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5 Best Parties in Final Fantasy, Ranked



The composition of a party is essential to your game performance. Not only does it affect the team’s interaction with each other, but also the kinds of abilities you can access. Over the course of the Final Fantasy series, we have had a lot of powerful parties. While most players tend to praise the graphics, storyline, and soundtrack of the games, they always forget to appreciate the parties featured. 

Every Final Fantasy game stars a different party containing members of different classes, all with extraordinary abilities. What draws the fans into admiring some parties over others are the tales some of them carry. Some have dreadful backstories, while others experience amazing character arcs. All these factors contribute to the way the whole party interacts. That’s said, let’s take a look at the five best parties in Final Fantasy.


5. Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy VI - Episode 14: Old Friends Rejoin the Party

There are plenty of incredible and friendly party members to utilize in Final Fantasy 6. Aside from their volatile backgrounds, it’s just easy to relate to them due to their character growth throughout the game. Whether it’s Edgar and Sabin’s experiences, Locke’s adventurous spirit, or the tragedies experienced by Terra and Celes, Players can always find a character to associate with from the Final Fantasy 6 squad. Similarly, you can find a lot of content in the story where each member performs their role precisely. 

You can access up to 12 members in this game, each with unique skills and equipment to contribute to the group. Some are more useful than others in certain locations. For instance, Relm is not as useful in the world of Balance but is a bit more valuable in the world of Ruin. Similarly, because of his speed and physical shape, Locke is more useful in the world of Balance than most party members. The same goes for all party members that get to join the team along the way.


4. Final Fantasy 9


Meet Amarant, Moogle, Garnet, Eiko, Steiner, Zidane, and Quinoa, party members of Final Fantasy 9. These are the characters that make the game worth playing. Well, besides Vivi, we must acknowledge him as one of the best team players among the Final Fantasy 9 characters. As for the seven party members, they may all seem to fall into typical fantasy story tropes. However, this aspect of characterization gives players a stable ground they can relate to. 

There are some characters that you start with while others you meet along the way, most of which add a lot more to the story and become of great help to the hero. Aside from that, they complement each other’s skills. For instance, we can’t mention Steiner’s part in the squad without mentioning Vivi. The two share an incredible partnership such that ViVi lets Steiner share his amazing Spellblade skills. They also assist each other in damage resistance from enemy attacks.


3. Final Fantasy 15

FINAL FANTASY XV - Omen Trailer | PS4

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the games that features the most likable party. Although small, the party contains the types of members you just get attached to. From Ignis and his philosophical lines to Prompto, who just seems like a little brother you ought to protect. There’s nothing not to love about this party. Aside from the main party members, Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus, the game also features three guest characters. 

However, some may argue that more lines from Noctis and Gladiolus would be appreciated. Especially Gladiolus. His story lacks enough depth, and he doesn’t capture much interest. It’s only towards the end that we see him take the limelight when he faces off with Gilgamesh. Let’s not forget Noctis. He is one of the reasons why Final Fantasy 15 is the delightful game that it is. His combat skills stick out among his fellow party members, making him one of the most memorable characters in the series.


2. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Official Trailer

The party from Final Fantasy 7 stands out from most of the teams in the series but also in the JRPG genre. The game features the most beloved yet iconic teams you could ever play. Although there is an imbalance of power among the party members, one can always get around this. Besides, the party is made up of nine characters, and not all of them could have been equally as powerful or as important. What matters most is how they work together to make the game an incredible experience.

Likewise, each character has their own charm when it comes to interactions. Their realism is what makes them so memorable. From Barrett’s leadership spirit to Tifa and Sephiroth’s extraordinary backstories, you can find so many interesting aspects of this party. And if you are looking for deep character arcs, you are certain to find them in Cloud and Barett’s pasts. Witness some of the struggles that Dyne, Cait, and Aerith go through, even in their present situations.


1. Final Fantasy 10

"Saving Spira" Extended Trailer - FINAL FANTASY X | X-2 HD Remaster

If you are looking for some of the most admirable party members, you can find them in Final Fantasy 10. The game received a lot of critical acclaim due to the voice acting featured and its expansive cutscenes, which rightfully deserve praise. However, we must also acknowledge the strong party behind the whole Final Fantasy 10 adventure. It may be their powerful combat abilities or strong personalities; either way, this group is too good not to appear on the list of the best parties in Final Fantasy. Looking at Yuna’s experiences may bring tears to the eyes of even the toughest of us. 

Similarly, the admiration Tidus garners mostly comes from his heroic acts, especially helping Yuna. All the characters get their shining moment, including the least powerful. Let’s also not forget Wakka, who’s an asset to the group; his epic outfit makes him look ready for a game of blitz at any time. This costume reflects his past as a blitzball player before becoming a summoner’s guardian. Final Fantasy 10 also has the katana-wielding monk who refused to die just so he could keep his friends’ promise. There’s no denying it, this game contains the most epic gang yet.

Which Final Fantasy game from the list above do you think has the best party? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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