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Best Weapons for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Aerith Gainsborough is a playable spellcaster in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. She thrives on inflicting elemental damage with the most potent magical potential of all your party members. Aerith often heals your party, serving as one of the major supporting characters. She also deals devastating dual-cast spells, constantly poking at enemies’ weaknesses, often from a safe distance. Aerith wields staves as weapons, which come in the form of rods, sticks, and scepters. These allow you to deal a range of magic damage. 

To thrive while controlling Aerith, you need the best weapons with high magical potential and stats. You’ll need to make good use of powerful bonuses in your arcane ward to thwart enemy plans, keeping in mind to strategize your playstyle to your benefit. Among all the weapons available to Aerith, here are the best weapons for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that you want by your side.

5. Empress's Scepter

FF7 Rebirth How to Get Empress's Scepter - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Aerith exclusively wields the Empress’s Scepter staff to significant effect. Its unique ability is the Radiant Ward, which allows you to heal your allies quickly. Sure, pulling off excellent offense and defense is great. However, healing is equally important, especially when your allies are taking in more damage than they can handle. 

Additionally, you’ll find Aerith’s magic attack is typically far more powerful than her basic attack. This can make you dangerously vulnerable in close-quarters battles. In that case, you may want to wield the Empress’s Scepter for its ability to boost your basic attacks. 

What’s more? Empress’s Scepter also allows you to become invisible when spellcasting. You can take advantage of the staff’s invisibility cloak to unleash devastating, basic but more potent attacks. With all its pros, though, Empress’s Scepter still doesn’t compare to the power of a focused elemental build. In the long run, Aerith is most powerful when she sticks to her guns (or magic).

How to Get Empress's Scepter

After defeating the Terror of the Deep Boss in chapter four, you’ll find the Empress’s Scepter in a purple-lit wooden treasure chest with purple lights inside the Under Junon Resorts inn, in Aerith’s room on the second floor.

4. Timeless Rod

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Aerith "Timeless Rod" Amazing EARLY Weapon! How To Get It TODAY

Another staff to consider is the Timeless Rod, which has nearly double magic stats over its attack stat. It comes in second on the highest magic attack stats while also having a decent basic attack stat, enough to generate active-time battle (ATB) fast. Its ability, Chrono Aegis, lets you put up a protective shield such that any enemy who dares cross it takes in devastating damage. It also freezes enemies, stopping any incoming melee attacks, though temporarily. 

Chrono Aegis remains unmatched in protecting Aerith mid-battle. It prevents any form of attack from getting through to you, except for projectiles. Meanwhile, enemies caught in the barrier are vulnerable to you. All it takes is unleashing powerful spells to destroy them. Additionally, with skill mastery, you can unlock its proficiency bonus, which allows you to strike an enemy and inflict Stop.

How to Get Timeless Rod

You’ll find Timeless Rod in a purple-lit wooden treasure chest inside the expansive red Chocobo Barn next to the Tack Shop at Bill’s Ranch in the Grasslands Region in chapter eight.

3. Ceremonial Staff

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - Ceremonial Staff Location (Aerith's Weapon)

For Aerith to thrive in battle, you want her support and offensive capabilities to work in synergy. For the former, you want to equip the Ceremonial Staff. It lets you stack up on ATB charges within your ATB ward, which you can then use to fill up your allies' ATB gauges. Keep in mind that allies must be within the same ward to maximize the bonus ATB. 

The ATB Ward ability comes in handy when facing more formidable enemies, especially at close range, thanks to a rapid recharge of your party’s ATB gauges. Special ability aside, the Ceremonial Staff remains uncontested for the most potent magic staff. It lets you cast devastating spells, boosted by its staggering magic attack stat. 

How to Get Ceremonial Staff

Head over to the Outcasts’ Shore Rest Stop in the Village of the Gi. You should find the Ceremonial Staff in a purple-lit treasure chest near the rest stop in chapter ten.

2. Gambanteinn

Gambanteinn Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

While Gambanteinn is the last staff you’ll access for Aerith, it does have considerable magic over attack power. Its special ability, Noble Sacrifice, in particular, takes the crown that lets you sacrifice yourself to revive a fallen ally. You can use KO yourself for your party’s benefit as many times as need be. It also lets you restore allies’ health while removing all the status effects detrimental to their survival. 

How to Get Gambanteinn

Gambanteinn is found in a treasure chest at the Order’s Altar in the Sorrow’s Descent of the Temple of the Ancients in Chapter 13.

1. Guard Stick

Guard Stick Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

While Guard Stick is Aerith’s first and default weapon, it’s also the most reliable through to the end of your quest. Visually, the Guard Stick looks relatively simple. However, it packs a heavy crunch, allowing you to re-cast already cast spells. It works by conjuring the Guard Stick’s Arcade Ward, which lets you launch all attack spells twice while standing within the ward. This allows you to save on ATB on your second spell while also inflicting additional double-casting damage. 

Your party members can also take advantage of Arcade Ward, where any ally within Aerith’s ward can double-cast spells. Furthermore, the Guard Stick has a teleporting ability, which lets you use it as a teleport point during battle. All you need to do is throw the guard stick at it and teleport to it.

How to Get Guard Stick

The Guard Stick is the easiest to get, just as soon as Aerith joins your party in chapter two. It’s her starter weapon that’s made available to you in your inventory as Aerith’s default stave.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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