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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 5 Best Tips for Beginners (Family Edition)

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Chances are, you’ve already been slaughtered by the Sawyer family a few dozen times by now. Don’t worry — we all have, as The Texas Chain Saw Massacris anything but biased towards survivors. Fortunately, there’s also the option of playing the villains, which is arguably more entertaining than the former. Why? Well, because not only do you have Leatherface—a masked killer who needs no introduction—but an entire roster of sadistic foes who also boast a few additional wild cards. Thanks, Grandpa.

Anyway, if you have just picked up a copy of the latest asymmetrical survival horror game, and have yet to get a feel for the flesh-loving Sawyer folk, then be sure to read on for a few quick tips. Playing the bad guy? Let’s talk turkey, or you know, human skin.

5. Grandpa Needs Love Too

Don’t let the inactive state fool you — Grandpa isn’t the useless sack of spuds you think he is. In fact, he’s actually the wild card that you’ll be wanting to flip at a moment’s notice — especially during times where the survivors are getting a little too comfortable in their own skin. His purpose is simple: listen out for clues that point to the survivor’s whereabouts. If successful, every other villain on the board will immediately be notified of their position, which can lead to a quick group kill and, with a little luck, a victory for the Sawyer folk.

To make the most of Grandpa’s ability, you’ll need to feed him blood bags as the round progresses. In the beginning of every match, you’ll find him dotted around one of the three maps, after which you’ll need to wake him by feeding him, well, blood. You can get your hands on various blood vials by exploring the map and attacking one of the survivors roaming the grounds. If you can boost Grandpa’s level up to the fourth marker, then survivors won’t have anywhere to hide, as even when static their outlines will still be visible. So, do yourself a favor and use Grandpa.

4. Traps Are Your Friends

If you’re playing as the Hitchhiker, then you’ll have an immediate advantage over the other killers, simply because there’ll be a whole bunch of opportunities for you to put down traps and catch victims off guard. And believe us when we say — if your name isn’t Leatherface, then you’re going to want to use traps as your bread and butter ammunition. To this end, it’s always best to leave the chainsaw-wielding villain to his own devices, and use your own tools to take on a more stealthy approach.

It is worth pointing out that every trap has a red and green icon stapled next to it; green means disabled, and red means armed. If you spot a trap that’s been disabled, then you’ll need to follow the yellow wires and reactivate them via the generator or battery.

3. Headphones Will Help You

Given the fact that this is indeed a stealth game at its core, it’s definitely worth putting on some headphones to help you distinguish the patter of footsteps from the creaking of the odd floorboard. If you’re playing as Cook, then you’ll also find that most noises (such as the fumbling of reeds or the sudden outburst from a survivor) will be a lot easier to identify. If you can use this heightened sense to your advantage, as well as clue your team in, then you shouldn’t have too much of an issue whittling down your noisier opponents.

Headphones aside, you should also communicate with your team as much as possible, as liaising with them will help garner results a lot quicker. Don’t be afraid to team up and tackle just the one survivor, is what we’re saying, as the killers are thrice as strong when bundled into one unit. And if you think that sort of pack mentality is another form of bullying, then you’d be right. You’re villains, though, so it fits the bill — and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

2. Lock Your Doors

One of the biggest flexes you can dangle over the faces of your victims is the fact that you can unlock doors — and they can’t. Or at least, not without a time-consuming lock picking attempt, anyway. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, that any killer can quite easily forget to lock their doors behind them and allow their victims to flee without the added hassle. So, it’s always best to take your time — and lock those doors before the survivors get the drop on them.

In addition to locking doors behind you, you should also prioritize setting up traps near them, as nine times out of ten escapees will flock to exits to make their attempt. Don’t be reckless, is what we’re saying, and always treat every room as if someone is hiding inside and ready to bolt for the exit the moment your back is turned.

1. Tease Your Target

Another good excuse to break out the old headset in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is to lure other killers out to a survivor’s position — even if it means playing the fool for a while. You see, as the other team won’t be able to drop in on your conversations, there’s nothing to say you can’t locate your next victim and render yourself oblivious to their whereabouts, all while channeling through to another member of the team to swoop in and flank them. It’s slasher horror 101 — and it’s equally as effective in the game as it is in the movies, weirdly enough.

As killers, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play mind games with your victims, whether it’s through the revving of a chainsaw, or the hammering of iron footsteps. Use the power of fear to your advantage, and with a little luck, you’ll lure your targets out of their hiding places before too long.


So, what’s your take? Have you had a chance to play through The Texas Chain Saw Massacre yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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