind you to touch the trail. For that reason, Mickey Mouse places lower than the rest among the best racers in Disney Speedstorm.

4. Captain Jack Sparrow


The captain of the Black Pearl is back. His greatest advantage is kicking things off with reliable base stats. Jack Sparrow’s handling and acceleration are top-notch. He also has a high enough top speed to aim for when cruising along straight pathways. However, his combat skills are a bit of a letdown. So, you may have to maximize Jack Sparrow’s relatively higher speed to win races.

Jack Sparrow has a unique perk, too. He can use the skill called “Cutlass Flurry” to summon ghost cutlasses that surround him for short periods of time. These create an AoE that stuns any opponents who dare to drive too close to Jack. All along, Cutlass Flurry helps to build the boost bar by replenishing the nitro fuel.

3. Belle

BELLE GAMEPLAY | Disney Speedstorm

You may know Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The girl falls in love with the Beast and saves him and everyone in the castle in the process. The movie aside, Belle doesn’t come to play in Disney Speedstorm, proving that she can be savage if need be. She’s far easier for beginners to start with thanks to her easy grasp of the wheel. Her biggest strengths are handling and acceleration. 

Belle offers a unique perk called the Enchanted Mirror. This allows her to go on the offensive and charge furniture at opponents. When hit, opponents stun for a while. Furthermore, Belle can create birds that give her a speed boost. Combined, Belle gives you room to throw obstacles in opponents' paths, thus stunning them and allowing you to catch up to them at a higher speed. It’s pretty useful, especially since Belle’s abilities don’t take too long to master. The only downside is her relatively lower combat and top-speed stats compared to a few other characters.

2. Mulan

Disney Speedstorm - Zigzan @ Mulan [Closed Beta] [4K]

Mulan still asserts herself as a princess not to be messed with. She’s among the best racers in Disney Speedstorm to go for if you want to go all out in full attack mode. Using her unique skill, the Firework Barrage, Mulan can blast off enemies by unleashing a string of fireworks she leaves in her wake. These stun opponents give her more room to create even more distance between them. Additionally, she has a rocket she can launch backward. And let’s just say, you won’t want to find yourself in the way of Mulan’s guided rocket. If it does, you'll get blown up along with any nearby opponents. 

That said, Mulan does have comparably lower base stats. And while you can always work on upgrading Mulan’s top speed and combat stats, it can take a while to reach competitive levels. Still, the hard work does pay off. That when Mulan’s stats reach outstanding levels, no one will dare stand in your way. You’ll be cruising at top speed, blasting off any opponents who dare come too close to your tail.

1. Donald Duck

DONALD DUCK GAMEPLAY | Disney Speedstorm

Alternatively, consider substituting Donald Duck for Belle’s lower combat abilities. It won’t take long before you unlock Donald Duck and start to use his skills to your advantage. For starters, Donald Duck has impressively higher handling and acceleration stats compared to most other characters. In addition, he packs a high enough speed boost and combat stats to tower over opponents with ease.

Most importantly, Donald Duck is the perfect fit for players who like to go on the offensive. Using his unique skill, called “Why I Oughta,” Donald Duck is able to put up a shield around himself. If anyone tries to break the shield, he instantly gets worked up, gains higher speed, and stuns anyone in his way. This way, even while unleashing attacks on the track, you will feel at ease knowing they will remain constantly protected.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best racers in Disney Speedstorm? Are there more best racers in Disney Speedstorm we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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