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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: All Family Members, Ranked



If you think that mindlessly murdering poor folk in Dead by Daylight is a hoot, then boy, you’re about to have a whole new world unlocked for you in The Texas Chain Saw MassacreIt hasn’t been out all that long, and yet already thousands of die-hard fans are clocking in to hawk over their freshest batch of Victims as none other than Leatherface and the cannibalistic family of Texan sadists.

While on the subject of said Texan sadists, it is worth pointing out that, at present, there are only the five to choose from. But if you’re interested to learn more about each of their backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses, then be sure to read on. Here are all Family members in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, ranked.

5. Leatherface

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre family

Like it or not, we’re pretty much stuck with Leatherface for the long haul, so there’s really no use in trying to remove him from the lineup altogether. And while he is indeed the poster child of the franchise, his on-screen video game counterpart is arguably one of the worst and most sluggish in all the known realms. Sure, his ability to hack through just about any object is a boon in itself, but without the flexibility to squeeze through gaps or even sprint, for that matter — he’s actually a pretty poor excuse for a villain, and thus, one of the worst Family members in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Go figure.

Fact is, Leatherface is built for the basement, as he’s the only one who has the opportunity to bag a few kills before the Victims reach surface level. After that, it’s often up to the other Family members to pick up the slack — which can be incredibly frustrating. So, if you are playing as Leatherface, then aim to snag a few heads for your trophy collection before the Victims make way for the house.

4. Cook

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre family

Cook isn’t necessarily a bad character to take under your wing, but his movement speed isn’t particularly all that impressive, either. Fortunately, he does make up for his lack of speed in other areas, like having the ability to tune in to the hustle and bustle of the world around him—an ability that also happens to outline Victims and pinpoint their locations for other Family members to see. So, hardly a lost cause, all things considered.

In addition to the increased hearing, Cook also has the power to deal some serious damage on the Victims that fall within his range, which makes him one of the deadliest characters on the board. Sadly, a lot of players will rarely find the opportunity to take a stab at a survivor simply because, you know, Cook can’t run to save his own life. That’s a plus for the Victims, sure, but it doesn’t benefit the Family all that much.

3. Johnny

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre family

As far as mid-level characters go, Johnny is a prime candidate, and definitely one who you’ll want to throw XP at whenever the opportunity presents itself. In spite of his maneuverability being somewhat limited, his tracking ability allows for players to dig out Victims a lot quicker than other members of the Family, which can lead to a few quick kills right off the bat. To this end, it’s always best to partner Johnny with someone like Hitchhiker or Sissy, if only to double-tap a Victim who’s successfully managed to escape your grasp.

It goes without saying that, if Johnny had the power to move through small spaces, then he’d be the best character on the team, without doubt. However, for the sake of keeping a level playing field, we can sort of understand why the devs opted to give him one or two minor flaws. Even still, Johnny is arguably one of the best killers to level up, so we’d strongly suggest spending as much time with his skill tree as possible.

2. Sissy

Sissy is one of the nimblest characters in the Family, which means she can keep up with Victims without having to worry about squeezing through any tight spots. The only downside to this is that she makes a habit of singing while she hunts, which means Victims can spot her from a mile off. Due to this, it’s often best to let her make use of her abilities elsewhere, which often involves poisoning key items and areas to lure other Family members to a Victim’s scent.

If used correctly, Sissy can actually match the same strengths at Hitchhiker, who we’ll get to in a moment. Combined, the two can quite easily make a clean sweep across any of the three maps. For this, we can’t help but slot Sissy two paces away from the apex.

1. Hitchhiker

If you’re looking to harvest as much blood as humanely possible—a task that you’ll want to do in order to level up Grandpa’s high-powered hearing ability—then you’ll want to consider taking Hitchhiker for a spin. What’s more, Hitchhiker also has the ability to squeeze through small spaces to pursue stray Victims, and even set up traps to prevent them from escaping or obtaining key items. Add the fact that he’s also robust enough to keep up with other Victims, and you’ve got yourself one of the best all-round characters on the roster, for sure.

Having played a number of matches and toyed with the formula several times, I can confirm that the best three-piece in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is undoubtedly Leatherface (you can’t drop him, unfortunately), Sissy, and Hitchhiker. If you can combine all three of their abilities into one perfect concoction, then you’ll have all the right tools to wipe the slate clean without fail. That is, of course, providing Leatherface can keep up and claim a kill or two before the chickens are able to spring from the cage, so to speak.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family members? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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