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Best Leatherface Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Leatherface Texas Chain Saw Massacre

It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard Victim with oceans of lock picking experience under your belt, because sooner or later, you’re going to have to face the music and be one with the chainsaw. As it turns out, Leatherface is the only character in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre roster who has to take part in each and every match, so even if you’d much rather opt for another Family member, there’s still a chance that you’ll have to fill those boots at some point or another. Better get used to it, then!

As Leatherface is the only permanent character on the board, it makes sense to pour all of your initial XP into leveling up his Attributes, Perks, and Skill Tree. However, if you aren’t entirely sure where to begin, then don’t sweat it — we’ve got you covered. Here is the best Leatherface build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Leatherface Texas Chain Saw Massacre


  • Maim

The Maim ability is hands down one of the most brutal in all of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which is precisely why you should look to boost it to its highest level on the tree as soon as you’ve accumulated enough XP. If possible, aim to travel through the Overheat Reduction path, as this will allow you to use the chainsaw for longer periods of time before it eventually taps out. Once you’ve reached the highest point on the ladder, you’ll be able to unlock Instant Activation, which will let you fire up the revs without having to endure any drawn-out cooldown times.

Of course, it’s only natural to be tempted to use that chainsaw and all its blades right from the get-go — and understandably so. However, if you can help it, try and keep the revs to a minimum, unless, of course, there’s a good reason to use them. Scare tactics are great and everything, but until you’ve managed to unlock the Instant Activation skill, it’s better that you keep the noise down and strike only when the opportunity presents itself.


  • Big Swings 

One of the first nodes on the Skill Tree you’ll want to secure is Big Swings, a damage-boosting Perk that essentially doubles your attack power, making it even more effective on direct impact. As Victims will automatically enter limp mode and resort to fleeing through tight spaces to break your line of sight after the first attack, you’ll want to double-tap them to secure the kill. Thankfully, this is where the Big Swings Perk comes in handy, as it lets you chew off larger portions of health per swing. If you can’t secure the kill, then have one of the other Family members do it for you.

  • Tracker Tagged 

There’s a good chance that the Victim you manage to hit will flee through a crawl space and gain some distance from your chainsaw, in which case you’ll want to trigger the Tracker Tagged Perk to highlight their whereabouts for the other Family members to see. So, as your hunts won’t always be 100% effective, it’s always best to give other players the chance to finalize the situation and step in when needed.

  • Master Key

At the beginning of each match, you’ll only have a few minutes before the Victims start to use their Unlock Tools to escape the basement. To prevent all four chickens from flying the coop, you’ll want to invest in the Master Key Perk, as it will allow for you to burst into three locked doors. If you’re lucky, you should be able to secure at least one kill before all four Victims even find their ways out of the restraints. It isn’t entirely fair for the other team — but it certainly bodes well for yours.


The joint Attributes that Family members will need to knuckle in on are Savagery, Endurance, and Blood Harvesting. However, seeing as Leatherface’s purpose is to secure kills while other teammates locate blood vials to feed Grandpa, it makes sense to spend whatever Attribute Points you can on the Savagery and Endurance sliders. Ideally, you’ll want to boost both of these sliders to their highest levels, and then distribute any leftover Extra Attribute Points from the Skill Tree over the Blood Harvesting slider.

Of course, you’ll need to play a fair few matches in order to obtain the required XP needed to max out the entire Skill Tree. Once you’ve reached the apex of said tree, you should have 30 Extra Attribute Points to spend. Do yourself a favor here and spread them across the Savagery and Endurance sections first, and then on Blood Harvesting last.

Skill Tree

Over the course of your Skill Tree ascension, you’ll need to work towards one of two apex points: the top-left corner, and the top-right. For the best Leatherface build, you’ll want to favor the left side over the right, as it boasts better Savagery and Endurance Perks. Ideally, you’ll want to secure the Big Swings, Tracker Tagged, and Master Key Perks. If you fail to obtain one of the three Perks when activating a Random Perk node, then don’t be afraid to hit Respec option and start from scratch. You’ll need around 50 Skill Points to be able to fully max out the whole Skill Tree.

Once you’ve maxed out your Skill Tree, you’ll want to assign the three best Perks to your loadout, after which you’ll need to throw yourself into more matches to level up each of their respective abilities and overall power. Do that, and you should have Leatherface up to speed and hacking skulls by the dozen before you know it.


So, what’s your take? Will you putting some work in with Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw Massacre this coming week? Let us know what your ideal build is over on our socials here.

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