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5 Best Space Exploration Games like Starfield



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With the massive hype surrounding Starfield, it should come as no surprise that space is an interesting world to escape to. Players for an assortment of reasons, all want to reach out for the stars through gaming. These games often feature massive scale and depth to them that you simply can't find in more scaled-back experiences. That said, there is quite a variety to be found within these games as well. To shed light on some of the best, here are the 5 Best Space Exploration Games like Starfield.

5. Starbound

We begin today's list of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield, with StarboundStarbound is a wonderful indie-developed title in which players are able to explore the vastness of space. This title has a major focus on survival mechanics and how they pertain to survival in space as well. The sheer freedom awarded to the player within this title is staggering. Players are able to forge forth and create their own path, all while enjoying a beautifully crafted pixelated world. For players looking to get into crafting, this game also has a phenomenal crafting system.

All aspects of space exploration have been thought of and implemented here. Players can delve deep into long-lost mysteries, or simply carve out an existence for themselves that suits their needs. No matter which way you play, Starbound offers a fruitful experience. Another great aspect of the game is its cooperative nature and ability to be modded. Both of these aspects have given this title an immense sense of longevity. To close, Starbound is one of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield you need to have in your library.

4. Elite Dangerous

For our next entry on our list of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield, we would be remiss if we didn't mention Elite DangerousElite Dangerous is one of the most in-depth, and populated Space Exploration games on the market. The reason behind its immense popularity is also rather evident. Simply put, the amount of quality space-themed gameplay and experiences you can have within this title is awe-inspiring. For fans who enjoy being in the cockpit of fantastically designed spaceships, this title has you covered.

First, this allows players to customize their own little corner of the game. Secondly, the areas in which players explore are not only vast but filled to the brim with detail. And lastly, the gameplay within the game is so smooth and intuitive that it will quickly leave players impressed. Another great aspect of this title is its economy, which somewhat has a mind of its own, being driven by the players and for the players. All around, if you are looking for one of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield then definitely check out Elite Dangerous.

3. Eve Onlineeve online MMORPG

Staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry, here we have Eve OnlineEve Online is a massively multiplayer Space Exploration game, that sits as one of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield on the market. The sheer sense of scale and connectivity within this title, really make it stand out. Scale is hardly the only thing that this title has to offer, however. This is due not only to the immense amount of customization that is available in the game but also to the player interactions within the game.

Giving players a massive space to not only play together but dictate the flow of business, allows them to create a sense of immersion seldom found in gaming. Players who don't want to face other players also have the option of PvE content. This makes Eve Online a title that many different types of players can get into rather easily. But a major aspect of this title is no doubt its scale, with the largest recorded battle on a single shard nearing 9,000 players. If you want to play one of the best Space Exploration Games like Starfield, give Eve Online a shot.

2. The Outer Worlds

For our next entry, we have a title that despite not having the sheer scale of other titles on this list, bakes in so much love and attention to detail, that its world feels massive. The Outer Worlds simply put, has some of the finest Space Exploration among the RPG space. This is due to the sheer freedom it gives players. The amount of choices players can make within this title is not only impressive but is at the core of what makes it so replayable. Part of this replayability is also no doubt due to the phenomenal creature variety in the game.

Players who wish to take a more story-driven approach to their gaming will also not be disappointed. This is due to the game's fantastic handling of many Sci-fi tropes topics. The character writing within the game is also some of the best on offer currently, making for an unforgettable experience. All of these aspects combine to make The Outer Worlds a fantastic game that can be described as a love letter to the Sci-fi genre. For these reasons, we consider The Outer Worlds to be one of the best Space Exploration Games like Starfield.

1. No Man's Sky5 Best Sci-fi Games on PSVR

Rounding out our list of the best Space Exploration games like Starfield, we have No Man's Sky. When it was initially announced, one of the greatest aspects that No Man's Sky wished to bring to the forefront was exploration. The near-limitless amount of freedom it gives the player is staggering. Whether you wish to mine resources, or go out and make the universe your oyster, No Man's Sky allows you to do so. At the heart of what makes this title so memorable is its beautiful presentation of a procedurally generated world.

For players who take a particular liking to a certain planet, you can make that planet your home. This is available through the game's fantastic crafting and gathering mechanics. Being able to customize your home to an impressive degree is also spectacular. No matter what type of player you are, No Man's Sky has tons to offer. Whether you are more missions-oriented, or simply want to exist within the game's massive world. No Man's Sky is simply one of the best Space Exploration Games like Starfield you can play today.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Space Exploration Games like Starfield? What are some of your favorite Space Exploration Games for PC? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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