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5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

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5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

As the release date of Starfield gets near, the hype surrounding this upcoming RPG game from Bethesda keeps growing. The game, which we predict to be a hit among sci-fi fans, will be released in November 2022, after the first teaser announcements in 2018. The long-awaited game from the creators of some of the best RPGs will be available on PC and Xbox consoles.

Starfield is set 300 years into the future, where your customized character will be exploring a map around space. New leaks suggest the presence of big exciting cities, amazing weaponry, and a robot assistant for the protagonist. Bethesda Game Studios claim to have been working on the game for a long time; therefore, fans can expect the best come the release date. But before that, here are five RPGs you should play before Starfield.


5. MAR WAR: The Evil Awakens

Starting off our list of RPGs you should play before Starfield is MAR WAR: The Evil Awakens.

MAR WAR: The Evil Awakens is an action-adventure RPG game from the MAR WAR game series, which is available on PC. The story is based on a war between powerful forces, where two planets, Earth and MAR, have to face off against ARMY Z. This evil organization has been conducting human experiments for years to transform subjects into mutants. The organization uses its monstrous creations to create a brutal mutant army. Despite fierce resistance, the monster army quickly overpowers MAR. It is up to the main character Lake Walker who is a spy in exile, to return home and join the war and defend the two planets. 

You must eliminate as many mutants as possible while striving to survive. You have to watch your health to avoid dying before completing your missions. The game provides you with a variety of weapons so you can take down your opponents and concur in the war.


4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Say goodbye to your free space.

Horizon Zero Dawn is another creation from the developers of Killzone, the Guerrilla Games Developers. They first released it in 2017 for Playstation 4 and later released a PC version in 2020. Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic land prowling with killer robots, and it is up to Aloy, the main protagonist to fight them. Players can kill enemies in different ways using a variety of weapons including explosives and spears. To maximize damage before an attack, you can set up trip wires for approaching enemies. Similarly, you can collect enemy loot and use them to craft resources such as traps, health potions, ammo, antidotes, pouches, quivers, and more.

To evade attacks from enemies, one can use a series of moves, such as sprint, dodge, swim, roll, and slide. The game's map comprises vast lands containing desert, mountain, snowy, forest, and jungle regions. Some areas on the map are populated by robots; these are enemy hot zones. These are the areas with the highest difficulty levels. The game also features several side quests which cover the whole land. To survive players can collect special armor to help make them more impervious to damage and increase health durability in battle.


3. Red Dead Redemption

5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego teamed up to create this action-adventure RPG, Red Dead Redemption, in 2010. Red Dead Redemption is the second game from the Red Dead series and is available on Xbox and Playstation 4. The story follows game character John Marston who hunts down former associates through West and North American regions, including Mexico. Marson is forced to go on this hunting spree when federal agents threaten his family's safety unless he does their bidding. 

This exciting, action-filled game will take you through thrilling enemy confrontations. Engage in fierce gun battles, duels, robberies, and exciting bounty hunting while striving to survive the vast wild West. The more targets you takedown, the closer you get to gaining the safety of Maston's family. 


2. Dead Space 

5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

Dead Space is a survival horror RPG created by EA Redwood Shores in 2008 as the first game for the Dead Space franchise. Nevertheless, it is Electronic Arts that helped publish the game for PC, Xbox, and Playstation 3. Developers set the game on a mining spaceship under the control of the main character, engineer Isaac Clarke. Players control this character as he tries to overcome the release of lethal monsters known as Necromorphs that are overrunning the spaceship. These creatures came about with the discovery of an artifact called Marker, which condemned the ship to an infestation of monsters.

As Clarke you must fight the Necromorphs while trying to survive through different areas of this ship. Go on a scavenger hunt for equipment and extra ammunition to help last in battles with the monsters. There's a limited air supply when in the vacuum; therefore, you have to find air tanks within your environment to prolong your life. There are different types of weapons, including cutting machines to help you dismember the limbs of larger enemies.  Use blueprints to craft new weapons needed to face the vicious monsters. Likewise, unlock new outfits, crafting equipment, and extra currency as the game progresses to new difficulty levels.


1. Mass Effect

5 RPGs You Should Play Before Starfield

Topping our list of the best RPGs you should play before Starfield is Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is a space exploration multiplayer game released by BioWare as the first of the many Mass Effect game series to come later. It is an exciting sci-fi game that takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy and is set in the year 2183. The story follows the hero Commander Shepard, a human soldier who must protect the galaxy by all means. The enemy our protagonist faces are the Reapers, an advanced mechanical race that threatens all civilization.

There are exciting side quests that take players through various locations in space, allowing them to go head-to-head with enemies through vehicular combat. The quests help progress the game storyline, most of which consist of combat missions. There are also optional quests that see the player scavenge through the galaxy to gather essential resources. 

The game also provides you with an overworld galaxy map that helps you move around to complete quests. Players can level up each time they gain a sufficient amount of experience from these quests. Leveling up helps you obtain additional skills to help you combat your enemies effectively. 

What do you think is the best choice of  RPGs you should play before Starfield? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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