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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Forget what you thought you knew about Dead by DaylightThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a whole other ball game, and one that, quite frankly, doesn’t lean too heavily on the asymmetrical horror tropes, but another blueprint entirely. And it’s because of this that, from a newcomer’s perspective, learning how to survive the Sawyer family’s barbaric trials can come across as quite the unsurpassable feat. Don’t sweat it, though, as there are a number of quick tips to help budding survivors find their way out in the bloodied and barren world of Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

It hasn’t been out all that long, so we can definitely expect to see our fair share of joint learning curves over the next several weeks. However, for what it’s worth, here’s everything we can currently tell you about the Sawyer’s patterns and habits, as well as the best strategies for overcoming the family’s dungeon-like homestead.

5. Learn the Tricks of the Trade

Each character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes with their own unique ability, all of which are needed to be able to escape the evil clutches of the Sawyer family in one piece. It goes within saying that, if you’re going to be thinking as a team, and with one shared mind no less, then you’ll need to get a feel for each character and their matching strengths and weaknesses. It is worth pointing out, of course, that only one of each character can be active per match — so you’ll have to fight over who plays who.

Think of your first ten games as training sessions — short rounds that let you familiarize yourself with the characters, abilities, settings, and goals. Once you’ve found a role that suits your play style, stick with it. And while it’s also good to mix and match your style every once in a while, it’ll definitely benefit your team if you can assume a particular role with the confidence needed to garner results, and not, for example, unwanted attention and deaths.

4. Avoid the Traps

Traps are the Sawyer’s bread and butter, so you can definitely expect to see a number of them strewn out across areas and confined spaces. If you happen to bump into any of said traps, then you’ll automatically trigger them, which will immediately notify the enemies of your whereabouts. And while most traps can be seen from a distance, others, like caged chickens, for example, won’t be seen from the naked eye. If you do happen to spot a brigade of chicks, though, then be sure to steer well clear of it.

On top of hanging bones and other traps that alert your enemies, there’s also the case of being too noisy, in general. As you’ll notice relatively early on as a survivor, being recklessly loud will only lead to the exposure of your location. So, for the sake of your own safety, stick to softer footsteps and less-traveled paths.

3. Don’t Be Fooled by Grandpa

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips

If there’s any one thing we can take away from our time in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it’s that Grandpa can be a real nasty so-and-so. He’s also the silent killer that has the power to rain havoc down on the entire map at the flick of a switch — something that progressively gets worse the longer the match draws on. If Grandpa’s gaze reaches Level 4, then boy, you’re in for a real treat, as no amount of hiding or running will prevent the Sawyer from hunting you down.

The first three levels are tolerable, as the only thing you’ll have to do when Grandpa’s howl is activated is hide and wait for the investigation to come to a close. If you can help it, try and escape the map before the fourth level begins, as you’ll struggle to complete any objectives once the hunt is in full swing and the Sawyer family hones in on your location. Sure, you could run, and you could hide — but it’d be a pointless exercise, sadly.

2. Cover Your Tracks

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips

Unfortunately for those playing the roles of survivors, characters begin each game with a set amount of blood trickling from their pores. And it’ll continue to follow you around, too, which will ultimately lead your pursuers straight to your location. To prevent this, you will need to search for consumables—drinks and other medicines, for example. If you can keep a lid on your health bar, then you’ll stop the blood trail from exposing your position, and in turn fool the family.

That’s not all, either, as there’s also the case of dealing with your heart problems. As it turns out, every survivor can die of a heart attack if exposed to one too many unsettling events during a match. This is inevitable, which means you’ll need to complete the objectives given to you as quickly as possible to prevent your heart from waving the white flag and leaving you to retire to an early grave.

1. Carry Two Lock Picks

In order to escape as a survivor, you’ll need to bypass two sets of doors, both of which will vary in location depending on the map you’re running. Unfortunately, as your character will only have the ability to carry a couple of items, it’s always better to fill the pockets with two lock picks, and not, for example, a couple of consumable items that hold no real value.

Once you’ve successfully managed to breach the basement exit, you’ll need to make way for another exit, which is where the second lock pick comes into play. Bottom line is, if you don’t have a second lock pick to spare, then you’ll only wind up shooting yourself in the foot trying to source another. So, as far as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips go, we’d say that this one, of all things, is the one you’ll want to hardwire into your brain above all else.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Texas Chain Saw Massacre newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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