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5 Best Enemy Designs in Final Fantasy

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With a series as long-running and highly praised as the Final Fantasy series, aesthetics can play a huge role. Having a memorable character design or enemy design even can serve to solidify memories in the player's mind. This leads them to have a deeper connection to the game, all the while drawing new players in as well. Final Fantasy has always shone partially due to its character designs. So today, we bring you the 5 Best Enemy Designs in Final Fantasy.

5. Ahriman

Starting off our list of the best enemy designs throughout the Final Fantasy franchise, we have Ahriman. Ahriman are floating eyeball creatures that can curse players who look in their direction. While being visually striking, that is hardly the only great thing about them. Long-time fans of the series will no doubt remember the first appearance of this creature all the way back in Final Fantasy III. Even back then, when the enemy roster was lower, the Ahriman still managed to make quite the impression.

They have seen a ton of design changes and overhauls, but still maintained their core defining features. For players of Final Fantasy III, this character is most likely remembered for being the keeper of the Dark Earth Crystal. Ahriman have always been depicted as winged creatures with a single eye, yet they come in many varieties throughout the franchise. This variety allows them to remain fresh and relevant even in the latest game Final Fantasy XVI. All in all, these creatures have long served as an example of enemy design.

4. Behemoth

Switching things up a bit, we have the Behemoth. Now, while the Ahriman certainly is striking in its appearance, the behemoth is another beast altogether. The Behemoth is, as the name would imply, a massive creature from the Final Fantasy series. Much like the Ahriman, however, the Behemoth too, first appeared as a boss. This time, however, it would be in Final Fantasy II. The Behemoth is an absolutely hulking creature with purple skin and massive fangs.

An interesting fact about the Behemoth is that that can maneuver either on all fours or bipedally. This is rather unique to the Behemoths and they are pretty adept at magic. This can be seen when players attempt to attack a Behemoth and they are able to retaliate with their own magical barrages. Much like their size would lead you to believe, these creatures are able to tank tons of damage before falling. Much like the Ahriman, there are also variants that spice up the Behemoth design just a bit. In short, the Behemoth is one of the best enemy designs in the Final Fantasy series.

3. Adamantoise

Now, for our next entry, we have one that might not seem like much at first. However, the Adamantoise is one of the most recognizable enemy types from the Final Fantasy series. While they might not always be hostile to the player depending on which game you play, when they are hostile, they are absolute tanks. The Adamantoise is so gigantic that it even served as a secret boss in Final Fantasy XV. That is hardly its only accomplishment throughout the series, however.

Players of Final Fantasy II will no doubt remember this iconic creature's debut. Much like the Ahriman, as well as the Behemoth, the Adamantoise has seen quite a few redesigns and reworks throughout the years. They have also varied in size considerably as well. This usually comes down to what type of Adamantoise you are facing. There are many interesting facts about the Adamantoise as well. These include things such as the fact that before it was nerfed the fight in Final Fantasy XV was rumored to have taken fifteen in-game hours to complete. For its memorable design, we consider this one of the best enemy designs in Final Fantasy.

2. Tonberry

Next up, we have a creature that, has garnered quite a niche fanbase since its introduction. The Tonberry is a rather cute creature, that initially, would appear to be anything but cuddly. With its first appearance being in Final Fantasy V, this creature's history goes back quite a while. Since then, it has seen many interactions throughout the series, much like the Cactuar and other creatures from the franchise. They are primarily rather tiny creatures but have been showcased in larger forms on several occasions.

A few notable features are their cloaks, as well as their green skin, which stands out wonderfully amongst their brown robes. As far as accessories go, these enemies often carry lanterns and knives which have become just as much a part of their design as more intrinsic features. When faced with a Tonberry, players will have to be extremely careful, as their Chef's Knife attack, does have the potential to one-shot most players. So, for their quiet power as well as striking design, we consider the Tonberry as one of the best Final Fantasy enemy designs throughout the years.

1. Coeurl

For our final entry on our list of the best enemy designs in Final Fantasy, we have the Coeurl. This is a creature that greatly resembles a chimera. They often are depicted with cat-like features and resemble either a leopard or a cheetah. With the Coeurl first making its appearance in Final Fantasy II, it has been a part of the franchise for quite some time now. Throughout ht years, there have been changes made to the design, but nothing so groundbreaking that it reinvents the wheel so to speak.

There are many variants of the Coeurl that players will run across in their journies. They are primarily known for paralyzing their target prior to attacking them. This makes them quite a challenge to deal with at times. They feature long whiskers, which is one of their more dominant features that makes them stand out, and be seen as memorable by players. There have also been quite a few variants throughout the games as well. In conclusion, the Coeurl is simply put, one of the most easily recognizable Final Fantasy enemy designs, and is a testament to the longevity of great enemy design as a whole.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Enemy Designs in Final Fantasy? What are some of your favorites? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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