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Best Explorer Build in Starfield



Best Explorer Build in Starfield

The Explorer is dedicated to traveling through the diverse Starfield maps. This character enjoys nature and learning about the endless opportunities and nature of the game. While the Explorer is mainly built for adventure, and can also engage in laser combat. This means that their combat is a bit punitive compared to characters that are primarily set for battle.

If you're interested in adventures with the Explorer, then you need a couple of builds to boost the character. Additionally, it would help if you had builds to help you maximize your engine's power and speed. Starfield offers a list of choices that are exemplary, depending on your desires. However, we have listed some of the game's top Explorer build picks.

Best Explorer Skills Starfield

Explorer Skills

As an explorer, you need skills that will boost your ability to spot every adventurous opportunity Starfield has to offer. Surveying and Scanning are some of the core skills that enable the character to spot hidden locations. Environmental Conditioning and Planetary Habitation offer the explorer adaptation skills needed to live in diverse planetary conditions during exploration.

Astrodynamics is a necessary Starfield build that provides fuel for your journeys. You will also need astrophysics, which will give you an overview of different areas before landing. When you land, excavation is crucial; for this, you will need Botany skills. You might also need Outpost Management to help you build outposts on different planets. Outposts are essential as they act as guides for research and gathering resources.

Fitness gives you enough oxygen, which is crucial for survival under strenuous activities. Wellness and Weight Lifting come in handy, too. As an explorer, you will be carrying heavy luggage so weight lifting will boost you incredibly. Wellness improves your health amidst adverse conditions. Manipulation is another skill you should consider. The craft will help you in having NPCs listen and follow your commands, a crucial skill as you visit unfamiliar worlds.

Lasers is a skill that comes with being an explorer. The skill improves damage during battle. You need to improve this skill as you progress. You will also need Rifle Certification to enhance the effectiveness of the rifles you own.

Best Explorer Traits 

Terra Firma Trait

The best traits for the Explorer are geared towards increasing survival and adaptability. For this, only a few traits will appear as solid and effective as you would need.

The Alien DNA is undoubtedly one of those effective traits you might consider choosing. This trait will boost your health. However, the trait will reduce the functionality of food and water. Therefore, you need to make a conscious decision about it.

Terra Firma also boosts health. Additionally, this trait will increase your oxygen levels on planets. Its downfall, however, is that it will deplete the two while you're in space. Would you be willing to risk your survival in space for the benefit of your adventurous spirit on planets?

As you might have noticed, the explorer traits have disabling downfalls. It might be essential to note that traits are optional. Other choices you should consider with care include Introvert or Extrovert traits. Both are exemplary for an explorer during interactions. However, whichever you pick will set. Therefore, you need to weigh your options critically.

Best Explorer Weapons Starfield

Best Explorer Weapons

While the Explorer is not built for combat, it is essential to be prepared in case of an attack. The rifle, specifically the laser rifle, is a highly beneficial Starfield weapon for the Explorer.

The laser rifles are handy for the adventurous soul, as they are easy to find ammo for. In this case, since you're traveling a lot, you can not be sure to find ammo for other weapons in each location you land on. Thus, sticking to the killer rifle is an intelligent option.

Significantly, it would help if you improved your weapon. Laser rifles come in various options, which improve as you level up in the game. The Equinox is a laser rifle that can be acquired early in the game. You can also own the Va'ruun Inflictor with a mag capacity of 20, just like that of the Equinox.

As you level up, you can unlock the Orion Laser rifle, which offers a mag capacity of 30 points. You can also own Unmitigated Violence, which is another laser rifle with deadly, damaging effects. If you still want to have more options, laser pistols also come in handy. However, pistols might not be as strong as laser rifles, for which we already have rifle certification skills.

It would be best if you also watched out for various attachments that enhance the damage rates of the laser rifles. With these options and the right attachments, your character is set for protection against any impending attacks.

Best Explorer Armor Builds

Best Explorer Armor Builds in Starfield

An explorer's top armor pick should be one that increases resistance against adverse conditions on different planets. For this character, we advise you to go for the armor offering the highest protection rates.

At the same time, you need to pick up strong armor effects. Generally, choosing from the legendary armor effects list will give you a chance to stand out most, if not all, of the changes in the different Starfield maps.

Armors range from spacesuits to helmets, packs, and apparel. While picking your armor, you need to determine the game level you are at. For instance, the Constellation Set might be a great option early in the game. The armor provides reduced damage and enhances environmental survival rates.

The Starborn armor set is a good choice for the endgame. The set offers impressive defensive stats for characters. In conclusion, you should select armor with high physical, energy, and electromagnetic defenses in case you find yourself in imminent danger in battle. Similarly, your armor should set you up for any weather conditions you interact with.

So, what's your take on these picks for the best Explorer build in Starfield? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other favorites to share? Let us know on our socials here.

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