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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: All Victims, Ranked



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has just about managed to one-up Dead by Daylight with its fresh take on the asymmetric blueprint, and it’s showing, now more than ever. Ever since Game Pass was able to launch the latest multiplayer horror title earlier this week, thousands, if not millions of fans have been able to sow their sadistic oats by clocking into the homegrown love letter to one of cinema’s most iconic horror franchises of all time. As for what comes next for the game is anybody’s guess, though one thing remains evidently clear: the Victims and Family are here to stay.

Anyway, if you have recently picked up a copy of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, then chances are you’ll already know that the game itself is divided into two sections: Victims, and Family. If you’ve opted to take the former for a spin, then there are a few things you’ll need to know before deciding whether or not to make way for that ever-elusive exit. For starters, which of the five Victims should you prioritize leveling up first, and which of their abilities should you fasten to your primary loadout? Well, here are the five best Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, ranked.

5. Julie

Unfortunately for the Victims, there has to be a character that just doesn’t bring the same amount of energy or life-saving perks to the table. As it turns out, that characters is none other than Julie, a Victim who, like others, can move between small spaces without issue. But that’s really all she can do, which makes her slightly more expendable and vulnerable than the other four Victims on the roster.

There is a plus side to Julie, however, which is her ability to move around silently for short periods of time. This isn’t a permanent thing, though, so it’s a pretty pointless skill to make use of unless you’re already bolting for an exit point. Is she completely useless? Not entirely. That said, she’s definitely the worst Victim to throw XP at, so do yourself a favor and prioritize the other four skill trees.

4. Ana

Ana is a prime choice for those who unknowingly make a habit of being attacked on a regular basis, as her ability to essentially not feel any excruciating pain allows her to move freely even between stab wounds. This is something that the other Victims won’t be able to take advantage of, as one or two swipes will most definitely put them out of commission right off the bat. So, if stealth isn’t your thing (or you just can’t wrap your head around it), then shoot for Ana.

While there are plenty of perks of being Ana, it doesn’t mean players can go gallivanting about in the open and not expect to feel the wrath of a chainsaw blade. Truth is, even characters like Ana can die, so under no circumstances should she be treated like a walking invisibility cloak for other Victims to hide behind. She’s fast, sure — but she’s equally as brittle and prone to injury.

3. Sonny

Sonny is a solid choice of Victim — especially for those who’d much rather work towards a stealthy approach over a reckless one. His ability, similar to Cook’s, lets players channel their hearing to decipher every object, character, and escape point on the map. This works wonders for those working as a team, as it can help each member safely move between areas without attracting any unwanted attention. It works incredibly well for the lone wolves on the team, too.

Of course, if you are playing as Sonny, then you’ll want to use your power to benefit the entire team. In the basement, for example, it’s best to let Connie secure the Unlock Tools to escape, and position Leland at one of the nearest entry or exit points on the off chance that a Family member comes bursting in and needs knocking down. You, on the other hand, should use your increased sense of hearing to scout out the areas ahead and, if necessary, the routes that have already been trekked. Every team needs a Sonny.

2. Leland

Unless you’ve gathered your fair share of Bone Shards, there really isn’t any reason to go looking for trouble as one of the five survivors. That is, unless, of course, you’re playing as Leland, who can single-handedly knock down any of the Family members through brute force alone. This is arguably one of the best abilities in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and quite frankly, the wild card that any new player should look to deploy as early on as possible.

Don’t get me wrong — stealth will always be the best way to win games as a Victim. That said, if you’re often finding yourself unable to secure a good hiding spot, or simply lack the headspace to go searching for Unlock Tools to aid your fellow Victims in their escape efforts, then perhaps it’s worth taking on the role of the team’s muscle. If you can’t escape — then just keep your buddies alive by throwing hands with a few stone-cold killers.

1. Connie

Given the fact that your sole purpose in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is to escape the clutches of Leatherface and his loyal family goons, it makes sense that you’d want someone who can swiftly move between areas and unlock doors in a heartbeat. Because let’s face it, looting those tool boxes for Unlock Tools can take a great deal of time, which can of course increase the risk of being caught and, you know, chainsawed to death. That’s why Connie is, all things considered, the best Victim to have under your control.

Of course, Connie can quite easily move between crawl spaces and other tight spots just the same as any other Victim on the board. That said, her lightning-fast lock picking abilities are what make her the powerhouse character that she is. Fact is, if there are only two doors between the basement and the exit, then Connie will be the only one capable enough of escaping long before the other Victims so much as secure their first health packs.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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