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5 Best Final Fantasy Games of All Time, Ranked

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Final Fantasy Games

Ever since the first Final Fantasy was released in 1987, the game sequels have greatly evolved throughout the years. The first title opened the gateway to a series of outstanding games, making the Final Fantasy franchise one of the most significant productions in the industry. The game's creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, was just taking a final swing at an uncertain project when he developed the game. 

According to him, this project was sort of a “final” shot. If it didn't work out, he planned to quit the industry. Thankfully, it did so well that today we have more than 80 titles under the Final Fantasy franchise. While it may be challenging to narrow down dozens of amazing titles into a list of just five, we have undertaken this brutal exercise nonetheless. That said, let's explore five of the best Final Fantasy games of all time.


5. Final Fantasy XV

FINAL FANTASY XV - Omen Trailer | PS4

Let's begin with one of the most recent games on the list, Final Fantasy XV. If you are looking for a title to play today, you are especially going to enjoy this game because of its visuals and graphics. Final Fantasy XV is an incredible third-person adventure that takes you through the beautiful world of Eos. Here, you are the main hero, Noctis, who is in pursuit of a stolen magical artifact. Scout through the beautiful, fantastical world to trail the enemy and bring his evil policies to an end.

You'll have a team of dynamic characters to work with, as well as a huge map to explore. Not to mention action-packed gameplay that is nothing short of thrilling. Due to its wild success, the game has not only been extended into an animated series but also has a full movie based on it. There is also a mobile version, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, for gamers who like to access the game anytime.


4. Final Fantasy X

"Saving Spira" Extended Trailer - FINAL FANTASY X | X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X set the stage for the franchise in the PlayStation 2 era. It is also one of the most affluent titles when it comes to the storyline. 20 years after its release, you can still enjoy the game's features and graphics. If you are looking for one of the most satisfying endings in a game, Final Fantasy X is your go-to title. This is the first game in the franchise to make revolutionary changes to the battle system as well as the map model. 

Similarly, Final Fantasy X is the first title in the series to feature voice acting. As you can tell by now, the game is a radical piece, as it stands out among the dozens of Final Fantasy titles. Its development began in 1999 with a team of over 100 people working with Masashi to make the project successful. Not only did they accomplish that, but they also managed to ship over 8.5 million units of the game for the PlayStation 2. 


3. Final Fantasy IV 

FINAL FANTASY IV : The After Years - Trailer

Next in the lineup is Final Fantasy IV, one of the best games you can experience today. This is a must-play title if you want to get the best experience of the Final Fantasy franchise. The game introduced new innovative components not only to the rest of the series but to all other RPG games as well. One of these includes the Active Time Battle system that was added to five subsequent games. One other aspect that separates Final Fantasy IV from its predecessors is that here, each of your characters has unchangeable character classes of their own. 

At any given time during the game, you can access up to five different characters, all with unique classes. We also cannot fail to mention the quality of the soundtrack Final Fantasy IV has. It's the type of music that can be ranked among the best soundtracks of all time. As you chronologically move through the list of Final Fantasy games, you may notice the progress in both development and innovativeness throughout the years. Final Fantasy IV is a perfect display of these ingenious traits.


2. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI-Trailer

It is hard to decide whether to place Final Fantasy VI before or after Final Fantasy VI. As we formally declared, ranking dozens of great titles into five of the most satisfactory productions can be tricky. Nonetheless, we have to pick, and Final Fantasy VI wins second place. simply because, compared to FFIV, the game excels in its execution of the Final Fantasy narrative. Also, since Final Fantasy VI comes after IV, it has tremendously improved most of the aesthetics that its predecessor introduced; offering an even larger, much greater character list, including one of the most dynamic supervillains in the franchise.

The game has received widespread acclaim in various areas in which it has surpassed its forerunners. Aside from the incredibly mature theme featured, other areas that have seen great improvement include the soundtrack, graphics, world setting, and character development. There are a couple of redemption arcs and deep crises the characters face that make us appreciate the narrative of this title. Also, the game features a continuously expanding cast; here, you have access to up to 14 permanent characters. 


1. Final Fantasy IX

FINAL FANTASY IX - Launch Trailer | PS4

Moving on to a classic title, we have Final Fantasy IX, the ninth main title in the Final Fantasy franchise. This game is an incredible blend of all the great aspects from the first six entries in the series. It is set in the medieval world of Gaia and focuses on a war between several nations. Here, you have to pursue a thief who has kidnapped the princess as part of a plot by a neighboring enemy nation. The game lets you engage in courageous acts in the fight for hope and peace in the world. 

This title somewhat links all the previous titles into one grand final wrap. Add in the extraordinary mythological theme and the incredible soundtrack, and you've got yourself one of the best titles to come out of the franchise. It is also the last entry in the series to have Nobuo Uematsu solely handle the music composition. Being a master at his job, you already know how epic the game's soundtrack has got to be. The game also introduced a new skill system that makes for more thrilling gameplay. 

Which video game from the list above do you think is the best Final Fantasy game of all time? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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