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Best Hitchhiker Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



If you’re planning on taking any of the five Family members in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre into battle, then you’d better consider Hitchhiker for the frontline. Why? Well, to put it short, Hitchhiker not only has two of the highest Blood Harvesting and Endurance Attributes, but also an entire arsenal of weapons, traps, and questionably brutal tricks up his sleeve, to boot. So, if you’re going to take any old killer for a spin, do yourself a favor and pour some XP into that perfect Hitchhiker build.

While on the subject of best builds and what have you, we thought we’d scrape together all the best Perks and Skill Tree paths from the current version of Texas Chain Saw. Need we say more? Here’s everything you need to know about boosting Hitchhiker to his maximum potential.


  • Trap

What makes Hitchhiker one of the best killers in all of Texas Chain Saw Massacre isn’t his ability to harvest blood and level up Grandpa’s sonar power a lot quicker than most — but also the fact that he can single-handedly sprawl out traps and lead Victims towards their imminent demise. It takes a bit of practice, sure, but if you can make good use of the signature Trap Ability, then you should, in theory, be able to whittle down the Victims in far less time than it would usually take the likes of Leatherface to fire up the chainsaw for the umpteenth time.

Of course, to make the most of the Trap Ability, you’re first going to need to learn each of the three maps like the back of your hand. As you’ll be setting said traps in key areas, such as exits, crawl spaces, or near tool boxes, you’ll need to know where each Victim will likely venture to, and in turn, succumb to your trickery. So, before boosting Trap to the highest level on its Modifier Skill Tree, be sure to scour through each area and master the nooks and crannies until you’re perfectly comfortable with navigating each of them.

Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of the three maps, you’ll want to start working towards the Increase Escape Difficulty Modifiers on the Skill Tree, as this will cause Victims to be stuck for longer periods of time, which will ultimately allow you to swoop in and claim the final kill. If you can also unlock the Level 3 All Family See Noise branch, then you’ll also be able to notify other members on the team of a trapped Victim’s whereabouts, once again boosting all chances of securing the kill.


In order to push Hitchhiker to become the best hunter in all of Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you’re going to need to punch out a few Perks and have them leveled up by putting them to good use in the games themselves. As you’ll be spending a great deal of your time moving from point A to point B setting up traps and maneuvering between areas of foliage and scrap, you’ll need to pour your XP into Perks that gravitate towards the Endurance side of things. In addition to this, you’ll also need to invest in the odd Blood Harvesting node — if only to aid the other Family members on their joint quest to feed Grandpa and boost his hearing ability. But as far as Savagery goes, it’s better to leave it fairly low and focus on other key areas.

  • Dinner Bell

If you’re going to get your hands on any Perk in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it had better be Dinner Bell. It’s purpose is simple: to highlight a trapped Victim for all Family members to see and ultimately hunt. It’s a lot like All Family See Noise — but it also boosts Hitchhiker’s stamina gauge for 15 seconds.

  • Universal Donor

The second thing you’ll be doing during matches is gathering bags of blood to feed Grandpa. In order to take a higher yield, you’ll want to unlock the Universal Donor node on the Skill Tree, as it’ll give you more bang for your buck, so to speak. Of course, the more blood you accumulate, the faster Grandpa will be able to level up his abilities.

  • Tracker Tagged

The third and final node you’ll want to throw XP at is Tracker Tagged, a relatively simple but effective Perk that allows users to highlight Victims after landing a direct attack.


Hitchhiker certainly isn’t the most violent of the five available killers, as his talents tend to steer clear of close-quarters conflict, and more towards stealth and precision hunting. Knowing this, and how his skills are more suited to the Endurance and Blood Harvesting Attributes, you should aim to avoid adding unnecessary XP and Extra Attribute Points to the Savagery slider, and instead focus on the other two.

Again, you’ll need to brush through your fair share of matches in order to earn enough XP to fully flesh out the Skill Tree. Once done, however, you’ll wind up having somewhere in the ballpark of 32 Extra Attribute Points, so you’ll want to invest those in the Endurance and Blood Harvesting sliders as soon as possible. Again, don’t worry too much about maxing out on the Savagery slider, as it’s pretty much a redundant feature for the likes of Hitchhiker.

  • +22 Endurance
  • +10 Blood Harvesting

Skill Tree

When it comes to applying nodes and leveling up the Skill Tree in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you’ll have two options: travel to the top-left corner, or the top-right corner. In Hitchhiker’s case, you’ll want to steer more towards the top-left corner, as these nodes tend to gravitate more towards the Endurance and other noteworthy Perks.

Of course, it doesn’t matter all that much if you miss out on any of the recommended nodes on the Perk Tree, as a quick tap of the Respec option will grant you the opportunity to start from scratch with all of the XP you accumulated beforehand. And the same goes for the Random Perk nodes, too, as more often than not these will spit out generic Savagery Perks — which you won’t have any real use for. So, if in doubt — hit Respec and recommence the ascension process.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Texas Chain Saw Massacre newcomers? Have you found a Hitchhiker build that matches ours? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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