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Best Armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Best Armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Half human, half Cetra, Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth dabbles in healing your party members, as well as inflicting elemental damage on foes. She often switches between offense and support roles, with the latter leaving her vulnerable to enemy attacks. She’s the weakest fighter in your party, and as such, you need to equip her with the best armor to protect her from taking too much damage. Fortunately, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth provides you with lots of options for armor, often in the form of bracelets, armlets, armbands, and bangles. 

These give you Materia slots and links to overcome the perils you’ll face, in addition to essential defenses to stay alive. To get armor, you need to buy, collect, or craft it at shops, vending machines, mini-games, treasure chests, and by completing odd jobs. It can make choosing the best armor a little tricky. With the best armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, though, you should have the best defense possible. 

5. Leather Bangle

Leather Bangle

Forged out of leather scraps, the Leather Bangle is reliable armor in the early game. It comes in handy for Barret and Red XIII, but also for Aerith, thanks to a considerable physical and magic defense boost. Unfortunately, the Leather Bangle soon loses its groove in the latter stages of the game. So, it’s best to equip it in the early stages of combat before unlocking more powerful armor down the road.

Physical defense: 14

Magic defense: 7

Materia Slots: 1

Materia Links: 0

How to Get Leather Bangle

The leather bangle is an early-game armor that you unlock as the starting armor for Barret and Red XIII. This means you can get the armor soon after your party roster is complete in chapter two of A New Journey Begins main quest.

4. Copper Bracer 

Copper Bracer 

The Copper Bracer is said to have been mass-produced during the war. It boasts good enough physical damage, albeit less than the Leather Bangle. However, it makes up for the deficit with a higher magical defense. What’s more? You gain an extra Materia slot, granting you access to a broader range of attack spells and abilities. It’s always better to get the armor with more Materia slots. That way, you can maximize your upgrades. 

If you want even more powerful armor, you can go for the upgraded version of the Copper Bracer called the Enhanced Copper Bracer. You’ll need Copper Bracer to get the upgrade and, in turn, access a better physical defense stat of 14 and magic defense stat of 14.

Physical defense: 11

Magic defense: 11

Materia Slots: 2

Materia Links: 0

How to Get Copper Bracer

First, earn crafting experience up to level three. Then, collect five Planet’s Blessing and 30 Iron Ore from the Grasslands Region to craft Copper Bracer using the item transmutation tool.

3. Abyssal Bangle

abyssal bangle Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Tagged a ‘highly sought-after bangle,’ the Abyssal Bangle offers much higher physical defense than the Copper Bracer and Leather Bangle. It also has a competitive magic defense stat that, when combined, provides complete protection against all enemy attacks. 

Further, the armor comes with three Materia slots and one Materia link. This gives you more room to customize Aerith’s playstyle. You can use the slots to bring the magic defense stat up to match the physical defense stat. Better still, you can explore more playstyles, including Aerith's physical brawler side, if you like.

Physical defense: 32

Magic defense: 15

Materia Slots: 3

Materia Links: 1

How to Get Abyssal Bangle

You can buy Abyssal Bangle from the weapons vendor at the price of 3,500 Gil or from the rest stop vending machines in the Corel region. Alternatively, you can get the armor by earning 18,000 points in the Pirate’s Rampage mini-game.

2. Cetran Armlet


The Cetran Armlet offers protection against physical and elemental attacks in equal measure. It’s no surprise, given its whooping defense stats; you unlock it much later in the game. It’s well worth the wait, though, mainly thanks to its staggering Materia slots. With eight slots available, you can cast wide-ranging spells and gain significant boosts to your best stats. 

Among all armor pieces available to Aerith, the Cetran Armlet exploits Materia's full potential, earning its rightful place among the best armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You only need to wait it out to get it as the best endgame armor for Aerith.

Physical defense: 33

Magic defense: 33

Materia Slots: 8

Materia Links: 4

How to Get Cetran Armlet

You’ll find Cetran Armlet in a treasure chest in the southwest room in the Corridor of Respite on the Hall of Life, the second-tier level of the Temple of the Ancients.

1. Garm Bangle

Garm Bangle in Best Armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Garm Bangle is the only armor piece for Aerith that gives the Cetran Armlet a run for its money. It boasts pretty impressive physical defense stats, nearly close to double the Cetran Armlet’s. Its magic defense stats aren’t too bad, either. In any case, Garm Bangle is mainly physical-focused. Plus, you can always use its five Materia slots to pump up the magic defense stat. 

Alternatively, you can consider the even more powerful Enhanced Garm Bangle. It gives you a pretty impressive physical defense stat of 62, with a favorable magic defense of 29 that’ll protect you from spells, too. With two Materia links available, you can tweak your attack combos however you prefer, bringing up the magic defense stat if you like and creating the perfect, killer, well-rounded mage for your team.

Physical defense: 59

Magic defense: 28

Materia Slots: 5

Materia Links: 2

How to Get Garm Bangle

You can buy Garm Bangle from the rest stop vending machines in the Nibel region at the price of 6,500 Gil or from the General Store in Nibelheim.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best armor for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Is there more armor we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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