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Final Fantasy XIV Wins Best Ongoing Game at The 2022 Game Awards



Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has taken the MMO space by storm. The game features players playing in the world of Eorzea, this absolutely massive world is full of character and life. Players are able to choose from a range of classes to create their own adventure. The game is immensely popular, with it being one of the most popular MMOs. With the Final Fantasy XIV team being so committed to providing consistent content and community interaction, this game continues to cement its legacy as it goes further into the future.

An Ever Expanding World

The world of Final Fantasy is one that is certainly full of wonder. Final Fantasy XIV takes that world and fills it with many characters and experiences that players will not soon forget. The world of Eorzea opens up to the player and allows them to play through its world in a way that makes it feel like home. It is partially due to this cozy nature that the game feels so great to just live in and explore. The community for this game is absolutely massive and ranges in what they specialize in. For example, you may find role-playing guilds as well.

So in closing, if you have not become a part of this worldwide phenomenon that is Final Fantasy XIV, there has never been a better time to join in one of the best ongoing games this year. Along the way you will find many adventures for yourself, so go forth and find your place in Eorzea.

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