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5 Best Sci-fi Games for PC



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Sci-fi worlds allow players to explore massive universes with immense breadth and scale. These are worlds that players can get lost in, each with their own overarching stories and intricacies. This makes the Sci-fi genre one that is really appealing to PC gaming, due to the power the PC possesses. The PC has given developers the power to create worlds of a nearly unbelievable scale and depth. So to honor some of the best of the best, here are our picks for the 5 Best Sci-fi Games for PC

5. Outer Wilds

Starting off our list of the best Sci-fi games for PC, we have Outer Wilds. For players looking to play a sci-fi title that beautifully handles time manipulation, definitely check Outer Wilds out. This wonderful space title has a strong emphasis on exploration, as players find out the mystery of their circumstances. Along the way, you will uncover tons of lore about the world around you, and your role in it. This slowly leads to the players unraveling the events around them as they desperately attempt to break the cycle they have become a part of.

Additionally, the tale for this game isn't just set on a single planet. But on many planets that players can familiarize themselves with. Helping with this sense of wonder and scale is the fact that the game has many hidden secrets tucked away. This not only gives players an intrinsic reason to want to explore the area, but a rewarding payoff as well for those who do. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best Sci-fi games for PC, make sure you check out Outer Wilds.

4. No Man's Sky5 Best Sci-fi Games on PSVR

Staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry, here we have No Man's Sky. Despite its rather tumultuous launch process, No Man's Sky has gone on to be one of the shining examples of what games can offer players. The experiences found within this nearly boundless game are certainly impressive. And, with the improvements that the developers have implemented through the help of the community, its star now shines brighter than ever. For those unaware, No Man's Sky is a Sci-fi-influenced exploration game in which players explore the far reaches of space.

In doing so, players will be able to mine planets for resources, enjoy being a part of a player-driven economy, and much more. Base-building is also a great addition to the game, as it allows players to carve out their own cozy corner of a planet. At the heart of this title's endless replayability is its procedural generation system, which ensures that each time you boot up the game, you are experiencing something new. In short, if you are a fan of Sci-fi games for PC, make sure you check No Man's Sky.

3. The Outer Worlds

Our next entry on our list of the best Sci-fi games on PC is The Outer Worlds. Helmed by the creative minds at Obsidian Entertainment this title is nothing short of epic. The amount of detail that has been poured into this title is not only impressive but awe-striking. Players can explore the vast world within the game. One which is riddled with some of the best-written characters in modern RPGs. This alone would be a great selling point for the game, however, there is so much more that this title offers players. The amount of depth that this title has is certainly one of its strong suits and one of the reasons it remains beloved today.

At the heart of what makes The Outer Worlds so great is its exploration as well. Players will be able to explore worlds that feel lived-in and immersive. This means that no matter which direction you choose to go in the game, there is something worthwhile to be experiencing. The game's combat is also great and features quite a bit of customizability to it. This makes The Outer Worlds one of the best Sci-fi games for PC on the market currently.

2. Elite Dangerous

Switching things up quite a bit in terms of scale, next up on our list, we have Elite Dangerous. For those unaware, Elite Dangerous is a Sci-fi title that brings arguably the best space combat and controls to be found today. Players are started off in a sort of rags-to-riches way where they have to scrounge for credits to amass an empire. This allows players to see a great amount of the world on their own if they so choose. However, where this title truly shines is within its multiplayer gameplay. Players can also play cooperatively with their friends, making the act of exploring all the more magical.

One of the greatest aspects of Elite Dangerous is its interconnectivity. This can be seen in many of the game's politics being directly affected by the players. Seeing as political intrigue is a massive theme throughout Sci-fi media. Therefore,  it should come as no surprise that it is pulled off splendidly here. And with players being able to customize their ship and experience to a remarkable degree. All of this makes Elite Dangerous one of the most magical and immersive Sci-fi games for PC to date.

1. Eve Onlinebest mmorpg games

Now comes the time for our final entry on our list of the best Sci-fi games available for PC. Here we have Eve Online, the most massive entry on our list today. That isn't a statement to be taken lightly. This free-to-play title is mainly driven by the dedicated community it has. This makes it a great game for players who wish to jump into a thriving community of players that will help them along the way. Eve Online also boasts the largest single-shard space experience on the market. For those unaware, this essentially means that it holds the most players in one instance of the game, leading to interconnectivity on a mass scale.

No matter what your role is in Eve Online, there is always something to do. Whether it be working away on your ships, or engaging in the game's fantastic combat,. Or something else entirely, this game has you covered. The sheer amount of ships you can command is impressive, at well over three hundred ships. This means that no matter which way you play, you will be able to have a blast within Eve Online. To close, Eve Online is not only one of the best space MMOs but one of the best Sci-fi games for PC.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Sci-fi Games for PC? What are some of your favorite Sci-fi Games for PC? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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